The last 18 months have brought so many changes into the fashion industry. New lines of thought, new assumptions and – most of all – a new mindset. The idea behind all of it is simple and yet difficult to apply in practice: let’s try to reconnect with the people, because in the past years we have gone way too far. Many believe that this is just a side effect of the pandemic and the idea of “new austerity” that went with it, and it’s bound to disappear as soon as the humanity will be back to normal. By the way, this is the current state of the art, and all the people involved in fashion business have to deal with it.

Not only the evening suits or gala dresses have to undergo this kind of renewal: even the ordinary everyday outfits have been drastically revisited. Let’s take a look, for example, to the way the fashion industry has redesigned the typical women’s business suit: how is a business woman supposed to dress at work nowadays? Rather than a specific dress code – the typical, and slightly obsolete, combination of business suit and high heels –, now we can spot a few hints able to guide a potential buyer through the 2021’s new trends. Below, you will find the most significant ones.


  • Coziness above elegance. Comfort has regained the first position in a hypothetical scale of priorities. Once (and we are talking about just a couple of years ago) it was systematically sacrificed on the altar of a strict dress code, especially for what concerned the women’s outfit. Now this hierarchy seems to be completely reversed, and wearing more comfortable dresses doesn’t seem a mortal sin anymore. Unless you have to take part to an extremely formal meeting…


  •  Add some spices. First off, this has zero to do with the idea of looking more attractive or trying to satisfy the male staff’s curiosities. Quite the opposite, it’s more about expressing each one’s personality through a more individual dress code. This is an era where so many people are struggling to express themselves freely, and the apparently uptight business world is no exception in this. So, if you want to add some color to your monochrome “office uniform”, or you just want to look less formal or conventional, do not hesitate.


  • Tailored pants are overcoming gowns. For many women, the opportunity to wear pants instead of a gown, not only at home but even at work, has been a sort of emancipation from a series of conventions decided predominantly by men (at least, this is what all the feminist theories claim). According to many stylists, nowadays a pair of finely tailored pants is the most indicated item of clothing for a business woman. The question is: is it just a trend, or is it an ultimate women empowerment’s sign?

In more general terms, an office is no longer seen as a place where strict rules and protocols deal with almost every aspect of this microcosm’s life. And for what concerns the employees and managers’ outfit, a more casual dressing is equally appreciated, as long as it’s able to comply with good taste and common sense.


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