If you think I’m sartorially deranged, you’re right. It was just yesterday that I revealed a bit of trend-resentment, and here I am today professing my love for a new trend in town: the NUDE SNEAKERS. Yaaasss!

Beige is a massive obsession this year, from makeup, to nails, to those bodycon midi dresses, to stilettos, bags, coffee, sheets we sleep in, chairs we sit in, leggings, and everything you can possibly imagine. So it was quite easy for Madame Le Fashion to put 2 and 2 together and give us the shoes that ain’t going nowhere – SNEAKERS – and the colour we’re literally draping ourselves in -NUDE.

Must be our obsession with bday suits as well, huh?



How to wear nude sneakers?

Contrary to the word implying workout I think the nude sneakers look is more a street style kinda trend, rather than a fad you can apply to your gym outfit. Sure you can wear them to spin class or leg day, but again – despite their nude quality (which usually makes them versatile) they don’t really look at their best except when paired with white/nude/light/ shades.

Weird isn’t it?

But if you can pull off the nude gym outfit do it, by all means. God knows we all strive for perfect health in a perfect naked body, and since no-clothes is still a social no-no (to my perfectly sculpted body’s despair #smellthesarcasm) a nude gym outfit might just be the next best thing.

Back to street style, and reality right now. You can wear nude sneakers with an all nude outfit like: a skirt and cropped sweater, beige turtleneck, nude leggings, two-piece dresses, a shade of taupe casual dress. Throw a cream trench or coat over, rock soft golden details (a watch, a necklace, nude nails, a baseball hat, lipstick) and you will look like you literally fell into a delicious cappuccino and are ready to rule the world, in the softest and most clean luxe shoes ever – the nude sneakers.

Nude sneakers also look great for a weekend casual style: cropped tee, leather jacket, white jeans, or grey sweatpants.

However, I don’t really see them blending too well with an all-black outfit for example, or coloured looks. I just think nude sneakers are the perfect pull-together detail for pastels, light shades, whites, and nudes.

They’re sort of the casual luxe accessory to complete an rich soft outfit, that’s casual as well but with a touch of sophistication.

I love them, and will buy a pair Goddammit, even if I think they’ll never turn into a staple and are more a fad thing.

I just wanna look like I fell into a rich delicious cappuccino, you know.

My fave nude sneakers right here. Click on image to buy.


And a little nude inspo.



Have the best weekend ever my beautiful ones!


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