Because after everything cools down, Brad will finally come to his senses and marry me. If, of course he actually came to his senses, and I were not married already. Since that ship has sailed let’s talk about this #brangelina phenomenon that makes it impossible for me to go online these days without being bombarded by strangers’ heartbreaks over their split. What. The. Fuck.

Divorce or no divorce there has always been a mass obsession with both Angelina & Brad, first separately when each of them existed prior to each other, and Angie was this wild cat who made out with her brother and showed up with Billy Bob on the red carpet in leather pans and a tee, while he was grabbing her boobs, and he – Brad Pitt that is – lead a very pretty and beautiful-couple-next-door kinda life with Jennifer Ansiton – America’s sweetheart.

The obsession with the 2 sky rocketed when Brad Pitt left Jennifer to be with Angelina and then the most beautiful people in the world were together, with a classic story to back them up, giving a lot of emotional support for all home wreckers and love triangle victims.

A billion years after and millions of kids later (yes I am being sarcastic!) Angelina files for divorce cause of maybe another woman. Ha! talk about a bloody karma. Even if it ain’t so, the word wide web is having a blast with Jennifer Aniston’s memes about the divorce.

I admit I love watching those, and no, it will not make me a lesser feminist if I laugh. It is the irony of life, and we’d do the same were it 2 men, trust me. And again I say, like I did here, we need to get our fucking noses out of our asses and stop labelling everything with anti-feminism and politically correct bullshit. We’ll soon start living so correctly and lifelessly as if we’re fucking walking on eggshells.

Angelina divorced Pitt cause of whatever reasons, and as much as the media speculates we’ll never know. And THAT is OK people. It’s her prerogative, as well as Brad’s to do whatever the hell he pleases now.

The reason we give so much shit is because of their story, how they met, the odds of them not remaining together, and then oops they got married, and then what do you know… they split.

If I were to not be so politically correct here I’d say she pisses me off a little bit, for trying to come out smelling of roses from this one, when in fact she was bathed in shit a few years back. What with that love triangle. And the other reason is cause I do find it kinda funny how she so suddenly and secretly drops the bomb divorce on Mr. Pitt who sounds as if he was as shocked as we were. Sort of.

And d’you know what? Assuming these things about her does not immediately place me in any team or anti-feminism movement. In fact, I’m quite the advocate of women and our rights, but just to be clear on one thing – being so, does not mean we gotta stick by something we don’t feel right in our hearts just because it’s spoken or done by and for another woman. Really now. Can we for a second live and see everything with no hidden agenda, and other than in terms of gender and sex? Thank you.

This is just a love story, and marriage. And it’s a big deal for US TOO cause they are one of the most beautiful people alive, in whose fairytale some believed.

Let’s indulge now in some pics of the 2, and then just let it go, stop with the bloody nonsese of love is dead and we’re so crushed and all that. Next time know better than to trust fairytales. Life is one helluva a ride, it ain’t a fairy tale that’s true, but it’s bloody great as it is.



And yes, I confess the photos were just an excuse to drool over the most gorgeous man alive. There. Now let it go.


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