Depends on their package doesn’t it? Well, while it may not actually *really* depend on THAT package, the question in question is so good it actually triggers more questions.

YES all men should wear bags, but what sort of men bags? And does one bag style fit all occasions? And can men wear bags all the time, like us women do?

And why would men wear bags?!! Seriously?

Ok, I know the answer. Doh. But playing dumb has actually played well for me at times. Let’s just not shout out about this tactic of mine from the rooftop, ok?

Do they have so much bullshit on them they need a fucking bag to carry it from A to B? Uhm… some of them, yeah. Some of them could probably use a dozen of suitcases on a daily basis. Anyway, what happened to carrying a briefcase for work, and then your hands in your pockets for the rest of the time? Cause it seems to me lately more and more men and boys succumb to the trend of wearing a man bag at all times: work, gym, dinner, brunch, breakfast, shopping, out with the guys.

WHY? Why in the name of God would you go through the ordeal of carrying a bag all the time? It’s not like you have to reapply that lipstick once every hour.

Please enlighten me.

Well… aside from some specimens’ inherent bullshit that needs to accompany them 24/7, other men carry different bags on all occasions because it’s the new trend in menswear. Carrying that bag or this bag has become part of a personal style or look, and to tell you the truth I think it’s bloody brilliant. A man who puts the effort into picking a great man bag, and he KNOWS when and when not to wear it… now that’s one helluva man. I mean, fashion wise yeah.

bags-for-men-2 bags-for-men-5

And btw, totally non-relatable actually, all men should take a few style notes from the British lads. I still stand by my opinion: no men will ever fashion top the English, nor how they can carry those bags. Every single man is carrying his bag like he’s a bloody model. Tall. Sexy. Stylish. Sexy. Male-people watching in London is a thing that leaves one with more than just a wondering eye and a neck pain.

It leaves us with the question about bags. What the hell did you think?

While more and more men are acquiescing to the bag trend and carrying the purse, handbag, clutch everywhere, there are still a few men whose pockets hold their most precious belongings while their hands are as free as a bird.

Here’s what I think. I am well aware nobody’s asked, and nobody actually cares, but Imma tell you anyway. ALL men should wear bags to work, to the gym, to meetings, even perhaps to more casual day events. I do not however support man carrying bags when involved in an evening situation: out for diner, out for for drinks, movies, etc. Seriously?! What the hell do you have to carry around on a Saturday evening when you’re out to have fun?

If you’re on a date, you don’t need a bag. All you need is your wallet, keys, and phone. That’s it. No bullshit needs to be carried from A to B. Oh… unless of course you wish to strike up a convo about bags with you new girlfriend or hookup or whatever.

If you’re out for drinks, a bag is the last thing you need to look after.

Nevertheless… there are a few, very few exceptions from my very idiotic rule above. 1. IF the man in question has got his style game nailed to the core. There are such men. 2. He actually needs the bag to carry… stuff. 3. The bag style is tres fabulous. If you’re wearing it to the gym, or to work, hate to break it to you… but it’s not gonna work for evening time. Unless of course you don’t give a shit, but you do, otherwise you wouldn’t wear or consider wearing a bag in the evening.

men-bags-styles-2016-8 men-bags-styles-2016-10 men-bags-styles-2016-14

Anyway… for all you lot above, below, and in between, lovers or haters of bags, carriers of bullshit or not I give you a list of the 4 bags every man should have, which he can carry around on any occasion, brunch, dinner, play-dates included.

I guess.

1. BAGS FOR WORK/OFFICE. Depending on your style and job the bag you carry around from 9 to 5 has got to be the smart and polished version of you. It also has to fit a lot of stuff: laptop, iPad, books to read on the tube, maybe headphones, maybe your gym equipment sometimes, phone, keys, wallets etc.

From classic briefcases to tote bags, handbags, even messenger bags or polished backpacks everything works, BUT it depends on the job and your style. A banker with a leather backpack? Perhaps on a weekend. A designer or a young architect why not.

My picks for you:


men-bags-styles-2016-9 men-bags-styles-2016-12

2. BAGS FOR GYM/TRAVEL. The big handbag or the backpack are 2 brilliant options. If they are designed in a more clean cut, polished, minimal masculine than they can do wonders on a man’s look far beyond a gym or a commute.

