Makeup Trends 2018: What To Wear & What Not To Anymore?

Hello 80s eyeshadow, 90s mat brown and copper! Hello glossy faces, wet looks, natural lashes and brows, old-school glam, smudged makeup, natural beauty! Good-bye heavy contouring, perfectly groomed brows, heavy makeup, un-natural false lashes, too polished faces, overdone lip-fillers, perfectly groomed makeup.

This sums up the makeup trends 2018 according to the bestest makeup artists and gurus out there, according to designers for SS2018, and dare I see… according to moi. Sure I ain’t nothing but a mortal who loves makeup, nu MUA diploma or title over here, but I wear makeup everyday, I love it, it helps me be a better version of myself visually and self-confidently… and I’m all for it. Hell I even got a trademark look aka always in my liquid liner and mascara.

Therefore, fear not that my dislike with all those things I said bye to above is a mirror of my hate for makeup, quite the opposite actually. But frankly I’ve kinda had it with super super super super groomed looks. I have seen them in real life and let me tell you they ain’t nothing, not even close, to their Instagram selfies, or youtube filters, or magazine covers, or Photoshopped blogposts. Yes, those exist! Nothing like them.

No matter how amazing the products used are you still are able to see a lot of makeup and less of the natural beauty, no slight imperfections, no gleam in eyes, no glossy cheeks… just makeup. We’ve loved it for years thanks to instagram, but now it’s time to grow up and dust off a bit of that excess in favour of something new, maybe even more fresh and more natural in terms of beauty. More diverse if you will.

As makeup artists and makeup lovers alike we should embrace this new challenge and slowly say bye to anything too heavy and perfect.

Listen y’all, if Kim Kardashian and Mario – the gods of once perfectly groomed looks, and creator of contouring – have evolved and said good bye to her old ways, for a more natural, dewy, glowy and glossy type of makeup… perhaps it’s high time we did too. If she’s not you cup of tea… look on the runways. It’s the same story.

So without further ado I give you the makeup trends 2018!

1.1980’s Eyeshadow and makeup!

The 80s are back not just in fashion, but makeup too, which means colours are IN. Blue, green, purple, red, orange eyeshadows are huge for makeup trends 2018. You can wear eye-shadow smudged on your eyelids, as if carelessly applied, or you can use just a coloured eye pencil or coloured liner for up or bottom lid. It’;s such a fun, flirty and finally new look.

2. Matte brown makeup a la 90s. 

Remember the girls of Twin Peaks? Linda Evanghelista? Cindy Crawford? It all starts with bold eyebrows, mascara, brown shades of eye-shadow, maybe eye-liner, mascara, matte brown lips, matte face, no contouring, no highlight. Everything looks like it’s applied with your fingers, not your brushes, and very natural.

3. Natural brown makeup.

Everything is shades of brown, pink, copper, more glossy styles, no lipliner, just eyeliner if you want. It looks natural and bronzed, without a heavy contouring, just a cheek blush, and some highlight. It’s perfect for daytime, nighttime, anytime.

4. Wet glossy makeup looks. 

Saying good-bye to liners and contouring gives us so much room to play with more natural textures and creamy dimensions of the face and features. Everything is warmer and more feminine, more young and fresh somehow. The glossy wet look is specific to the 80s and it’s sweaty summers and heavy aerobics… it’s a great makeup trend to have a comeback. A lot of highlighter is used, pink and bronzed tones, lipgloss (massive comeback), and mascara.

5. Red lips, minimal eyes.

There’s this look in Zara’s 2018 campaign or online collection that just left me in awe: all models wear this perfect shade of red lipstick, no eye makeup, and glossy faces. For real? It’s perfection. THIS is makeup trends 2018. The lips look as if that lipstick is part of that face, it looks hydrated, saturated, natural, bold, fresh. It can be perfectly lined, or more smudge like applied. Keep the eyes minimal (I could never do that, but I’d love to be able to)… and rock this look for anytime of the day or night.

