Statement Necklaces to Suit Your Style

Statement jewelry refers to pieces that are made to stand out. Pieces like bold, sculptural pendant earrings, glitzy cocktail rings and dazzling tennis bracelets all fall into this category, as does the statement necklace.

The defining features of statement jewelry include bold color, large shapes and intricate or bold detail. Besides these common characteristics, statement pieces can be found in a range of styles to suit a broad range of fashion aesthetics. 

Modern Minimalist

Minimalism is defined as having an understated “less is more” ethos that typically lends itself to wearing one or two simple, delicate pieces. That said, it is possible to give statement necklaces a minimalist twist: look for contemporary, sculptural details that give just the right amount of flair without going over the top.

Feminine Style

Feminine fashion can be seen in many of the changing trends over the years, yet its defining features remain pretty consistent: light colors and fabrics and details typically associated with all things “girly”. For this style, opt for a statement necklace featuring pearls, ribbons or details such as bows, flowers or heart shapes.

Rock N’ Roll Rebel

At the other end of the spectrum lies alternative or darker aesthetics. A statement necklace in keeping with this style takes its cues from subcultures like goth or punk, featuring  large, chunky chains, spikes and spooky elements like skulls, bats or celestial details that add a little edge to the overall look.

Boho Babe

Typically associated with the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s, bohemian style is still popular to this day. For a statement necklace that fits this look, search for pieces that echo the flowing lines and colors featured in boho clothing, including bright beads or semi-precious stones and nature-inspired details.

Vintage Retro

Vintage fashion encompasses a broad range of styles from twenty years ago or earlier. If you love the retro look, you can opt for a statement necklace style from a particular era (like the geometric art deco designs of the 1930s), or one that is inspired by certain motifs, such as the “atomic” starburst patterns seen in the 1950s.

Off-Beat Eclectic

Eclectic style is all about breaking with convention and combining different styles to create unusual and even avant garde looks. For this style of statement necklace, anything goes: quirky shapes and details, mismatched beads or colorful and chunky pieces in recycled acrylic all fit into this lighthearted, fun style.

Classic Chic

For this style of statement necklace, the keyword is “timeless”; styles of jewelry that are unlikely to look dated regardless of changing trend cycles. For statement jewelry that fits a classic style of dress, aim for designs that are simple and neutral in color featuring gold or silver chains, diamonds or pearls.

Style Tips

Statement jewelry tends to speak for itself, so as a general rule it’s not necessary to pair it with other items besides a few understated pieces. A statement necklace tends to work best against block colors for contrast, although simple patterns like stripes also work well.

In terms of necklines, a great way to show off your statement necklace is by mirroring its shape: for example, wearing a v-neck top with a drop necklace, or by pairing a crew-neck collar with a more rounded style.