leather-pants-street-style (12) The redundancy of some trends may be annoying at some point, but then there are those trends we can never get enough of. No matter how much we keep on doing them. Over and over and over again, and still not enough you know. Such is the case of the Leather Pants Trend. In fact, long gone are the days when this trouser style was a bikers-only and rock-chick staple. Today, not only we’ve made it sporty-rock-office-casual-evening appropriate but also any season, any age, any style, any look appropriate.

It’s all about finding a great pair of leather pants with a cut and style to fit your body and matching them to certain tops and shoes to get that effortless somewhat polished look. Think Miranda KerrMiranda Kerr heads to the Upper East Side in all black Ever since last season leather pants have grown a lot trend wise and their cuts and styles surpass the typical skinny jean look. Although to be honest here, it’s this skinny leather pants style I think works best for this type of trousers. It’s sleeker, more polished and makes it easier for us to play with shapes. For example: skinny leather pants & oversized sweaters, slouchy tops, boyfriend tees & shirts…

That’s not to say slouchier leather pants don’t work. Au contraire they’re quite the hit this season and perhaps more office appropriate. Think side pockets, slightly loose, but still cut and fitted to the body shape.

They look perfect with a tucked in white shirt and a boyfriend blazer on top. leather-pants-autumn-look (2) leather-pants-street-style (2)

What makes leather pants suddenly so versatile though?

Slap a pair on and you’ll see. Instant hotness, empowerment, and sleek sophisticated vibe all over you. They ooze both a certain trendiness and luxe, as well as a staple-worthiness mixed with the coolness of a rockstar. And frankly anything looks good paired with them. leather-pants-trend-2014-autumn (7) Tops wise, from office shirts and blouses to chunky sweaters, sweatshirts, denim shirts – it’s all possible. What I don’t necessarily like with leather pants are crop tops, just because they give that late 90’s Spice Girls vibe. Buuuut…. in fashion, never say never. leather-pants-office-look leather-pants-street-style (13) Shoes wise, except for anything-platform (which I hate) I really think any shoe style works, and stick by my theory, that it’s mostly the shoes that give the tone of the look.

Stiletto pumps will make it all more rich-sexy-sophisticated, especially when paired with a silky top, or sweater and a fur vest or fur coat. Love at first sight. leather-pants-trend-2014-autumn (5) Chunky heels are more dramatic, more trendy, more rock-chick-model, and look great with coats or parkas. leather-pants-street-style (3) Ballet flats give a classy simple tone to the whole leather look. Sneakers make it all more urban-chic-sporty-luxe. leather-pants-trend-2014-autumn leather-pants-autumn-look-style And ankle boots of any kind are the model off duty uniform when paired with leather pants, simple tees, and a coat/faux fur/jacket on top. leather-pants-autumn-look (3) leather-pants-street-style (3) leather-pants-trend-2014-autumn (8) The DON’T Rules when it comes to leather pants is to avoid making them overly sexy. I mean they already are, so balancing this inherent hotness might be a good idea.

Hence, no stripper platform heeled shoes, no overdoing it in terms of tight, super fitted styles paired with tight super fitted tops and tiny little jackets. Play with shapes and layers and have fun with the architecture of clothes, instead.

Also textures are super importante, for instance I think leather pants look brilliant when paired with a great boyfriend blazer or a soft, even chunky sweater. Also plain cotton tees balance the whole sleekness of the leather look, which makes it all more chic and effortless and tasteful at the end of the day.

Let’s see more street styles for inspiration. :)

leather-pants-autumn-look (4) leather-pants-autumn-look (5) leather-pants-autumn-look (6) leather-pants-autumn-look leather-pants-autumn-look-street-style leather-pants-street-style (2) leather-pants-street-style (4) Micah Gianneli_Jesse Maricic photographer_Controle Creatif_Micah leather-pants-street-style (6) Miranda Kerr seen out in the streets of nyc on a revealing cloth on a cold weather wearing black leather pants leather-pants-street-style (11) leather-pants-street-style (14) leather-pants-street-style (15) leather-pants-street-style (16) Olivia Palermo leaving a breakfast at the Crosby Hotel, New York, America - 11 Jan 2012 leather-pants-street-style (18) leather-pants-street-style (19) leather-pants-street-style (20) leather-pants-street-style (21) leather-pants-street-style (22) leather-pants-street-style (23) leather-pants-street-style (24) leather-pants-street-style (25) leather-pants-street-style (26) leather-pants-street-style leather-pants-street-style leather-pants-trend-2014-autumn (2) leather-pants-trend-2014-autumn (3) leather-pants-trend-2014-autumn (4) leather-pants-trend-2014-autumn (6) Don’t know about you but I’m definitely sticking to this trend and need to buy one more pair of leather pants for this cold season. I always used to say about my older pair of leather pants that they get me out of any fashion predicament. So so so very true. Ever since I’ve accidentely ripped them a bit, and could not wear them, I’ve missed them so much. If I literally had a quid for every time I said ”ah wish I had a new pair of leathers” (usually in those fashion moments I was telling you about) I swear I would have had enough money to buy myself 100 pair of these.

So… no more excuses. This weekend gotta go shopping.

Enough about me. Talk to me about you, and your love OR no-love for the leather pants trend. :)

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  7. jacob Watson says:

    How do you convince so many people to take their photo wearing leather pants ? xD


  8. Toni Jackson says:

    This is such a great post! I have just ordered a pair of skinny faux leather trousers, and cannot wait for them to arrive so I can start styling them. I hope these fit, because I have had such trouble finding a pair that fit me properly and I really want them as a staple in wardrobe this season!

    I love that your post demonstrates the many ways that they can be worn.

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    Very nice blog i like it. those are all great looks. Here is another pair of black leather pants that you might like:

  11. Cate Adair says:

    Those are all great looks. Here is another pair of leather pants that you might like: http://www.fash365.com/2014/10/channel-your-inner-guinevere.html

  12. M. says:

    I like them, they resembles me that post-apocalyptic trend (which I fancy), but I think that not everyone can wear them ;)

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      haha! It’s all a matter of personal taste, style and right attitude I think. Thanks xoxo

  13. Budding Fashionista says:

    my lust list includes a pair of boyfriend-style or loose-fitting leather pants. i’m wearing some for a fashion show i’ll be in next week and they are to die for! but i can’t handle the $1k price tag. so…i’m on the hunt for a faux leather pair.

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      oh definitely faux leather! i’m all for this. btw, just yesterday I went leather pants shopping (haven’t yet found THE pair to buy) but i was totally drooling over a pair of loose fitted leather pants over at H&M… ahhh. am going back again tomorrow to try them on. lol. Thanks V xoxo

  14. histiletto says:

    Your purpose to convince me to pick up some more lined leather pants for the fall and winter seasons has succeeded. They really do look great and their capacity to keep me comfortably warmer is invaluable.


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