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Why Are Bloggers Obsessed With Skorts?

skort-fashion-trendFunny thing about fashion is that, while on one hand you’re praised for standing out and being original and unique style wise, on the other hand you get a thumb’s up for sticking to the latest trends or repeatedly obsessive looks that everyone’s doing. Hmm. So which side should we take? Stray from one, or dip into both? One thing’s certain though, fashion is a two-faced bitch that will never be able to make up its mind, so don’t even bother figuring that one out. One minute wearing something is the biggest fashion crime and before you know it, it’s the latest fad in town. Such is the case of the SKORTS – the business in front party in the back latest street style look, or as one publication put it: the skirt you can ride the bike in. Or the skirt that reveals nothing and keeps the sight of you knickers intact in case you fall down (yeah like we fall down once every 2 hours that we needed this invention). Necessity or not, the Skort of 2013 is super posh, reinvented and why not admit it, a fashion hit. Whether it’s all courtesy of those hipster style bloggers or it’s a case of comfort meets style – one thing is clear: the Skort is no longer that ’90’s geek meets soccer mom attire that’s meant to mimic a skirt while everyone knows you’re donning shorts. zara-mini-white-skort2013-summer-look-skort-and-heelskarolina-kurkova-wrap-mini-skirtBut are all skorts in? To be on the safe side on this one, it would be better to stick to the style and brand that, after all, bares all the blame for this fashion craze: The ZARA Skort. You know that weird looking sharp architectural solid color mini little thang? with side pockets for extra coolness and front fabric corners? That’s the one every hipster kid around block is rocking with hot heels, that usually come in the shape of simple strappy sandals. The look is very sophisticated and polished but in an glam edgy sort of way, and there’s nothing not love about this style invention. And the more I think about it the more I feel proud that it took no high end designer or brand & no catwalk show, or celebrity endorsement to make this trend stick. It was all us, the cool kids who ride buses and tubes to work every day. And though I might sound a bit too pretentious or hasty, I am going to say it out loud: the ZARA Skort is the fashion phenomenon of the moment. Will it last? Honestly doubt it, cause it seems to be one of those things you wear the crap out of until it dies. women-skortfashion-trend-the-skortblack-zara-skortblue-zara-skortred-zara-skortskort-and-flats-lookHow do you wear it? The Mini Skort is basically a sporty chic/sporty glam item which tends to make every wearer don it with T-shirts, crispy shirts or slouchy tops and heels to balance off the look. For an extra chicness or sophistication wear some posh bracelets or pile on necklaces. Don a baseball cap for an urban chic style or a sporty jacket. To keep it simple opt for a blazer. Shoes wise  – heels make this skort, look its best, though I’ve seen a few sneakers or flat sandals that do the trick as well, yet it’s not as hipster looking I’ll give you that. Enough talk… let’s just scroll through the street style snapshots of the cool little faces out there and get some fashion inspiration. And while we’re at it… let’s comment away on the ZARA SKORT mania that’s taken over the streets and the style blogs! YES or NO to it? blogger-style-the-skortandy-heart_ampliacionskort-and-flatsskortsskort-styleskort-trendskort-urban-stylewhite-zara-skort-lookzara-mini-skortzara-shirt-blouses-2look-mainzara-skort-stylezara-skort-trendskort-lookzara-skort-lookIt does look fantastic  – a mix of glamour and urban style – so that must be the reason why all bloggers dig it, right?