Happy Holidays! And Some Last Minute Christmas Outfit Inspo…

Christmas-looks It’s finally here! That time of the year when the best thing to do is hang out with your family and friends, exchange gifts, stuff ourselves with food like there’s no tomorrow, and just relax and have fun.

Today it’s Christmas Eve and tradition has it, for almost everyone, to spend this day and evening with the loved ones, over dinner, drinks and Christmas day preparations. By now you either have a clue on what you’ll wear tonight & tomorrow (if you’re visiting) or you don’t give a shit. ;) Christmas-looks-for-dinner- If this Christmas you choose to stay in, alone or with your significant other, in your PJs enjoying loads of cake, hot chocolate and watching old films, then this post is not for you. This one might be. And one more thing… please know, as much as we love visiting, we’re jealous of you right now.

If, like myself, you’re on a few ‘guest-lists’ this holiday season… (my posh invite being that of my parents and a few friends) well you got 2 options, both depending on (1) where you’re off to, and (2) your style. looks-for-Christmas What To Wear For Christmas? 

Let’s just assume not everyone is having a Kardashian Christmas. Read: posh, designer outfits, sexy, opulent. Actually great if you can afford it and you’re a celeb. So, assuming we’re all incredibly entertaining guests on our parents lists, and crazy family reunions, when dressing up for these things I would presume it’s better to play it safe. There’s always that opinionated auntie or grandma with a penchant for proper fashion, so… leave your edgy-sexy-weird attire home, and go for something a bit more classy with just a touch of your personal style. street-style-party-look-Chrostmas christmas-sweater family-christmas-dinner-style-inspiration #1 Comfy & put-together

Besides, it’s all about looking put together but comfortable. If there is no dress code, I think a cute dress, or a nice blouse with a skirt or classic trousers, or even jeans will do. Nice makeup, cute nails, accessories (maybe a statement necklace or earrings) will give you a bit of jazz. Christmas-comfy-look Christmas-sweater-dress winterstyle olivia-palermo-Christmas-inspired-look #2 Slightly posh, but not-Kardashian-glam.

If, however the gathering is a bit more pretentious, you might want to consider a dress & heels with a blazer on top, or a fur vest. Even something with sequins may work. Or even an over-the-top outfit if you keep your hair & makeup simple. When you’re visiting family… it’s all about balance. Christmas-dress Christmas-dress (2) Christmas-inpired-look Christmas-outift-inspiration Christmas-style-sequins olivia-palermo-style-Christmas-inspiration outfits-for-Christmas Anyway, if you want to combine all the above, without risking to look ridiculous, I think clashing styles in a very subtle way is the best alternative.

For example a warm comfy sweater goes great with a more posh skirt and heels. A statement necklace on top, hair pulled back in a messy nonchalant bun will give you that comfy, can’t-be-bothered-but-look-great vibe. Christmas-inspiration-style Christmas-outfit Christmas-style olivia-palermo-winter-style Anything goes as long as it’s not too sexy. A great source of inspo for this would be Olivia Palermo’s style & Alexa Chung’s. Somewhere in between classy, refined, elegant with a touch of edge & modern twist. alexa-chiristmas-inspired-style olivia palermo-christmas-style Olivia-palermo-Christmas-inpired-top oliviapalermo-christmas-inspired-look olivia-palermo-street-style olivia-palermo-style-skirt Merry Christmas everyone!!! Kisses :) xoxo