6. Natural eyeliner.

This is simple, natural, no fuss, no 10 hours in the making. Hydrated face, natural contouring, a bit of highlight if you will, brownish eyeshadow if you want to, and a clean, natural eyeliner on top. Mascara and maybe some lipgloss or tapped natural pink/brown lipstick and GO!

7. Glitter makeup trends 2018.

These are perfect for the winter holidays, and for festival season. If however you know your way with makeup up I think it’s a look that can be subtly adapted to normal life as well. It’s all about that glossy face, and hydrated skin and lips.

8. Copper!

Bronzed, fiery, strong looks that are not very polished. Everything is rather tapped or smudged, or carelessly applied on beautiful lips and natural glossy eyelids.

9. Natural smoky makeup trends 2018.

Think about that look when you use your fingers to apply dark creamy eyeshadow, instead of a brush. It’s not precise, but it looks amazing, and very modern. Everything is moisturised, and highlighted, with eyes looking very seductive in a 2000’s smokey kinda way. But more polished or modern.

10. Natural lashes extensions. 

Think doe-eyed, doll like, not heavy fly wings batting in the sun. Lashes are applied un-even, like natural lashes look, whispy… I don’t wanna be a lashes bully… I wish mine were fuller and more beautifully aligned, and I love those girls whose lashes are perfect… but not too perfect, you know what I’m saying.

11. Natural face. 

All the above had one thing int common: less contouring, if none at all, strong brows, hydrated skin and lips, less using of makeup brushes and more suing of fingers to get that natural blended and creamy look to a face. Go wild with the highlighter if you have to, return to lipgloss, have fun with bronzer.

What do you guys think? Tbh I’m really excited about these new makeup trends 2018, cause it’s finally something new, fresh, more natural looking, more colourful, with a big inspiration from my two favourite decades: the 80s and 90s. Hello supermodels!


xoxo D.


9 Benefits Of Essential Oils For Your Skin!

Essential oils have been used for both health and beauty purposes for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians produced essential oils from olibanum, jasmine, myrrh, cardamom, almond, lemongrass, and many other plants. They used the oils for beauty care, medicinal benefits, and spiritual enhancement.

Most people are unaware that essential oils greatly help in maintaining a healthy skin. The oils are distilled from flowers, roots, leaves and other parts of plants. In this article, we reveal the benefits of using essential oils for healthy skin surface and texture.

1. Antiseptic Properties

Essential oils also have excellent antiseptic properties. You can throw away all your chemical-based beauty products as they do more harm than good to your skin. Using the essential oils will help prevent viral and bacterial skin diseases. What’s more, they can also be used to reduce the inflammation of the skin due to insect bites, pimples, warts, and other wounds.

2. Repairs Damaged Skin

Another great benefit of essential oils is that they repair damaged skin. The oil acts as a natural astringent protecting the skin from damage. It can be used to reduce bleeding caused by shaving. Moreover, use of the essential oils can trigger skin repair from minor contractions caused due to skin irritation or acne. The oils essentially reverse the damage, and brings back vitality to the skin’s surface and texture.

3. Prevents Premature Aging of Skin

Essential oils have anti-aging benefits. Premature aging of the skin occurs when the collagen production stops due to the action of free radicals in our bodies. This negatively affects the vitality and elasticity of the skin. Essential oils effectively limit the action of free radicals thereby reducing the aging effect.

4. Reduces Wrinkles from the Face

They reduce wrinkles from the face. The oils induce contraction of the skin that tightens the facial skin and minimizes the appearance of the wrinkles. After just a few weeks of use, you’ll see the wrinkles fading away.

5. Prevents Acne Formation

Using them helps prevent acne formation. The antiseptic properties of essential oils will help fight off bacteria that cause acne. The oils will reduce the formation of acne and redness on the skin. More so, it keeps the popped pimples clean and free of germs.

6. Reduce Acne Scars

Apart from preventing acne formation, they also help reduce acne. Some of the oils have strong cicatrisant properties effectively healing scars and other spots on the skin. Their use increases blood circulation beneath the skin surface that help fade spots caused by cuts and wounds.

7. Treats Skin Discoloration

Being in the sun for a long time results in discoloration of the skin, but essential oils have these miraculous properties in smoothing out the skin discoloration. They can be used to even out the skin tone by breaking the darker pigments, resulting in an even skin tone thus greatly improving the appearance of the skin.

