Your Guide to Choosing Ballroom Dance Shoes

Slipping on a pair of ballroom dancing shoes transforms a dancer into a character of flawless ambiance as they move gracefully across the dance floor. The dancer becomes a mesmerizing symbol of beauty, elegance, and charm, tantalizing all eyes bestowed upon them. Finding shoes that showcase a dancer’s eloquent moves can be challenging. Until now. In this guide, you’ll learn important ballroom shoe-shopping information. Using this information can alleviate headaches and help you choose women’s ballroom dance shoes that allow you to shine on the dance floor. We want to help you find the perfect pair of dance shoes that complement your moves and style. 

Ballroom Dance Shoes: The Basics

Before shopping for ballroom dance shoes, familiarize yourself with the different styles, brands, and components of the shoe. When you know this information, you can find shoes that work perfectly for your dance style, budget, and needs. The internet is filled with information about the different types of shoes available.

Remember, ballroom dance shoes aren’t designed like ordinary sneakers or high heels. They instead feature specific elements designed to help dancers move effortlessly across the dance floor and enhance their performance. Never buy ballroom dance shoes on a whim. 

Most ballroom dance shoes feature either suede or leather soles. The sole material helps dancers grip the floor.  The material helps reduce the risk of injuries while allowing her to slide gracefully across the dance floor.

The upper portion of the dance shoe is made of lightweight materials and features a strap or multiple straps. Satin or leather is the most common material used on the upper portion of the shoe since it allows for greater flexibility.

You can find ballroom dance shoes in open-toe or closed-toe design. Your dance style affects the best choice of shoe. We recommend buying several pairs of shoes so you are ready and prepared whenever the mood calls.

How to Choose Dance Shoes

Now that you know the components of ballroom dance shoes, it is time to learn how to choose the perfect pair for your feet! The information below is pertinent to buying ballroom dance shoes. Use this information as you shop for shoes, and rest assured you will find the perfect pair for your feet.

Dance Style

Dance shoes are designed for dance, and the specific movements and techniques required. Consider your dance style when selecting a pair of ballroom dance shoes. Dancers engaged in salsa and cha-cha, for example, need shoes with higher heels. A higher heel gives them greater flexibility as they move on the floor. 

How Does the Shoe Fit?

There is no room for error when choosing how your ballroom dance shoe fits. Ill-fitting shoes may lead to aches and pains, injuries, blisters, and accidents.  If you buy shoes online, consider visiting a shoe store to learn your size, especially if it’s your first time buying ballroom dance shoes.  Ideally, ballroom shoes should fit snugly, but not too tight. You should be able to move your toes freely around inside the shoes.

Heel Height

Choosing the right heel height is challenging. Dancers need a heel height that accommodates their dance moves while still allowing them to maintain stability and balance on their feet. Shoes with too much heel can strain your feet and ankles and make some dance styles more difficult. Always find a comfortable heel height when selecting your ballroom dance shoes.

Shoe Comfort

Whether buying ballroom dance shoes or a pair of sneakers, comfort is a top priority. Wearing uncomfortable shoes is asking for trouble, especially when you are showing off your moves on the dance floor. Try on dance shoes before buying them, when possible. Shoes should feel comfortable from the second you slip them on your feet.

Shoe Quality

Avoid buying ballroom dance shoes made of cheap materials.  Cheaply designed shoes wear out quickly, and wearing them may cause your feet to hurt. Plus, they cannot withstand regular ballroom dance conditions. Why replace ballroom dance shoes every other month when the wise decision is to invest in high-quality shoes from the start? 


Finally, pick ballroom dance shoes that flatter your style.  Everyone wants shoes that make them look and feel great. It implodes her confidence, allowing her to shake what her mama gave her on the dance floor. When all other factors are combined, you can still find shoes that excite your eyes as they come in a wide range of colors, designs, and styles to suit every taste.

Ballroom Dance Shoes Buying FAQ

  1. Can I wear regular shoes for ballroom dancing?

While wearing regular shoes for ballroom dancing is possible, doing so can inhibit your movement and flexibility on the dance floor. Buying shoes designed specifically for the task at hand ensures you get the most from the activity.

  1. Are specific brands of ballroom dance shoes better than others?

Some ballroom dance shoe brands are known for high-quality, comfortable shoes. We recommend finding those brands and shopping for your shoes with them.

  1. How much do ballroom dance shoes cost?

The price of ballroom dance shoes varies considerably from one brand and style to another. Before buying shoes, research the options and price points, keeping in mind that quality shoes feel much better on your feet and allow you to complete all your favorite dance moves.

  1. How do I take care of my ballroom shoes?

Caring for your ballroom shoes maximizes their lifetime and beauty.  Clean shoes after each use to remove any dirt or stains. A dry cloth works well to clean most ballroom shoes.  Store shoes in a cool, dry place until using them.

Ballroom dance shoes are an important part of every dancer’s dance.  Shoes give you confidence and poise to strut your moves on the dance floor. Do not buy shoes blindly; you may later regret your decision. Consider the information above when choosing ballroom dance shoes, and you are sure to find the perfect pair.