How To Wear White Jeans The Right Way?

I’ve said it time and again: no matter how passé or obnoxious an item is, if you have style you will make it work. Of course, the above statement addresses the style issue thang which we talked about here. Anyway… for some reason when it comes to white jeans I feel like as amazing as they are they come with the trickiest sartorial traps ever.

Unfortunately white jeans can be synonym with a dated look. And if you pair them with platforms, cowl neck tops, way too preppy hair and makeup, tons of pink and go for a denim style that is so tight it’ll burst everyone’s bubble (except yours of course), and a low waist that would have both Britney and Christina cringe – well… I’d hate to burst that bubble but no bueno.

So at the risk of bringing fashion hatred upon myself I think white jeans look amazing if you follow certain style tips, otherwise they will look circa 2000s. And nobody wants that.

What WHITE JEANS style to chose?

Why treat white jeans any different than blue denim, you know? Therefore pick cuts and styles that flatter your body, and stray away from too tight, and too low waisted.

  • skinny white jeans with a high waist
  • classic Levis cut
  • mom jeans
  • boyfriend baggy styles
  • knee ripped
  • shredded
  • flared

White jeans styles to stay away from?

If you know your way with style and fashion you can make anything work. Personally I’m not a fan of very skinny jeans + low waist + a lot of shredding. They look too trendy and too striving for fashion attention, very tacky and dated.

How to wear white jeans in 2017?

The key is to go for chic, sophisticated, slightly rocknroll with a twist of edge or minimalism depending on what floats your boat.

Pick a pair of quality white jeans #seethroughjeansaretheworst, with a style that works for you (classic high waist, not too fitted styles always always always work) and pair them with very simple but chic tops. Personally I don’t really like those mom blouses paired with white denim. Looks too by-the-book to me.

Shoes wise – run away as far and as fast as you can from platforms.

Stilettos look great with white jeans in a more classic cut, as opposed to skinnies which will lead to more preppy looks. But you know that’s just me and my deleted friendship with preppyness.

So mix and match white jeans with these:

  • white t-shirts
  • white or blue button downs
  • bodysuits
  • crop tops
  • blazers
  • oversized plush sweaters
  • anything black
  • anything nude
  • blue denim
  • leather jackets
  • sneakers
  • nude heels
  • ankle boots
  • classic pumps
  • chunky heels
  • loafers
  • tote bags

How to not wear white jeans?

Think 2000s late and early. Anything you did or would have done back then, don’t do it now. White jeans are a great way to make your look very crispy and fashionable in a very un-mainstream kind of way, with a very trendy item. Talk about an irony.

For office wear they look amazing paired with a blazer and a button down. For a night out they look fab with heels and a bodysuit. They look more luxe than blue denim, as if you’ve put extra effort into your look.

However they’re very unforgiving body and style wise. So you have to avoid a few things in order to look grown up a la 2017, rather than 2000s Calabasas.

  • too made-up look (hair and makeup)
  • overload of jewellery (bedazzled hoops)
  • platform heels
  • wedges
  • low waist with a massive buckle belt
  • floral blouses with an elastic waist
  • cowl neck anything
  • too tight and too short styles
  • ripped jeans paired with too many bracelets and black ankle boots
  • preppy details

However, fashion and style are so biased and so faceted that at the end of the day you can rock those platforms and tons of bracelets and you can look fab. Don’t let no bitch kill your vibe. #justsayin

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Happy weekend loves!

xoxo D.