8. Acts as a Skin Moisturizer

A great benefit of these oils is that it helps in moisturising the skin. People who have dry skin can use essential skins to moisturise the skin that will prevent different skin problems. However, people with oily skin can also benefit from using essential oils as it reduces excess oil on the skin, and this gives the skin such a healthy glow.

9. Smooths Out the Skin Texture

Using them constantly increases the ability of the skin to remain moist making it look healthy and plump. It adds shine to your skin making you look years younger.

So using using these oils will go a long way in ensuring smooth and healthy skin, improving the texture and surface of the skin.


If more clear, toned skin with a healthy glow is what we’re after – we should consider including the use of essential oils in our daily beauty care routine. Having said that, before using any essential oil on your skin, it’s recommended that you contact a dermatologist to ensure that using essential oils won’t result in any negative reaction on your skin.

Stay glowy and healthy! xoxo D

LIP Fillers & Why Is Everyone Getting Them?!

If you spy on my browsing history you will 100% assume that I’m looking to get lip fillers. For the past few days I’ve watched every youtube video of girls getting lip fillers, only one out of which decided to get them dissolved. I’ve read articles, blogposts of lovers and haters of this lip filler beauty trend.

Why? No, I am not getting them. Not that there’s anything wrong with it… I just don’t think I need them. I have normal lips that look plumper with the help of lipstick and lip-liner if I want them fuller… so I am happy like this. Thank you mama. Thank you God.

However I am trying to understand why almost every single girl or woman is getting them, and if she’s not getting them she’s thinking about it. Is it really a beauty trend, or is the needle non-invasive cosmetic surgery cashing up on all our insecurities?

Are we all so insecure that we’d rather all just look alike than accept our native features?

And when did certain face-features become beauty trends?

Remember that big bum trend a few years back… how fucked up was that? Isn’t this just the same ol’ shit, only less expensive and invasive.

There is the argument that if you want a big butt, then you eat more carbs and lift more weights, and it’ll grow eventually, but if you want bee-stung lips naturally the closest you’ll ever get to them is to literally let a pack of bees bite you. So there’s that…

I’m not in any way blaming or shaming girls, boys, women who get lip fillers, as I’m a proud specimen myself of about 56,987,999 insecurities. So if you think big full lips will help you stand taller, and grow prouder get them, but you see while I love people who love themselves I kinda hate the fact that we’re all dancing around the same bloody problem, and instead of embracing our tiny flaws we’re re-drawing our faces to fit a mould that looks pretty on Instagram.

In this journey of trying to understand the motivation behind bee-stung lips I gotta say that to my surprise the recipients were mostly girls who already had a perfect mouth. For real!? The rest were people who genuinely desired a normal-full lips look.

Bottom line is… I applaud it as long as it looks natural and does not perpetuate the plastic look. Amen to that!

Who is to blame for the lip fillers phenomenon?

  • social media and it’s projection of just one beauty standard (full lips, tanned skin, but not too dark, blue eyes, great long healthy thick hair, almond shape eyes, perfect eyebrows, high cheeks, tiny nose, perfect chin, no wrinkles, no flaws).
  • celebrities
  • beauty apps
  • Kylie Jenner?

On one hand Kylie Jenner’s lip fillers are not to be blamed per se, cause people got their lips done way before her. What she did was turn this whole new-face-situation into a beauty trend, and lift the tabu off of lip injections. Which is actually great. She shed some light into the whole financial and facial situation of the lip fillers and that is something worth valuing. But I think she went overboard.

But then again, who the hell am I to judge. What I would like to judge is the promotion and over-advertising of such features as natural thus inducing the idea of a certain beauty trend for young girls who are just discovering themselves. Hell some of these faces and photos of perfectly sculptured pouts and mouths can make a grown ass woman feel like crap on a bad day. It’s fucking tricky.

Yet… like all things in life it does not last forever.

Why is everyone getting lip fillers? 

