What To Wear: 7 RED Valentine’s Day Outfits

The novelty of red outfits for Valentine’s Day is as groundbreaking as wearing white on your wedding day… yet here I am again blowing red’s powerful horn so to speak. I mean it is a very sexy color, very powerful and empowering and it does take my lazy mind straight to Valentine’s Day, alongside its implied cliches that I too love: heart shaped liquor filled chocolates, surprise dinners, candle lit dates, sexy lingerie, good music, good conversations and a partner in crime for it all. Aside from sleep, alone coffee time, good health, and all around spring-summer weather what else could a girl ask for, you know…

(oh I can think of 123,456 things but we’re here to talk Valentine’s Day fashion so that we shall do.)

So anyway do people still do grand Valentine’s Day things, with matching outfits, all that jazz? Cause to tell you the truth I’ve rarely ever done a big deal outta this day, yet ironically always kinda loved its meaning and commotion behind it all, so this year I hope I’ll put my money where my mouth is and enjoy this day wearing red.

Of course when one says red it instantly sends that same lazy brain of mine to dresses, but really… –  it’s February people, who really wants to wear a dress in minus degrees outside? Shockingly I know some women do, as I used to be one of them a few times, a very long long time ago… so there’s that for a perfect Valentine’s Day outfit.

The key to wearing color on a special occasion lies in either going for a monochromatic look and wearing one color head to toe in either 2 or more pieces, or one piece (dress or jumpsuit), OR wearing just one color item (like a red top with jeans for a very fresh, sexy, casual dinner date for Valentine’s, for example).

Talking is easy, but let’s back this up a little bit and see what red pieces and red outfits we can actually wear for Valentine’s day!

  1. Red tops.

This is my favourite for no other reason than its simplicity, versatility, easiness to wear and style in any weather, for any occasion, age, situation etc.. The variety of tops’ styles these days is insane, and once you go for red, the sexiness and sultry powerful vibe raises 100%… so you can either go full on drama, and choose fabrics like silk, chiffon, see-through, lace etc, dramatic designs like massive bows, huge sleeves, deep cuts, bare backs and so on, or just stick to a classic red simple even basic top.

Red looks amazing against denim, but you know me, I’d wear jeans all day everyday… but if it’s casual dinner out, a pair of jeans and a statement red top look amazing.

Other looks you can go for are high waisted pants in black – that’s very classic, but also it can be too office-ish.

If you’re fashion adventurous you can opt for pink pants, or colourful print bottoms mixed with a red top. A sexy pencil skirt, or even a flirty mini style can look okay.

A long pleated skirt in some sort of print can also be a bold adventurous statement. At the end of the day it all comes down to your style and how you want to feel in that moment be it comfy or sexy at any cost.

But I’m one to believe that comfy in terms of confident and feeling good in an outfit comes first and then whatever else you want follows through effortlessly.

2. Red suits.

I’m guessing I’ll raise a few eyebrows with this option, but just hear me out: suits are still having such a fashion moment in 2023, and tbh a red suit is as sexy and powerful and confident a statement as one can make. And it’s easy to pull off. It is a suit after all, so it will look amazing no matter what, in most situations it’s a very appropriate outfit.

If you’re one busy women, you can wear it straight from work. A pair of fabulous heels is a must and so are the accessories. Either bold or subtle you can really play off this look anyway you want.

3. Red monochromatic outfits.

Jumpsuits for me are a huge must have for any season and occasion. I also love a pair of red pants with heels, and a sophisticated red top, like Olivia Culpo’s outfit. It’s fresh, it’s fashion and it looks really good, it looks dressy but not so dramatic.

4. Red sweaters.

Yes, you read that right. And as much as I love the others I feel like this is more me lol, I mean I talk a lot about fashion but at the end of the day I always cop out and just go for the easiest thing ever, so…

BUT a very cool and red sweater can look incredibly chic when paired with a great pair of jeans and heels. A pair of statement earrings and bold lips, and I may wanna take this outfit out to a casual dinner you know. ;)


5. Red mini dresses.

This is such a date look I love it. I mean if you’re doing theeee celebration, are young and have relentless energy to fashion up, and braze the cold and do it all for valentine’s by all means – go for it! I am all for decking out and having a blast socially and style wise too.

6. Red glamorous long dresses.

Some people live for such events and their homes are castles and they dine in fine fashion so such dresses are only appropriate. I would love such a date with my husband but I have a feeling I’d get stressed out a lot before it (maybe?) so… I’m sticking to my red tops and sweaters lol.

7. Red blazer and outwear.

This one’s right down my street as well. It’s easy, looks fab and so effortless.

At ehe end of the day just wear what you want and have fun. Enjoy the date, the food the drinks and be present. And if you’re celebrating in, over a movie and a pizza, hey… nothing’s wrong, as long as it makes you happy.

xoxo D.