As the adage goes, “Life starts at 40.” But this doesn’t seem to hold true when you look at women across different industries. In the fashion world, for instance, it seems as if women aged 40 and above are no longer relevant. Nobody makes clothes for them. The ad campaigns don’t reflect their image. And it’s like they don’t belong to the conversation entirely.

But there’s a growing trend these days involving older women dressing as stylish as ever. Fortunately, fashion fanatics across the globe show ample support. Many believe that the conventional wisdom regarding what to do, say and wear over 40 is simply irrelevant nowadays. Women over 40 no longer settle for a ubiquitous look. They’re experimenting just as much as younger women—and they’re doing an excellent job at expressing their fashion sense.


It’s fascinating to see older women rock the same outfits worn by women half their age. Fashion isn’t about age; it’s all about style. Perhaps more interestingly, more brands are turning to them for their ad campaigns. It’s no longer uncommon to see them as the stars of the runway. But even though older women are getting more attention from apparel brands, it’s on them to carry themselves and ensure they’re always looking their best.

This includes taking care of the skin. At this age, it’s inevitable to see fine lines and wrinkles all over the body. But if there’s one thing that separates older women from younger fashion models, it’s the peace they find in accepting their looks. They seem to have an easier time embracing how they look like sans all the makeup instead of focusing on how to look like a magazine cover girl.


And what’s interesting is that these baby-boomers in the fashion industry stick to the basics of skin care. Many of them swear by natural remedies for the common symptoms of skin aging such as using baking soda for dark spots. Others talk about the importance of getting enough sleep, something that seems to have become a rarity due to the constantly busy lives of people in the fashion world.

Taking care of their overall health and well-being also ranks as a priority. They understand that when it comes to skin aging, it isn’t always about getting good genes. Even if you inherit good genes from your parents, it proves useless if you fail to hydrate properly and shield yourself from the sun. And illnesses like hypertension have a direct impact on how the skin looks. Older women aren’t shy about using health supplements like Recardio to control their blood pressure and increase the chances of reversing skin aging.

It’s amazing to see more and older women making waves in the fashion industry. If anything, they deserve more praise for how they’re able to stay young not only physically but emotionally and spiritually at the same time. Sure enough, they can teach a lot about looking beyond physical looks and admiring the real beauty in every individual.

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