Because they can. I really think it’s that simple. It’s not too expensive and it’s temporary. Some remain hooked, some go overboard, for some it remains a one-time thing. I think it mostly depends on the age, how confident you are, how exposed you are – cause people who are Insta famous, or makeup artists do tend to get behind this trend more, for no other reason than constantly being scrutinised by themselves, by online, by trends, by likes etc. We’re humans, and we tend to pick at ourselves more than we tend to praise ourselves.

God knows the first thing I look at in a photo is whether or not I look decent and half the time I’m not at all 100% loving it, but I try to brush off any insecure thoughts. It’s a process y’all.

I love the fact that these days it’s so easy to fix anything with a needle and some cash. But I do sometimes think about the 80s and the 90s and all those beauty and model icons… they were so different in face features and looks. Yet equally beautiful.

We can’t trick time for too long and we can’t overwrite nature without a few consequences, but a few nips and tricks can certainly come in handy once in a while. #balancebeauty

And maybe it’s not a big deal after all, right!

xoxo D.



2017 Trend Alert: Monochromatic MAKEUP

Reads title. Goes and gets red lipstick. Applies it on lips, eyelids, and cheeks. Takes a selfie. Goes out. #SheSaidItsATrend What?!


Right. That’s actually one way to do the monochromatic makeup trend of 2017. But maybe you go for a more natural lipstick color. Unless of course you’re a model in a fashion editorial. Back in the 80s, my mom was not a model, but she did use this lipstick trick on her cheeks, I remember so well as I was just a little girl and would love to watch her do her makeup. Lips and cheeks were her thing and she actually rocked this monochromatic trend way before it was a massive Instagram trend.

monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup

What is MONOCHROMATIC MAKEUP & why is it a trend in 2017?

Monochromatic makeup means same tone makeup, and if the colors allow you even same per se color makeup in eyes, lips, and cheeks. Mostly though it refers to the same tones and undertones makeup, and it’s usually best done in shades of pink, nudes, browns, burgundy, peachy, mauve.

The monochromatic makeup look can either be:

  • natural, fresh, and glowy
  • natural bronzed with shades of nudes and browns (my fave)
  • very dark and burgundy, deep reds meet non-saturated browns and oranges.

Don’t think of the monochromatic look as something in the same color per se, but rather a pulled together look based on a color that is extremely flattering on your skin tone.

monochromatic makeup

Where did this come from?

Somewhere between 80s trends making a comeback, and our love for Instagram #makeuplooks – this was born.

2017 is about fresh glowy bronzed dewy skin I think, and while girls love natural makeup they also love makeup A LOT – so this is a more polished version of the fresh face.

Influenced by Kylie Jenner’s same tone makeup looks (pink, browns, nudes, mauve), and then by celebrities not too long ago at the Golden Globes – so many of them rocking the monochromatic makeup look on the red carpet – no wonder this makeup trend is picking up.

It’s easy to do (sort of), and if you find your color tone it really can do wonders for your overall face makeup. I also think it’s really versatile and easy to pull off on most occasions.

And it photographs amazingly. Did I say I suspect this is an Instagram trend as well?

Let’s get inspired shall we.


monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup

monochromatic makeup

monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup monochromatic makeup

And now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go and practice what I preach. #MonoMakeupHereIcome

Have a fab weekend everyone!




Long Hair Don’t Care.

There are probably three things I love most in the world: pizza, Brad Pitt, and long hair. Sure there’s always the inherent liquor (with its nights and best friends), the chocolate cake, activewear, films, endless summers. But Brad Pitt and long hair are the top of my list.

Beauty wise 2016 was all about doing you and rocking beauty looks on a spur of a moment, with no rules or trends to follow per se. We live in the times of all is in both beauty and fashion wise. From curly to straight, to beach waves, to pink hair, to blonde, platinum, or chocolate all is in. Long hair AND pixie cuts.

With the rise of 70s trend for the past year, and still going strong – LONG HAIR did get more followers so to say. So extra long hair, cut-straight or layered, with a middle part, wavy, curly or straight, is a massive trend for 2017.

