Leather jackets are more than just outerwear. They are a fashion accessory that can bring even the most everyday attire to life! As a matter of fact, there are styles of clothing to best coordinate with every type of leather jacket imaginable. From the classic to the casual, there is a vast selection of styles that complement the timeless piece. Here are just a few of the many leather jacket styles and the outfits to pair with them.

The edgy leather jacket

Do you own an “edgy” leather jacket? You know the type. It has straps with buckles, and if you are into the retro look, it may even have studs. If you have this type of leather jacket, you may be tempted to pair it with ripped jeans and a basic T-shirt, but that combination simply lacks imagination.

This tough-as-nails coat needs to be anchored by a style that opposes its hardcore façade. In other words, it is best to take your coat to a whole new level by wearing it with a contrasting, ultra-feminine look. Match it with a tight crop top in a solid pastel hue, such as lavender, or a pseudo-neon color, such as hot pink or lime green.

On the bottom, drive the point home with a soft, flowing skirt. You get bonus points if your skirt has a floral-pattern, lace, or flourishes. Complete the look with white, strappy sandals and dainty drop earrings.

The fur lined leather jacket

The fur-lined leather jacket can be dressy or it could lend itself to the business casual scene. It is tough, yet soft just like the modern career woman. By adding it to a turtleneck and pullover sweater combo, you’ll get that geek-chic look that’s currently trending. Neutral-toned slacks, black flats, and medium-sized hoop earrings complete the contemporary office look.

You can also use this versatile jacket to dress up a bodycon dress for the weekend. These form-fitting dresses have been all the rage this year, for thin to full-figured women. They’re super simple, yet they come alive when paired with the perfect accessory.

Pairing any solid-colored bodycon dress with a fur-lined leather jacket adds a bit of spunk to the basic item. It adds a rebellious flavor that is sure to get you noticed. As we approach winter, accent the ensemble with leather, fur-lined booties, a beret, and fingerless gloves to show off those nails! Red, maroon, or plum shades are best for this time of year.

The standard leather jacket.

This is the coat that we think of when leather jackets are mentioned. This James Dean style can match nearly anything. If you only have the standard black, consider grabbing another one in brown, burgundy red or purple.

This style pairs well with a number of outfits. Having other shades would make this style even more versatile. Sport a vintage T-shirt with faded jeans or a stretchy, patterned tunic with dark denim. They both call for different shades of leather. With the first outfit, a black or dark brown standard jacket is needed, but the second choice will work best with a burgundy or maroon coat. Either way, throw on your standard leather jacket and a pair of sneakers and you are casual date ready.

The cropped leather jacket

Cropped leather coats are super-cute, and should be the focal point of any outfit that they are a part of. As such, they should only be paired with basic pieces like leggings and skinny jeans. The leggings can have a funky pattern, if you wish, but only if you wear them with a top in a subdued color, like a rusty red, or navy blue. Remember, longer tops work well, since they balance the cropped length of the coat.

Just remember, that even with the focus on the cropped coat, you should still add accessories to complete the outfit. For earrings, try fun geometric shapes to pair with patterned leggings and clogs. However, if you prefer skinny jeans and a longer blouse, try a Y-shaped statement necklace, large hoops, and mid-calf boots in leather that match the jacket.

Leather jackets are a fashion statement and a brilliant addition to any lackluster outfit. Throwing a leather jacket over the simplest of ensembles can perk it up and add a rebellious, yet still sophisticated flair. You can also easily transform your leather jacket, whether it’s by dyeing or bedazzling it, to give it some fresh flair and a new look. This winter, pick one of these styles to reinvigorate your garb and break free from convention.

xoxo D.

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