What To Wear & Pack On Your Skiing Winter Holiday?

The main reason behind this post was panic. Pure good ol’ panic I felt at the very thought of my winter holiday: 6 days at a skiing resort?!!! Excitement too of course, but mostly panic.

1) I do not ski, nor have any sporty love for the mountains or snow whatsoever. In fact I hate cold, but we’ll see what an open mind can do. 2) I’ve only been on such a winter getaway once and it totally sucked, hence my panic this time. 3) What the hell does one wear to a ski resort if they don’t ski?

Can I go out for walks, or will I be that one guest holding on to a bottle of red wine in my PJs or sweatpants for the whole trip?


winter-holiday-looks (7)

Obviously I’ll have to shop for some winter & ski inspired outfits, YET I’ve no wish to overspend on clothes and boots I will never wear again.

So my question is: can we buy skiing inspired clothes to wear even in the city, without looking crazy?



And what does one wear and pack for a winter getaway in the mountains? Fashion & weather wise… Yes, I know fashion is the last thing to give a shit about when you’re up in the mountains surrounded by snow, freezing your ass off… but old habits die hard. And since I won’t be skiing… at least I can spend my days planning outfits with Mr. Jacko.



So with my humble winter mountains getaway experience, but tremendous excitement and wish to not spend too much on clothes that would only live once, here’s my list of the things we need to pack and wear when we’re up in the skies. ;)

1. BOOTS. The only boots I’d wear (and will do so) are Timberlands. They are perfect for the occasion but can also translate to city looks if necessary, and would actually look kinda ‘money’, if you know what I mean even when I’m not on some trip in the mountains.

Also UGGs are great for when you’re just hanging around and chillin’ at the cabin in your comfy and cute sleepwear or sweatpants.


boots-timberlands-uggs-look winter-boots-timberlands (4) rihanna-timberlands-black-coat Rihanna heads to late night rehearsal winter-boots-timberlands (3) winter-boots-timberlands

2. JACKETS. The most appropriate thing to do is just buy a skiing suit (pants + jacket). The pants I can live with, but those jackets? No-uh. So… I’m going here for the least painful option: puffer jackets. Hate them as well, cause of the giant elephant-like-quality they have on me, but I’m OK with it, cause stepping out of my comfort zone is something I’m working on right now, and also… the white ones with fur-brimmed-hoods look kinda great.


winter-skiing-jackets-fashion (3) skiing-jackets-looks winter-skiing-jackets-fashion (2) winter-skiing-jackets-fashion (4)

3. Cozy and cute SLEEPWEAR. I think it’ll be my main uniform this winter, alongside activities like chilling by the fire place, sipping red wine and chocolates, listening to great music.

winter-holiday-pyjamas winter-holiday-looks (9)

winter-holiday-looks (8)

4. HATS, HATS, HATS. Tres importante, hats of all sorts + gloves+ scarves are a total must in the mountains.

And then there are the ski pants, the sweatshirts, sweaters, tees and good vibes. Of course.

winter-skiing-jackets-fashion winter-holiday-looks (3) skiing-outfits-fashion-wint winter-holiday-looks (6) winter-holiday-looks (4)

Well, aside from the self inflicted drama, one thing’s certain: it’ll be a blast for two reasons: I’ve never been skiing in Austria, and second I’ll be there with a couple of parteeeey animals, so… I think we all know how that’s gonna go down.

What are your winter holiday must haves?