I adore long hair. And although I used to secretly crave for a short haircut, the moment I first used super long hair extensions was the moment I swore to myself I’d grow my hair past my ankles. Well that will never happen, but I can make it to my hips in a few years. Lol.

If, like me, your hair grows with the speed of Monday, and you LOVE LOVE LOVE and lust for long luscious hair, OR if you love long hair, but don’t really want to commit to just one look, one colour, one length, and one hairstyle – you might wanna consider lace front wigs. 


It is the easy way out, but it’s a super fast and healthy hair solution. Veryhair -the hair brand that sells 100% virgin real human hair wigs of all sorts has tons of styles to pick from. Hair is the best beauty accessory, so if you love to play with your mane but also keep it healthy, OR you just have to experiment with color and lengs so much that it’d be impsisble to do it in real time – I am telling you hair extensions and wigs are the way to go.

They got me hooked on both the hair extensions as a great alternative to hairstyles, and to long hair.



I recommend them from the bottom of my heart. So you can check out Veryhair for those silky luscious hair extanetions. Quality wise they deliver and that’s the most important thing when it comes to wigs and hairextentions: healty hair, human hair, thick, easy to put on and take out.

Long hair don’t care is more than a trend. It’s a look. And with the 70s trend still going strong, and girls’ love for hairstyle experimentation – it ain’t anywhere. It’s basically an invite to everyone to consider it. Commitment issues? Well hello wigs and hair extensions.



Happy Monday everyone! #hairflip


5 Sleeping Habits that Ruin Your Skin


You know that sleep is good for your health and your beauty routine. Along with keeping your skin from looking tired, sleep also has an effect on the elasticity and firmness of your skin – the cheapest anti-aging formula around! As you sleep, you reduce cortisol levels; high cortisol levels damage the collagen in your skin, resulting in wrinkles, so low cortisol levels are ideal for maintaining a youthful appearance. Knowing that sleep is good for us overall is one thing, but how we sleep is also a factor in the equation. You may be blocking your beauty sleep efforts by engaging in sleeping habits that actually leave your skin worse off after a full night’s sleep.

    1. Sleeping Position

Optimal beauty sleep is best achieved on your back. Although stomach or side may feel comfortable, these positions are one of the biggest culprits causing face wrinkles. As you press your face into your pillow, this pressure causes fine lines, not to mention the friction of your skin against the material causes facial blemishes and sometimes breakouts.

Also, as you lay face down, you encourage increased blood flow to your face, which causes fluid build-up in your face, leading to that puffy appearance in the morning, especially around your eyes. Sleeping on your back with your head slightly elevated allows gravity to do the work for you, keeping your face free of excess fluid and out of your pillow.

skincare-and-sleeping-routine-17 skincare-and-sleeping-routine-5skincare-and-sleeping-routine-12

2. Cake Face

Do not go to bed with makeup still caked on your face! This will clog your pores, cause blemishes and breakouts deplete your collagen, again leading to wrinkles. It can also cause eye irritation and if the pores around your lash follicles get clogged, can lead to styes. It also dries out your skin and further inhibits the absorption of beneficial skincare products, as it forms a barrier that prevents penetration of the skin’s surface – meaning your moisturizer won’t get through. There are plenty of basic makeup removers available, but the reviews of Elemis (the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm in particular) are fantastic. Might be worth a shot! In general, this nasty habit severely compromises your skin quality. Figure out a good skincare routine that includes cleansing and moisturizing before bed and stick to it.


3. Lifestyle

If you aren’t getting enough good quality sleep, you are doing a disservice to your skin. This can be due to lifestyle choices, like diet – alcohol, caffeine, and sugar all compromise sleep quality or disrupt your sleep cycle – and pulling too many late nights, either to finish work or because you’re a socialite who likes to party. “A little party never killed nobody,” as Fergie likes to chant, but it will do a number on your skin. Sleep deprivation will cause your skin to swell and will also cause skin discoloration. You need good quality sleep, usually around 8 hours a night, and sound sleep when you are not moving for your skin to properly repair itself; this includes making new collagen and improving circulation to reduce puffiness.

