2024 Leather Trend: How to wear leather this year?

Before spring springs on us with its lighter outfits and pastel tones we still have a bit of time to fully enjoy and drape ourselves in one of 2024 biggest trends: leather. It certainly is not groundbreaking, more so it’s a staple but this year leather is loved on a whole new level. From Saint Laurent to Gucci and Tom Ford – designers are using leather in all its forms and shapes and sizes, so anything from 80s long coats and big shoulders, to 90s grunge, and 2000 glam styles, or the so trendy mob wife looks – all is in. It’s a celebration of this fabric that alone makes an outfit stand out, it gives it sophstroction, mystery, luxe, glam, grunge – its all up to your personal style.

So what does 2024 bring new to the table of the leather trend?

Basically it broadens our fashion leather horizon so we can choose any clothing item in leather from trousers, to Women’s leather jacket, coats, tops, corsets, jumpsuits, skirts, dresses, blazers, gloves, leggings… you name it, they make it out of leather.

How to wear leather in 2024? 

To say however is pretty accurate yet a lazy statement. So yes basically you can wear leather with sneakers or stilettos. A very happy leather marriage is with fur, denim, and knits, but don’t let this subjective list limit you.

Personally I think leather is a great piece to mix textures with and nothing will be as easy to wear as a leather coat or blazer. Think jeans and a white tee paired with any style cut leather blazer… I mean I’m feeling this combo right now more than a leather jacket.

The long 80s inspired coats from Saint Laurent are a whole new level of style and statement and you can wear such a coat with pretty much anything but it truly shines as an elegant strong piece with high heels and a gorgeous dress or a dressy pants outfit.

The leather pants can be anything from skinny, to tapered, to wide legged, or cargo. Pair them with a white shirt, a knitted sweater, a sweatshirt, boots, heels, sneakers or a fur coat, or wool coat and you got yourself a pretty cool outfit.

The most powerful leather looks this year are coming from skirts and dresses, or even leather co-ords. It’s the leather draping effect that is very bold and a true fashion and personal statement. I adore this look for a warmer winter day. It’s professional, powerful, feminine, fashionable yet classic. The variations of this outfit are limitless.

With spring almost here truth is head to toe leather looks might not be as appealing, but this only makes rooms for single leather pieces to be worn as such. The leather blazer, the pants, the leather shirt, the leather skirt with a different texture top, the leather dress on its own or paired with a classic trench coat or a classic blazer.

Whatever you choose know this: it’s a great choice with a high array of style options and chances are it’ll still be a classic 120 years from now.

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PS Oh and I forgot that even those very tacky early 2000’s looks and pieces are having their moment of glory. Think leather corsets with low waist jeans. Cringe? Maybe for us millennials but if you love it… yolo!

xoxo D.