From chapped lips to split ends, the cold winter weather can have a negative effect on everything from your skin, hair, nails and even your mood! We’ve put together our top tips to help you avoid the most common winter beauty woes to look fabulously flawless whatever the weather… Winterbeauty-gerrard-international

Your skin is a reflection of your diet and one way to guarantee gorgeous skin throughout the cold weather is by drinking plenty of water – 1.6 litres is the recommended daily amount for women, which is around eight 200ml glasses. Fruit, vegetables and key vitamins, C and E, will help to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful.

The cold, frosty weather can have drastic effects to your hair. With less humidity in the air, your hair is prone to fizziness, split ends and dandruff so try switching your shampoo and conditioner for a more intense moisturising treatment throughout the winter. Dry air and windy weather can have an
impact your hairs natural sheen – so it’s worth investing in shine sprays to bring back your sparkle throughout the winter months.healty-hair-in-winterwintyer-hair-health-tips

Keeping your skin moisturised is essential. Dry, cold air will draw moisture from your skin; therefore it is necessary to rehydrate your skin by moisturising daily and drinking plenty of water as previously mentioned. winter-beauty-tips-1

Your skin can feel a little pale and dull during the winter months but by adding a bit of colour with fake tan, it is sure to give you a boost. There are a
wide range of great self-tans on the market, as well as countless salons across the UK specialising in professional spray tans to help you get a gorgeous summer glow this winter.

We all know how a cold can make you feel miserable, let alone the effects illness can have on your skin. Avoid cold and flu symptoms by stocking up on your vitamins and supplements – if you feel great, you’re sure to look great too!

The cold weather can affect your nails too, making them brittle and more prone to breaking. Swapping harsh nail treatments for a more natural alternative is a fantastic way to strengthen your nails. Gel manicures such as Geleration include a
soft gel technology to help protect nails as well as boost nail growth. Lasting for between 2-3 weeks, gel nails are a gentle, long last nail alternative – perfect for improving damaged nails!805ef581f3a2f5f6fe591b8c6ad26d9bnails

It may be cold outside, but don’t be tempted to turn up the heat in the shower! Hot showers effect the uttermost layer of your skin – which you need to retain moisture. Hot water has negative effects on the moisture in your hair, drying it out and leaving it extremely brittle – so try turning down the heat to see the difference! 98cceb6a93f27dbd61d12805eefc8636

Hope you enjoyed these great beauty tips! Great beauty & skincare products here.

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    Beauty is fleeting. So take care of the beauty that God has given you! God bless !

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  7. Somdyuti D. Ray says:

    These are super-amazing tips. I love everything about wnter except for the part where my skin begins to get dry. I follow most of the tips you’ve mentioned, expecially the one about drinking lots of water. It is so necessary. Love this post! (:
    – Somdyuti

  8. caroline says:

    This is my first real winter in years… I’m rediscovering all sorts of fantastic products!

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      Really? that’s so great! a new excuse to try out more beauty/skin products ;) xoxo


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