When you toss and turn, your skin cannot repair damage; this usually leaves you with thinned skin under your eyes and visible dark circles. When you sleep in a good position on a supportive mattress, like the options that The Telegraph recommends, you can reduce tossing and turning and allow your skin to get the regenerative sleep that it needs.


4. Sleep Hygiene

If you do achieve 8 hours of sleep a night, that’s fantastic! But then think of what you do for the other 16 or so hours of your day. Usually this includes being out and about and collecting dirt, pollution, grease, and grime on your skin, which all get transferred to the bedding that you’re sleeping 8 hours in. To avoid the bacterial transfer that will cause skin irritation, inflammation, and breakouts, plan to wash your sheets and bedding at least once a week to rid it of all oils and impurities.


5. Temperature Control

Although you may be tempted to crank the heat on a cold winter’s night, this can not only disturb your quality of sleep, making you wake often or find it difficult to fall asleep, but it will also dry out your skin. Your room temperature should be a comfortable 68°F or 20°C. You will find that you sleep more deeply when the temperature of the room is slightly cooler. Combat feeling cold by having the right bedding to keep you warm enough to sleep soundly.

If you simply must increase the temperature because you are just about shivering – which is also not conducive to restful sleep – running a humidifier in the background can also help to combat the drying effect of the warm air on your skin.





2017 Hair Color Trends: Balayage

Before y’all hair gurus say the obvious on this one – like how late I am on the balayage being THE hair color trend right now – please know I know. You’re right though. Balayage has been an IT hair gimmick for quite a while. It was the the ombre trend and its death that actually brought balayage as a trend into spotlight for the past few years, and still going strong.

So I guess I’m right too. Amen to that! (to all of us being right.)


What exactly is BALAYAGE?

The word per se is French, and it’s actually a hair dye technique used for quite a while to give your mane that natural sun-kissed look we’re all naturally having in summer. It’s the most beautiful and natural mix of highlights and shades of blonde, caramel, honey, ash, brunette et all.

[the hair dye is applied on sections of hair, not from top to bottom].


It’s like the summer, the sun, the beach, and all their sunny gorgeous friends decided to have a party in your hair, and the outcome is brilliant as opposed to the after party mess. And it gets better in time. Ha!

Which brings me to the time situation with balayage. Who cares about time? That’s right. It’s such a natural looking hair color trend that you don’t need to re-touch it very often, in fact skipping on a few hair appointments will only make it look better: lighter ends, darker roots.

This technique has been having its natural way with my hair since I was a kid: born with super blonde hair which turned dark blonde growing up, but in summer it always looked better than ever, cause of how it naturally had that highlighted sun-kissed effect.

Now, thanks to balayage, imma get me some sun-kissed hair in mid winter.


Who can get Balayage?

Anyone really, as it’s a super versatile technique for all hair types and colours. There’s blonde balayage which can actually range from ash blonde to honey blonde, to golden blonde, or dark blonde. Then, there’s the caramael chocolate balayage which is slightly darker. And then there is brunette balayage ,so yes you can actually do balayage on dark hair.

Also, apparnelty there is the balayage highlight, or omblre, whichever floats your boat.

In my humbled non-hair guru opionion, but still one who’s tried all the shades from blonde to brunette throughout time, I think balayage is the most falttering hair colur trend ever, and anyone can look amazing with both blonde or dark balayage, it’s all just a matter of the right tone. Golden warm tones versus cold tones. And the lunky ones are neutral, so that means they can pull of any tone. 


Why it’s the best hair color trend ever?

It’s low maintance, it’s incredly flattering on everyone being so dynamic and not uni-dimensionl (or whatever), it looks young, fresh, and very effortlessly sophisticated.

It flatters the skin tone, and looks like you literally sat in summer all day long.

Great. Now I’m having a season meltdown here. #summernostalgia

And the worst part is winter’s not even here.

Anyway, here are the pics for hair color inspo.





2017-hair-color-trend-balayage-232017-hair-color-trend-balayage-242017-hair-color-trend-balayage-25balayage-hair-trend-2016balayage-looksbalayage-stylebrunette-balayagehair-2017 balayage-trendlatina-balayagehair-2017-balayagehair-style-2917-balayagehair-color-trend-2017

Happy hair day I guess!


