What To Wear This Weekend: From Your Errands To The Gym?

There are weekends when all you wanna do is party and check all the possible getaways on all the bucket lists. And then, there are weekends when all you wanna do is have a regular Saturday.

A day with just the right combo of lazy and active, a bit of working out, a bit of shopping, some nesting, coffee in town – you know… late summer kinda weekend that is pretty mandatory if you’ve had quite the hectic schedule over the last few months.

Am I growing fucking old here?! Maturing and shit. Or maybe, it’s just this damn flu I’ve still got and I’m still kinda mending to so that I can finally go back to my work-play-gym routine. God, I must be growing wiser if anything to miss my balanced life.

Roll those eyes all you want. In fact I’ll roll them with you. #whoknew

That I have a slight addiction to shopping is no news for those who know me, but this obsession has become more niche lately, as I tend to go more and more for sporty work-attire. Aka athelisure – the massive trend I wrote an article about in Hive Magazine a while back.

To be honest with you, I thought once Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid got bored of wearing leggings & cropped gym tops out in town, we’d see the death of this borderline 80s look. But no, sporty in all its shapes, and forms is still in, and I think it ain’t gonna go nowhere. Not these days when a healthy lifestyle, or a proneness to it at least is more common than ever.

And you know what? It is the perfect look and trend to nail and rock over, and over, and over again in the weekends, during the day, when you’re juggling between morning errands, farmer’s market, getting a cup of coffee with your pals, driving your kids to somewhere, going to the gym, and God knows what else us super-girls are balancing and trying to squeeze on a Saturday and Sunday.

Perhaps you’re over jeans, or shorts, and casual dresses, or maybe you just don’t wanna bother about changing your wardrobe 100 times on a laid back Saturday when you’re schedule includes yoga class for example, or maybe you just love this trend so much you’re stuck with it.

Regardless, there’s no way of saying this than the blunt truth: all women these days are obsessed with athleisure, and workout wear in and outside the gym.

From Kate Hudson, to Kendall and Kylie, to those slim and toned Victoria Secret models, everyone’s doing this trend. It’s so liberating I love it. If you know what’s what you know what I’m saying.

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So in case you too are on-board with the sporty gym inspired look, or you’re planning to have a cool casual Saturday in between your gym class and running some errands, these looks are for you.

Fabletics – the sports brand Kate Hudson so loves and wears has got some AMAZING sales and discount to their gym outfits, and leggings, and gym tops. What I love most about them is that once you sign in you get a VIP status and so many perks!!!! (free shipping, first outfit for $25).

I literally spent an hour browsing their looks. #Icant

Have a look and click to browse and shop Fabletics outfits.


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Anyway, whatever your plans this weekend have a great one.