My picks for you:



3. THE CROSS-BODY BAG. Theoretically this style goes everywhere. Personally I’d never take it out for fun unless it’s a small design style, leather, with a strap no longer than your hip. But then again, I’m not a man, what the fuck do I know.

This bag style is also a great pick for work in both big and small deigns.

The non-leather styles, borderline sporty are great for traveling and trips.

My picks:



4. BAGS TO TAKE OUT. Evening time… is a tricky time, I swear. Some men can pull off the bag look when they’re out for drinks with the guys… but frankly I LOVE a man who’s got no extras to carry, hands deep down in his pockets, collar popped up like Cantona, dishevelled hair… he don’t really need a bag, do he?


If however he should be forced to wear one, he’s so cool and sexy he’ll probably pick a clean design, not too tiny, but not big (office styles out), in shades of brown, leather, not too long strap. That sort of thing.

My picks:



In case you need more inspo, my dear handsome men, there you have it below:


bags-for-men-3 bags-for-men-4 bags-for-men-7 bags-for-men-8 bags-for-men-9 bags-for-men-10 bags-for-men-11 bags-for-men-12 bags-for-men-13 bags-for-men-17 bags-for-men-18 men-bags-styles-2016-1 men-bags-styles-2016-2 men-bags-styles-2016-3 men-bags-styles-2016-4 men-bags-styles-2016-5 men-bags-styles-2016-6 men-bags-styles-2016-7 men-bags-styles-2016-11 men-bags-styles-2016-13 men-bags-styles-2016-17 men-bags-styles-2016-18 street-style-men-bags-1 street-style-men-bags-2 street-style-men-bags-3 street-style-men-bags-4 street-style-men-bags-7

A man carrying a bag is pretty darn hot I tell you. Personally I love the casual smart look on a man, him carrying his tote or handbag in his hand, like he just fell off a fashion billboard or something.

But at the end of the day who the hell am I to give out menswear advice like free confetti at a party. You boys carry whatever the hell you want to carry, or don’t.

Anyway… tomato this, tomato that, let’s talk about this in the comments below.


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  1. Aliston Andy says:

    it is never appropriate to put one’s handbag on the table-it is considered extremely rude no matter how expensive or beautiful it is. We often place our handbag on the kitchen counter, a bench, and some even momentarily meet the floor so for hygiene reasons alone, it is not acceptable.

  2. lily rose says:

    I’m helping my granddaughter to make this and I’m not sure how to do steps 6 & 7. Can you please help? This is actually going to be her first sewing project (she’s 10) and she’s so excited. We went to JoAnn’s last night and picked out the fabric and bought some fancy buttons to sew on the flap. We’re making it a little bigger so she can use it as a book BAG FOR SCHOOL.

    I’ll post a picture when it’s done.


  3. official website says:

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  4. Arnold says:

    Its such as you read my thoughts! You appear to understand a lot about this, like you wrote the guide in it or something. I think that you simply could do with a few p.c. to power the message house a little bit, but other than that, this is great blog. A great read. I will definitely be back.

  5. rutkow says:

    I could imagine it all started with the laptop. Having to carry it around, not wanting to cram it in the same bag as your cigarettes, the latest Robert Ludlum, organiser, iPod and tuna-tomato-bruscietta… So the industry started to produce extra bags for the mobile workplace. From there it would be a logical step emulating the ladies and initiating the absolute need for a stylish manbag, perhaps not every other new season but certainly more often than the once-in-a-lifetime investment in a briefcase designed to age as gracelessly as its owner.
    Of course, it could also be that men just want in on that unbridled game of luxury, style and elegance the fashion industry and women have been playing for, well, at least those past 25 years. Mind you, I doubt carrying a bag and wearing a suit that hovers somewhere between Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes will make an elegant gent.

    • FashionTag says:

      thank you so much for your comment, truly enjoyed it! :) ‘ I doubt carrying a bag and wearing a suit that hovers somewhere between Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes will make an elegant gent.’ yes, so so true. cheers!


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