The Supplements To Help With Eyelash Growth

While many people immediately take notice of the dress, shoes or jewellery that starlets and models happen to be wearing when they walk the red carpet and are seen on television, in magazines, or on the Internet, just as many people take a look at them in their close-ups to take a better look at their make-up and eyelashes. The eyelashes help to draw attention to the beauty and colour of your eyes and having a luscious look to your lashes can greatly enhance your overall look. For this reason many people are always looking to emulate these stars and wish they could have that same look in their own lashes. Getting a great look is actually easier than you think and does not have to involve a difficult or expensive process when you use the right products to help you.


Avoid the Expensive Options

There are options available to you when you want to get better looking eyelashes, but some of those options can be quite expensive. You can always invest in fake eyelashes and work to apply them and get the look that you want, but if you want them to look natural and give you a great look then you need to have the lashes applied by a professional that is experienced in the process. Going to a spa that does this for you can be quite expensive as each lash needs to be applied individually to get the results you want. You also can run the risk of having reactions to the types of adhesives that are used, creating a situation for an allergic reaction or even an infection. As a safer and less expensive option that really works you can explore some of the best products for eyelash growth that can be found at Top Eyelash Serums so you can find a cheaper, safer and effective alternative.

Supplements for a Natural Look

Many of the serums that you found today make use of vitamins and supplements for eyelash growth so you can work with your own natural eyelashes. This means you will not have to use any chemicals, synthetics or solvents that you need to be concerned about around your eyes. The serums work to help provide the proper nourishment for your lashes that they really need to stay hydrated and to stimulate proper growth in the follicles. This will allow your lashes to grow in thicker and fuller and to be much less brittle, making it less likely that they will fall out before they should.

You can find several different products available for sale in drug stores, retail stores and on the Internet today that can help you with eyelash growth. Take the time to research the products available and read reviews of these products so you can get an idea of the ingredients used, procedures in application and how effective they can be. This will all work together to help you in making the right decision in which product to get to give you the great eyelash enhancement you want.



Blink, blink. Have a great week loves. Blink.



7 Ways To Combat Tired Skin

A lack of sleep is a common complaint – up to a third of adults are thought to suffer some kind of sleep disturbance or insomnia. Still, knowing you’re not alone doesn’t help you when you’re wide awake in the middle of the night, and then fall into a deep slumber just before the alarm goes off in the morning.

Sleep problems can have many causes, but you can often have trouble sleeping when you’re worried or stressed. The negative effects of not getting enough quality sleep can be cumulative – and this in itself can cause you additional stress as you feel unable to function properly during the day. Physically, missing out on sleep can take its toll, too. You may develop aches and pains as your body isn’t getting enough rest.

One of the most obvious symptoms of a lack of sleep is in our appearance. Eyes can look bloodshot and the skin can have a dull appearance. While you can take action to improve your sleep, by cutting down on caffeine, establishing a good bedtime routine so that you have time to unwind and relax before going to bed, it may take a while for your sleep patterns to improve. In the meantime, then, what can help improve the appearance of tired skin?

Tips to tackle tired skin:

  • Start the day with an invigorating shower to wake yourself up and stop feeling groggy. If you can bear it, switch to cold for the last minute as this will tighten the pores in your skin.

  • Use your favourite moisturizer for your neck and face, then treat the eye area with an eye serum. After moisturising, generously spray some Evian or rosewater mist, such as Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, on your face. This will not only wake you up, but it will also help to hydrate tired skin and provide a great canvas on which to apply your makeup.

  • If your eyes are irritated and red, use soothing eye drops to take away the burning sensation and reduce redness.

  • Use makeup as a way to draw attention away from the shadows under your eyes and get people to focus on a bright lipstick colour. If you don’t like coloured lipsticks, then a bit of gloss will have the same effect. Of course, you can still apply the usual foundation, concealer and mascara, but make the focus your lips, not your eyes. You can also use some lip balm on your cheekbones to add a glimmer at any point during the day.

