Wood Watches: The New Accessory TREND This Season

The great thing about being in a loop on a new trend is you’re the only one doing it, or among the very few, and THAT, if you’re into fashion is the best thing ever.

When I was gifted with this incredibly trendy wooden watch from JORD, beyond the excitement we all get from receiving gifts, I was mostly curious to see how a wooden watch feels on wearing it. How it looks, how polished it is? Does it tell time the same way? Well… on the latter of course it does, I just wish it came with a superpower of freezing or speeding time.

woodwatch-trend-jordwatch-blogger-thefashiontag-style-1 woodwatch-trend-jordwatch-blogger-thefashiontag-style-photos-by-dfbtv-9

Other than that the JORD watch – Sully style – I so kindly received was beyond what I had expected. It came in this beautiful wrapped box, so it will most definitely make a fantastic gift if you’re on the look-out. It is a watch in all its glory, except it’s made of wood, which comes in all colours, all shades, all sizes, and beautifully crafted. Better than that, JORD offers a great variety of wood watches for both men and women, in quite a few styles, from the statement bold massive ones, to more classic, cute, sweet pieces that blend fashion, utility, and this new WOOD WATCH trend in the best way possible.

What I most love about it is the mixture of wood and all it stands for with the classic details of a watch: the time arrows, the metallic insertions, the screen, which comes in various colours to pick from.


Those who know me, know I’m more boho rather than chic, and though my glamorous side is hyperbolised all the time, I’m this ghetto-couldn’t-care-less-what-I’m-wearing-girl other times. Oh… and I have a soft spot for big watches. On 4 out of 5 occasions I’d probably pick a masculine watch over a feminine one, just because I feel it clashes beautifully with my feminine side: red lips or stiletto nails I love to have every once in a while.

So of course I chose a rather bold wooden watch from JORD, in a reddish & nude colour, because it will look great as a statement accessory against any look. And I’m into this sort of thing.

I get those days in which I’m this glamour-puss in high stiletto heels and leather pencil skirts, or other times when I’m rocking crop tops, body chains and red lips, or I might simply go for a black dress with boots – and THIS watch would work. And I ain’t talking about telling time, which it will of course do brilliantly.

jordwatch-nature-stylepost-thefashiontag-dfbtv-6 woodwatch-trend-jordwatch-blogger-thefashiontag-style-photos-by-dfbtv-8

However, due to circumstances beyond my control I wore it differently for this blog post and the story behind it, is kinda great, especially if you love a bit of a tale, some fashion, and the perks of travelling in nature to remote places sans wifi and 21st century technology. My watch was probably the best mix of old-classic-details with today’s technology around there BTW. Of course, not counting the music devices we had on us. Cause seriously, internet we might do without, but music and a few other guilty pleasures? Never.

As you might have gathered from above, my friends and I left for a short vacay this weekend and I took my precious badass watch with me for: 1) being able to stay on top of my game both sartorially as well as time telling, and 2) took advantage of the fact that one of my friends, who’s also a photographer, travelled along, so just in case creativity hit us… I’d be prepared.

What happens when you mix the laziness of a well dodged hangover, with having Friday off, coffee out in nature, friends around you, favourite leggings and boots on, and the sudden urge to ‘YAAASSS kween! Let’s do this photoshoot right here, right now!’?

You get one of my favourite photoshoots for a blogpost. The least fussy in terms of outfits, makeup, and location, and the smoothest to go so far. Ideas were literally flowing out in the air. Shots helped and rewarded us afterwards, as well as some good hip hop by the fire later on. #dayum

jordwatch-blogger-style-thefashiontag-look-photos-dfbtv-1 jordwatch-nature-stylepost-thefashiontag-dfbtv-2

Dressed in a cool laid back mountain style outfit, with no make up (thank God for those shades), and my wooden JORDE watch on, I had realised: when 2 brilliant creative minds meet (you’re welcome mister!), you can have fun doing a great photoshoot wherever basically. Country-side included. No extra razzmatazz, no need for streets and graffiti, heels and lipstick and special lighting other than the morning sun. And my new watch of course.

I rarely predict trends BUT I honestly believe the wooden watches will be a massive hit this summer, alongside the knits, the safari look, the au natural styles, with which they blend beautifully with. Fashion is having a back-to-nature moment and that’s what JORD does, it gives us a bit of the old-classic-sophisticated-roughness of nature, in the city and our everyday lives.

And now more pics of me sleeping on chopped wood, lounging in hay, or chilling like some lumberjack’s sibling in between chopping more wood.

Tsst… click on link at the end to buy the look, or just browse.

Thank you for the photos Alex Ciobanu. Check out his Instagram (@dfbtv) and follow his talented ass for some great badass photos.


countryside-stylepost-jordwatch-thefashiontag-6 wood watch trend jordwatch-blogger-style-thefashiontag-look-photos-dfbtv-7 jordwatch-blogger-style-thefashiontag-look-photos-dfbtv-8 Wood Watch Trend Dana Cristina Straut Bulzesti jordwatch-nature-stylepost-thefashiontag-dfbtv-1 Wood Watch Trend Dana Cristina Straut Bulzesti Wood Watch Trend Dana Cristina Straut Bulzesti jordwatch-nature-stylepost-thefashiontag-dfbtv-8 Wood Watch Trend Dana Cristina Straut Bulzesti jordwatch-style-thefashiontag-look-3 woodwatch-trend-jordwatch-blogger-thefashiontag-style-photos-by-dfbtv-4 woodwatch-trend-jordwatch-blogger-thefashiontag-style-photos-by-dfbtv-3

Get the look:

Sully | Cherry & Maple wood watch – JORD