4 Best Fashion Tips for Going Back to Work

Going back to work in an office environment after two years of stay-at-home takes time to adapt. When you’ve become so used to working in sweatpants and hoodies, putting on a suit for the corporate environment may seem cumbersome. But, the exciting thing is that workplace fashion for 2022 combines comfort, ease of movement, and style, so you dress to impress and nail that investor presentation. Considering that first impressions count, you need to make an impact each time you walk into the office. Check out these practical ideas to incorporate into your dressing style. 

Edit Your Work Wardrobe

Check through your work wardrobe and make sure that all the apparel is maintained and fits you well. Sort through the clothing that needs dry cleaning or should be donated. Fix missing buttons, seams, and steam iron to make them presentable. Chances are that many of the pieces look outdated or not worth wearing. If you’re not quite ready to invest in new outfits, consider hiring dresses in Brisbane by searching online. Various companies provide apparel on rent. You’ll upload your measurements, and they’ll refit each piece to specifications. Go ahead and wear them multiple times, and when you’re done with it, simply send it back, and hire a new set. 

Choose Apparel that Fits Your Personality

Clothing and fashion are all about dressing to bring out your personality. Instead of focusing on what’s in, you might want to get apparel that feels comfortable wearing. If you’re ill at ease, it will show through in your demeanor. So, if short dresses aren’t your thing, go with longer hemlines. Or, if you’re more comfortable in skirts, don’t insist on pants just because fashion dictates it. Also, pick out cuts and styles that flatter your body shape.

Pick Out Outfits that Match the Industry Where You Work

Match your clothes to the industry where you work. If you’re holding a law firm or corporate office position, you’ll need smartly-tailored suits. Outfits for the hospitality industry are more about formal and evening wear unless you’ll sport the corporate-assigned uniform. Professionals in an SEO or digital marketing firm can dress casual-formal, so you could pick out smart jeans with polo or tailored shirts and a jacket. When in doubt, simply go with the dress code most of your teammates wear. A good rule of thumb to follow is dressing more formally to show you mean business.

Grooming is Critical for a Well-Turned Out Look

Impeccable grooming is indispensable in the work environment. Always show up with neatly combed hair and clean, trimmed nails. Restrict makeup unless your profession demands it and shower in the morning to avoid body odor, which can be a huge turn-off. Deodorants and antiperspirants are definite must-haves in your bag. 

Follow these four critical workplace dressing tips, and you’re sure to make the right impression as a professional who will be successful at anything they do.