When Diane von Furstenberg said the wrap dress, she would later be iconic and notorious for, will be a timeless piece and a woman’s best friend – she meant it 10,000%. The designer created this cut and model back in the 70s and ever since, especially in summer, hence the wrap summer dresses, it’s been reinvented, nipped, tucked, played with by both Diane Von Furstenberg and other designers.

Retail chains picked it up, and later anyone and everyone who actually noticed that if you take a piece of a flirty fluid fabric, in the shape of a dress, and deconstruct it only to later just wrap it and tie it around your waist, which can fluctuate, you’ll be wearing probably the most versatile, most flattering, and easy to style dress in the world.

This would later be known as the wrap dress. While it’s definitely possible to wear wrap dresses in winter as well: hello velvet wrap dresses for example, this iconic piece looks its best as wrap summer dresses.

Or maybe it’s just me now… loving 2018 summer with all its flirty dresses, and polka dots, and printed sets and maxi dresses, mini dresses and so on.

2018 summer is a back to basics kinda summer, a very flirty, easy and feminine take on this season, when cut-offs take a backseat for pretty dresses and flirty tops paired with skirts or shorts made of light dancing fabrics.

Everything is paired with straw bags rather than anything too pretentious, we wear scarves to tie our hair, and the biggest blings are maybe a pair of cute hoops. It’s retro with a dash of minimal, and loads of French riviera chicness if you will.

Therefore it’s not a massive fashion surprise to notice women loving to literally wrap midi dresses around their figures and dash off to work, to parties, to running errands, to weddings or God knows where else.

Wrap summer dresses: what to pick this season?

  • midi wrap summer dresses
  • mini wrap summer dresses
  • cap sleeves, long sleeves, spaghetti sleeves
  • maxi wrap summer dresses

The queen of summer dresses remains the midi style, because of its easiness to wear and versatility. It’s a great piece for office days, paired with flat sandals, flat pointed toe shoes, midi heels, AND it can later translate great into a cocktail dress if paired with stilettos for example. OR it can be a great casual weekend staple when paired with sneakers or espadrilles.



Mini dresses are absolutely fabulous and cute and a great choice for summer in the city, for weekends, for beach walks, for shopping sprees, brunches, dinners, dates, parties… They look best with slippers, a bamboo bag, just to balance out their sexiness. OR if you wanna go full on glam, pair them with minimal stilettos.



Maxi wrap dresses are great for summer. Personally I’m scared of them, just because I feel there’s always this fear of getting lost in too much dress and fabric. They look great on some people, and are a great choice for summer weddings, or fancy cocktails by the beach, or even casual styles… I just don’t LOVE them, okay?! I like them.



How to wear wrap summer dresses this season?

Think of them as the casual kimono you put on around the house, or the bath robe you like to chill in at times… and then put in on for any occasion and start dressing it up or down.

Wrap summer dresses have this incredible quality of being so easy to put on. All you need is you underwear. You just put them on as if they’re your fave robe, wrap them around your waist and start the day.

The best style gimmicks for 2018:

Why are wrap summer dresses so flattering?

The cut makes them your BFF for life, because they mark your waist, so even if you have a few more pounds, or have an apple-type of figure, wrap dresses trick the eye and accentuate your waist, elongate your torso with the V-cut, and hide your legs up to the knees. All the while they hug the body but don’t squeeze it, they just follow the shapes, conceal and reveal what they should. They’re perfect really.

Shop the look:



Not to mention they can be a great choice for maternity style, IF you find the right size, or you wear them with cycling shorts underneath. Or leggings. Trust me.

xoxo D.

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  2. Lisa Tyson says:

    I just love wrap dresses. They are so comfortable and perfect for the summer. Thanks for writing this detailed post and the photos.

    • FashionTag says:

      i’m with you here, i loooooove them. perfect for summer like you said. thanks so much, glad you liked it. xxx


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