While we might be tempted to ask weather or not men should wear leather bags in the first place… their daily routines speak volumes: YES, because one needs a bag to carry around a book, a laptop, a charger, a lunch, a bottle of water… So the question is – what leather bags should men actually wear? Regardless of being a fashion savvy or not… most men the days seem to have a penchant for fine things, or so I like to think. There seems to be a rise in personal style and every man choses what he wears with more care. No?

Maybe its only wishful thinking… but given the horrid realities of today I chose to be slightly optimistic in life. Fashion included.

There’s so many styles out there so in case you’re browsing these days – just know that Von Baer sell leather bags to fit all tastes and styles.

From briefcases to wallets, to backpacks, and laptop cases… men’s leather bags world is – maybe not infinite – but certainly  more diverse than ever before. Which can make our beloved partners’ style task easier or harder. What leather bags do they chose and based on what?

1. Work leather bags.

These ones are the classic go-to-pieces for men who have formal jobs, dress codes, business men who want to look the part. They’re very sleek, classic, old school. Brown and black leather suitcases remain a staple. They do look amazing and mean business, in a very sexy, harsh even intimidating way.

Make sure you choose sleek and rather thin styles to avoid looking too old school. Think Harvey Spector. #swoon

2. Casual leather bags

The types you take to work if you’re in a more relaxed domain, or just the kinda bag styles you actually need when you go out running errands, doing business remotely, having meetings, going out to a casual brunch and chat. You get it… if there’s no need for a suit there’s no need for a briefcase. A messenger bag, maybe even a backpack, a duffle bag – they’re all super stylish and the chic comfy version of the briefcase.

3. Sport/gym leather bags

Most men these days are at the gym almost 5 days a week, which means they’re pretty serious about their workouts and 0 like us girls – also may wanna look the part. So after splurging on all the workout gear  and gym outfits everyone needs a bag. A sporty bag is so important for guys, I feel like fashion these days gets this so much and the styles are a million to choose from. From bright colours, to classic blacks – a sporty bag is an amazing accessory and necessity for men.

4. Wallets, cards, laptops cases, holdalls.

When it comes to style the devil is in the details. A wallet speaks more about a man than his suit, so investing in these small accessory bits is a sign of good taste and extra care. Besides not all men wear bags… yet. But all men need wallets, laptops, card holders… and there’s really something so cool and grown up about a guy who’s got these things figured out and has a taste and a personal style that translates into his amazing accessories and fashion.

So to the Q what bags to wear and how to style them – I say just pick great quality leather bags, and go for sophisticated styles if you’re more fashion adventurous OR stick to classics if you’re a newbie or a Harvey Spector kinda guy. ;)

xoxo D.


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