  • A quick cheat to boost tired skin is to use a light bronzer. Everyone with a glow always looks healthier. And don’t forget to use sunscreen– see if you can find a tinted moisturiser that contains SPF, and reapply every time you’re heading out into the sun.

  • Protect your eyes from bright light with a pair of tinted sunglasses and they’ll feel less irritated. They will also protect you from inquisition on why you’re looking drained.

  • Keep hydrated. The more water you can drink, the better, as it will all help in revitalising your tired skin. However, if you’ve spent a while applying lipstick, use a straw to drink so that you don’t need to reapply.


All these tips will help give tired skin a boost after a poor night’s sleep, but don’t forget that you’ll need to address the root causes of your insomnia as well. That way, you’ll not only get better sleep, you’ll also need to do less work to get your skin looking in tip-top condition at all times.

Hope you enjoyed this little Monday cup of beauty tips.


The 2016 Eyebrow Trend: Smokey, Bushy & Brushed

Is ‘groomed eyebrows on fleek’ OUT? Has the world of makeup had enough of contouring and glamed looks? I dare say YES. Makeup has had it with too-polished looks, and it seems to me however we turn these days we’re still obsessed with eyebrows.

In 2016 we are going back to the full-on natural messy look of young girls who’ve never touched a hair on their brow, and are all about the strong natural look.

Still we are left with one Q.

What is smokey eyebrows?


It’s the opposite of too-groomed, polished, and perfect aka on fleek. Smoky eyebrows are full, slightly messy eyebrows, filled-in if necessary with eyebrow powder, and then blended and brushed upwards, in a somewhat messy smokey way. The idea is to get a young and fresh faced look as if you don’t tweeze those brows and yet they’re a very wild and cool version of ‘on-fleek’.

Actually messy bushy brushed upwards eyebrows are the NEW ON FLEEK brows.

Truth is ever since Cara Delevingne stepped into the spotlight we kinda got the message: thicker brows look better. So then over time, for the past 4 years or so we toyed with eyebrows and their looks so much that we’ve basically done it all eyebrows wise.

Maybe somewhere in this eyebrows-journey we decided to stop playing altogether and just wear them natural from now on. Hence the smokey eyebrow trend. Perhaps it also has to do with summer and how the contouring trend a la Kim Kardashian is slowly dying, and we are more and more celebrating glowy natural slightly imperfect but beautiful looks. Big messy brows fall into this.

Groomed on fleek eyebrows. 


Messy smokey natural on fleek eyebrows.


[My eyebrow story in short: When it comes to eyebrows I have literally tried it all: the plucking, the over plucking, the growing, the messy growing, the polished, the filled in, the brushed, tweezed, all of it. Now I decided to stop and let them be. I am also prepared for the horror of the whole process, but secretly praying that I get back the full big beautiful brows I had right before I started plucking in the ’90s. They never did grow back the same, though. Anyway… in this growing/plucking process I have noticed that, like in life in general, I’m quite inconsistent. Sometimes I LOVE a polished groomed eyebrow look. Thick but clean, eyebrows perfectly arched, perfectly filled in, highlighted, and all of that. And then I work for it with all the products and youtube videos next to me, only to change my mind the very next week, and long for a natural messy eyebrow look that’s the opposite off on fleek preciseness.


So I have decided, influenced by the smokey eyebrow trend as well, to stick to natural for now. It’s summer, nobody wants to draw their brows, unless they really have to, I’m so done with the beauty hassle and perfect editorial looks, I’m just gonna stick to my mascara and a bit of eyeliner, and that’s it.]

Of course, next week I might come back here and tell you how I could’t take the messy look anymore and be all glam team again.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see for that one.

Bottom line is big bold messy SMOKEY eyebrows are IN, so now you have an excuse to miss a few plucks and get lazy like that. But if this is not your thing, don’t fucking bother doing trends, they’ll change anyway. Go for natural looks and wear your beautiful brows however you wish. They say thicker is better though.

The SMOKEY EYBROW trend in visuals. For inspo you know.



To pluck or not to pluck is up to you, don’t do it excessively though. 2016 Eyebrows on fleek is more natural than ever.

What do you think about that?