Different Ways to Tie a Bikini Top

If you’re looking for a simple way to breathe a new lease of life into your favourite swimwear pieces, look no further! We’ve put together some unique, tried and tested ways to tie a bikini top to achieve some different looks this season, whether you’re hitting the beach, heading out for a surf or relaxing by the pool. 

All you need is a triangle bikini top, some creative flair and you’re ready for a summer of style!

Scoop Neck

One of the easiest ways to transform a classic triangle tie up bikini top is the scoop neck style. This look gives a contemporary twist on the usual way of wearing whilst providing the same support and comfort. To achieve this look:

  1. Rotate the triangle bikini top so it is upside down and the top of the triangles are facing the floor
  2. Tie what was previously the under bust strap, around your neck
  3. Tie what was previously the neck strap, under your bust
  4. Secure the straps and ruche the cups more or less to achieve your desired level of support and coverage


If you can’t decide between a halterneck top or strapless bandeau, this one is for you. Wear a halterneck while splashing in the waves or commuting from the beach to the bar and a bandeau when lazing under the shade of a parasol, all with just one bikini top!

  1. Lay your triangle bikini top on a flat surface
  2. Slide the triangles together so there is a 3-4cm gap in between the two
  3. Tie the under bust strap into a knot or bow, creating a small circle, with the triangles on each side facing away from each other
  4. The circle should be at the front of your chest so the straps that previously went around your neck can be tied around your back
  5. Tighten the front knot as needed to give your ideal amount of coverage

Cross back

Crossing your bikini top straps at the back adds a little more support and a lot more flair to your look. If you often find a halterneck top uncomfortable around your neck, this can be a much more comfortable option. To achieve this, simply:

  1. Tie the under bust strap as you usually would
  2. Place each neck tie over your shoulder and pull it to the opposite side, so they create a cross at the back
  3. Tie each to the under bust strap and secure in a knot

Cross front

If an effortless yet put together look is what you’re aiming for this summer, listen up! The cross front tie method crosses the neck straps over your chest to create an ‘x’ before securing them behind your neck, creating a gorgeous and flattering finish.

  1. Tie the under bust strap as you usually would
  2. Cross the neck ties at the front to create an ‘X’ across your chest
  3. Tie the neck strap at the back of your neck

Refresh your summer staples this season and experiment with different ways to tie a classic bikini top and create a whole new look.