Are WHITE BAGS Back In Style?

white-bags-fashion-trendOr rather, were they ever not? When it comes to this crispy smooth soft creamy non-color – as much as I LOVE it during summer – I have never ever, ever had a white bag, nor have I ever ever had an urge to own one. Until now. I don’t even know if they’re back in fashion (I would presume so, given the hot season and how some things are always IN in summer or spring, whites anything being part of this lot) and frankly I couldn’t care less.

Actually I’d prefer they weren’t, just so my self inflated ego feels great yet again at self proclaiming its person a trendsetter. As if.

Moving on to more importante stuff, like how every month (okay week) I seem to have a new fashion crush (exhausting I tell you. It’s like having a severe case of fashion ADD.) I’m thinking that from now we should all share our fashion crushes and must have things of the week. Ha. How about that? fashion-crush-white-bagsAs the title betrays, my fashion crush of this week is the WHITE BAG, which I find incredibly irresistible for spring and summer 2014. Now you know last winter I was so skeptical about wearing white in the white season. In summer though, I adore it. It’s my go to color. I love it against my skin tone and I think nothing will ever beat the elegance, crispiness, softness, chicness and sophistication of a white dress in spring or summer.

From beach style, to shift dresses, to cocktail ones, to maxis, to minis, to ANY style whatsoever the white dress is a staple. It was through this white dress love that I discovered my new crush. I saw an all white look somewhere: white dress, white sandals and white bag. And I was smitten. The only other colors were the sunglasses, the nails and lips, which in case you’re doing an all white look can be the best pop of color in the world. street-style-white-bags (5)And since WHITE BAGS is on our agenda today, I’m telling you, great nails that pop against the softness of a white bag are fucking amazing. Or just plunge into the creamy shade with matte white nails for an all white extreme trendy effect.

A white bag always seems more forward, loud yet understated, a bit too matronly at times, too elegant, yet when paired with a somewhat contrasted style it’s magic. The design also counts big time. My favorite ones are the white structured bags, either tiny, medium sized or huge. They have that sophisticated stiffness to them. They look rich & luxurious. Clean. Summer-ish. And if they’ve got a bit of gold details to them, that’s it. I’m. In. Love.

Okay already. Enough with the rant, let’s just have a look. :) designer-white-bagRachel Bilson is a messy eater with a really cool bag!street-style-white-bags (3)street-style-white-bags (4)street-style-white-bags (6)street-style-white-bags (7)street-style-white-bagsstreet-style-white-handbagsummer-fashion-white-bagstiny-white-bag-looktiny-white-bag-styletrend-alert-white-handbagswhite-backpackswhite-bag-lookwhite-bagswhite-bags-styles-2014white-bags-trend (2)white-bags-trend (3)white-bags-trend (4)white-bags-trend (5)white-bags-trend (6)white-bags-trend (8)white-bags-trendwhite-bag-stylewhite-handbags-stylewhite-handbagsUntil my next week fashion crush kicks in (I promise it’ll be something ridiculous so we’all have a laugh) I’m curious what’s you’re newest fashion crush?