What To Wear To The GYM?

There are days when I’m a headless chicken always running late to my gym class hence my wrinkled tank tops and plain boring leggings outfit, quite contraire of my personality. Not that anyone’s asked but you know. And then there are days when I put a little effort in it, you’d think I’m going to prom and shit. I can’t fucking find a middle ground if it killed me I swear.

Anyway I’m more of a leggings and lose tank top kinda gal, and tbh hell will freeze before I show up to my fave class in a sports bra. I’ll wear it alright, but layer it with a loser top. I don’t call it insecurity, I call it fashion.


If, like me, you once did’t give a fuck about what you wear to the gym, but now you do, or if you did all along, then this post is for you.

Below are my fave picks in gym clothes, in case you have your shopping mode on. 


Have the best Saturday ever. And have the fucking cake, why not. We’ll sweat it all out in those fab gym outfits next week.