What To Wear For Easter Sunday?

Before you go all WTF? on me right now, please note that this is not an Easter bunny, granny hats, frail dames’ gloves and tea sipping by the pond kinda post. No. I’m not gonna go all fashion proper on you right now. Having said that, if you’re planning on going full monty at this year’s Easter lunch/dinner thing, by all means, do so. Pull the plug on those suckers and flash it baby.

If however, you’re feeling a slight discomfort at the thought of starring in the above picture, or if you’re actually facing the ever present predicament of what to wear for Easter Sunday, than this post is for you.what to wear for easter sundayIf you’re planning a stay-at-home Easter holiday, well then, just stop reading and gloating. And please know that we’re not jealous you’re in your pajamas all day long relaxing and kicking it back. Whatever.

While all the above categories exist, so do those of:

(1) Invited to family get-togethers all throughout Easter. In which case, as common sense has it, well… pajamas are out of discussion, and so is a birthday suit.  Thank God. Hence, having to dress accordingly.

What does that mean, btw?

and (2) Easter is just another name for a great fashion opportunity, when a what to wear question is both a blessing and a curse. ;)

Okay, seriously now, Easter usually means quite proper family reunions (unless we’re talking my family. anyway.) where it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Forget edgy. Forget trendy or fashion forward. Stick to classic. Read boring and safe outfits. You can have a go with accessories though.

Since the above, leaves us all in a rather sad mood (I mean, really? Can’t I wear a dress over jeans, and my sneakers?), I thought there must be a solution to save the day. Actually, more of a trick to make us look smart and classy to the ignoramus, and sophisticated, not-having-to-give-up-our-personal-fabulous-style to the trained eye.

HELLO heels, spring dresses, blazers, jackets.

Think office girl meets editor at fashion week outfits. what to wear on easter sundaywhat to wear on easter sundaywhat to wear on easter sundaywhat to wear on easter sundayFor a more casual style, like I-look-freaking-good-but-I-ain’t-trying-at-all, drop the heels and go with flats. This is my fave Easter or any family reunion kinda thing. It says classy, but effortless. ;) what to wear on easter sundaywhat to wear for easter sundayEaster-Sunday-looks (7)Or, we always have the chic casual styles (think celebs on the go, or Audrey Hepburn): trousers (capri/chinos or even jeans) and a silky chiffon blouse, paired with flats, a great bag or even oversized clutch and a great jacket or blazer. It’s super-relaxed, but very chic with a touch of effortless elegance.

Let’s have a look then and get inspired. ;) what to wear for easter sundayEaster-Sunday-looks (6)what to wear for easter sundayParis Fashion Week Streetstyle, outside Louis Vuitton, Alexa ChungEaster-outfits (3)Easter-outfits (4)Easter-outfits (7)Easter-outfits-heels-skirtEaster-outfits-ideasEaster-outfits-skirtEaster-Sunday-looks (3)Easter-Sunday-looks (4)Easter-Sunday-looks (9)Easter-Sunday-looks (10)Easter-Sunday-looks (11)Easter-Sunday-looks (12)Easter-Sunday-looks (13)Easter-Sunday-looks (14)Easter-Sunday-looks (15)Easter-Sunday-looks (16)Easter-Sunday-looks (17)Easter-Sunday-looks (18)Easter-Sunday-looks (19)Easter-Sunday-looks (20)Easter-Sunday-looks-dressmilan-fashion-week-street-style-spring-2013mkerr500cssleopardshoeswhat-to-wear-on-Easter-Sunday (2)what-to-wear-on-Easter-Sunday (4)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhat-to-wear-on-Easter-Sunday (6)what-to-wear-on-Easter-Sunday (8)what-to-wear-on-Easter-Sundaywhat-to-wear-on-Easter-Sunday (9)And remember lovelies, Easter is about love, being with the close ones and all that bla bla bla (which I’m a sucker for), but it’s also the best time to dress well, have fun and stuff on chocolate eggs and whatnot. ;)

Be yourself, dress to your moods and enjoy this Easter holiday!