7 JACKETS To Wear This Spring

Yes. It’s oficial. Spring is here, and that only means one thing: out with the chunky, thick, overly layered outfits centred around the idea of keeping warm, and IN with all the cool, flirty, breezy, colourful outfits worn for no other reason other than our love for fashion.

Also, truth being told I get a little panicked at the thought of spring and summer cause of how fast this year is going by (old much?), and also… what the hell have I been doing so far? My bikini body is still in deep deep sleep and would not bloody wake up. Ahh… I am secretly praying for one more cold temp wave here.

Let’s not get carried away though. Until sumer hits us, we’ve still got spring to enjoy, and, fashion wise, this very season is a true blessing. Anything that goes in autumn and summer goes in spring as well… Boots with skirts. Sweaters as outwear. And JACKETS. Jackets all over the place. Jackets layered over anything. Jackets, jackets, jackets, jackets.

Have I managed to make the word sound weird yet? Jackets.



While the usual staples are still in, and will always be, we’ve got a few new stars in line for 2015, AND my own personal note on the side regarding the staples: let’s put a spin one them, you know. Example: leather jackets don’t have to be black. Spring parkas don’t have to be… well, parkas. Bare with me here for a second and let’s plunge into the mad fashion of spring jackets!

1. The LEATHER JACKET. There was so much said and done before with this staple that repeating myself would be boring. So I ain’t gonna do that, as I’ve already covered the leather jacket.

What I will say though is that coloured leather jackets are having a moment, from electric blues and greens to luxurious nudes and browns.


How to wear it? It literally goes with anything even leggings. I swear. What I dare you to do, in case you haven’t, is to pair it with your office suit, or pencil skirt, instead of doing the blazer. It’s more sophisticated.

leather-jacket-1 leather-jacket-2 leather-jacket-spring-outfit leather-jacket-style leather-jacket-trend-spring-2015

2. The DENIM JACKET. It’s not new at all. Massive in the 80, 90s, it also tried to stick last season, but I think it merely got to making a shy entrance, for what’s about to happen this spring. I predict denim jackets will be huge, in any styles, especially slightly distressed, not too dark, and borderline kitsch. There is something very rocknroll about a studded denim jacket, or one adorned with gems, or badges. I kinda like it.


How to wear it? Same as the leather one, it does go with anything, even layered over a button-down-shirt and pencil skirt, but keeping in mind it adds more sportiness and casualness to a look. If you love it, rock it with a nightgown. You might just start a trend you know.

denim-jacket-2 denim-jacket-3 denim-jacket-miranda-kerr denim-jacket-outfit denim-jacket-spring-look denim-jacket-spring-outfit Micah Gianneli_Jesse Maricic photographer_Controle Creatif_Levis denim-jacket-street-style

3. The SAFARI JACKET. Or the spring parka. Safari looks along side the military style are massive this season, and to be honest it’s a great twist on the parka jacket for spring. The safari jacket is the latter’s sister. It’s usually in brown, khakis, light greens, very light fabric, with a hidden adjustable belt, a hoodie maybe. The fun part is that the cut and design can actually look great in any colour.


How to wear it? It tends to look better with more casual styles, but it can look great with heels and skirts if you roll up the sleeves, don a belt over it, and wear it unbuttoned. In other words, mix it with smarter looking clothes.

safari-jackets safari-jackets-style

4. The TRENCH COAT. Doh. It will always be in. Remember this trench coat inspiration? I love the light fabric ones in nude, or even white and I think they’ll have a major comeback this season. Think 80s styles. Super long, slightly oversized, with rolled up sleeves.


How to wear it? It literally looks great with anything, yet I would say avoid wearing it with too long, too oversized skirts or dresses, cause it might look too hobo, rather than chic. Office wear looks great with a trench coat: a suit, a pencil skirt, a dress. Skinny jeans, casual skirts or dresses, shorts underneath can look very French. Especially when paired with oxford shoes or flats.

beige-trench-coat-1 nude-trench-coat-trend street-style-trench-coat street-style-trench-coat-look trench-coat-1 trench-coat-2 trench-coat-3 trench-coat-outfit What's under Rihanna's trench coat? trench-coat-spring-look trench-coat-spring-style

5. The BOMBER JACKET. I feel like, as much as it was in, and is still not going anywhere, it just doesn’t get to #1 either. And I wonder why? In my case, for example whenever I try to decide between the bomber jacket and the leather, the latter wins. The bomber jacket looks great when you’re going for a rather sporty glam style, more playful, more casual without being too polished.


How to wear it? They come in so many prints and colours that it really depends which you choose, and how you prefer to pair it. Neutral colours or patters look great with just anything. Floral print bomber jackets are great for spring and are also a great mix-and-match-staple. If I were to give a tip here it would be: invest in a bold print bomber jacket and mix it and match it with everything in your closet. It’s the perfect piece to master the mixed prints trend.

bomber-jacket-jpg bomber-jacket-spring-look bomber-jacket-spring-outfit bomber-jacket-spring-streetstyle bomber-jacket-spring-style

6. The SUEDE JACKET. Hello 70s trends and fashion. Don’t know if you remember but the suede jackets were also big in late 90s, early 2000s? Oh my God, I was in love with a brown and a black belted one I had. Today, with the fringe trend being so big, the suede jacket is more of a 70s cowboy revival, or a sophisticated version, or just different from the leather jacket.

Fall 2015 RTW

How to wear it? The beauty of the suede stands in its authentic versatility. It looks great for office wear, over a smart outfit, for casual styles (jeans, jumpers, t-shirts), with flirty dresses, with cutoffs.

suede-jackets suede-jackets-outfits suede-jackets-spring-style suede-jackets-spring-trend

7. The BELTED BLAZER. This might be a personal favourite. Ok, it’s a bit of a stretch, but it can work, and turn into a trend, right? I just think we need to think out of the box here, and diversify our spring outwear. Also make the blazer look more fun, and start wearing it outside the office.


Pick an oversized or boyfriend blazer, hip-lenght, rolled up sleeves, with silky white, stripped, or coloured lining and just belt it with a statement belt, or just a regular one. The effect is a marked waist and a very cool effortless but chic style.

belted-blazer-style blazer-look-spring

How to wear it? It’s all about proportion here, so you have to try it, in order to have an idea. But, I think a belted blazer works best with more fitted outfits: skinny pants, shorts, flirty dresses or skirts.

street-style-blazer boyfriend-blazer-belt-look blazer-spring-look

Whatever your pick, one thing STILL remains crystal clear: everything is trendy, with slight adjustments, nips and tucks here and there. Again personal style reigns over fashion trends per se, and it’s the former that kinda sets the tone for the latter. Don’t you think?

Have a great week you gorgeous people! xoxo


Get the look here:

Leather jacket – Topshop Faux Leather Biker Jacket

Denim jacket – Paige Denim ‘Heidi’ Classic Denim Jacket 

Safari jacket – Dolce & Gabbana 

Trench coat – Calvin Klein 

Bomber jacket – Seafolly ‘Sake’ Print Bomber Jacket 

Suede jacket – Elie Tahari Paulina Suede Fringed Jacket 

Blazer – Neiman Marcus Tuxedo Blazer