What To Wear On Valentine’s Day? Red Fashion Inspiration!

ruffled-red-dress With less than 2 weeks to go until Valentine’s Day it’s time for us girls to indulge into some fashion therapy, as this day is the best excuse for us to celebrate love, to shop & glam up for Valentine’s Day & Night! What to wear on Valentine’s Day? Well that depends on what you’re doing: romantic dinner, fancy evening out, going out for a pizza & beer, partying with your girls or going out with your BF and all your friends… Some people use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to go out for drinks with work colleagues & friends. Regardless of what you’ll be up to on the Love Celebrating Evening, during the day you’ll be a busy bee at the office so how will you stretch your work outfit to the romantic date or party that awaits for you? Do you think there’s a Valentine’s Day dress code? Probably not… but we love to play dress up and use every occasion to have fun and glam up a bit even for work, right? valentine's-day-red-long-dress marion-cottilard-red-dress valentine's-day-look Tradition (and maybe even a slight cliche) says it’s fun and good luck to wear red, the color of passion on Valentine’s Day. So let’s start early in the morning: what to wear at the office? You may go for an all red outfit: silky red top, red hot trousers (skinny or large ones) or a red day-dress that you can glam up for the night with hot heels, some Valentine’s Day jewelry and red lipstick. Add a blazer on to get a smart look. If head-to-toe red is not your thing, than one red item is enough to make a Valentine’s Day fashion statement: red coat, shoes, red skirt or top, scarf, nails or just lips… Here are some day-outfits for Valentine’s Day (via Pintrest)… :) valentine's-day-all-red-outfit valentine's-day-red-silk-dress red-jumper-shoes-valentine'sday red-skirt-valentine's-day valentine's-day-red-coat valentine's-day-red-day-dress valentine'sday-red-outfit valentine's-day-work-outfit valetine's-day-red-trouser-outfit Yet when it comes to going out for the night (dinner, drinks & dancing) then I guess the hotter you look the better right? A super sexy Valentine’s Day red dress will most likely have your date crazy in love. I love red mini dresses, with long sleeves and statement necklaces. Flirty Valentine’s Day dresses also look fantastic with studded belts and hot heels. Opt for the design you feel most comfortable in and remember it’s about how you wear it and how you style it. I always say even a cheap jersey red dress can look like a million bucks if you wear it with statement jewelry (a hot necklace or big earrings) and sexy shoes. A belted trench-coat on top and a cool bag or clutch will complete this look without you having to spend your monthly wages. If however you’re a skinny jeans or leggings kinda gal... then ditch the girly, feminine & sexy persona for the hot confident edgy woman in you: red leather skinny trousers, or red jeans, red cigarette trousers with cool tops or simple blouses. I love a red pair of leather trousers with a simple red t-shirt and a studded black blazer. Hot heels & a clutch are a must and of course loads of jewelry. The most important thing though remains how you feel: fun, comfy & confident. So ditch all the fashion rules and enjoy yourselves, sometimes all it takes is a smile, hot heels, lipstick (tune in tomorrow for Valentine’s Day makeup & beauty looks) or a cool accessory to pull together the best look! (photos via Pintrest)

What’s your fave or go-to Valentine’s Day look & style? valentine's-day-dress-red party-dress-valentine's-day olivia-palermo-red-dress-Valentine's0day red-dress-valentine'sday miranda-kerr-red-dress ciara-red-dress-valetine'sday eva-longoria-red-dress-valentine's-day shopakira-com valentine-day=street-style valentine's-day-red-dress valetine's-day-red-dress valetine;s-day-red-dress valentine's-day-red-style-look valentine's-day-red-top-trousers