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What Do Men Wear In Winter? Men’s Street Styles From 2013/2014 Fall – Winter Fashion Week!

men-layering-styles Not too long ago FashionTag has made its debut into menswear (click here to read more) and here we are, as promised, peaking into something a little bit more juicy and perhaps quite helpful when it comes to what you lovely gents are wearing in everyday life, on the streets, to work, to dates, to lunches or dinners. It’s time to look into men’s street styles right from Fashion Week, as snapped by the amazing & super talented Tommy Ton. If looking into catwalk shows & styles, in order to spot next season’s trends and know what to shop and what to wear, may appear a bit too far off… FashionTag is throwing you gents some hints – street style inspiration. So what do fashion’s gurus wear on the most important week of the year? In winter? Though Spring is right around the corner (well not quite yet, but anyway) I’m sure there are some fashion staples you guys can spot and stretch them all throughout the whole year. fashion-week-2013-fall-menswear-street-style-sporty-look If women at FW tend to be more edgy & adventurous, I was pretty surprised to see the gentlemen opting for rather classic looks & traditional ensembles. Sure there were a few boys donning your regular sporty chic style (bright kicks, coloured trousers, jackets, caps) or bohemian looks (think tormented writers, busy photographers who don’t have time to think about what they’re wearing, nor give a damn, so they’ll be sporting sweaters, sports jackets, caps, coats… – the usual eclectic ”I don’t give a shit” mix). But all in all most lads went for the classic with a twist style and let me tell you, they looked fantastic. I mean a man in a suit (regardless of its style) will always have us ladies look twice and smile in our heads over how sexy, cool or cute the wearer is. And when I say suits I mean everything from your classic dark suit to lighter shades, plaid, chic, super smart, casual, sort of like the editor meets the rich buyer. And yes they all looked like rich Italians smoking their cigarettes, sipping their wines or coffees in their posh suits, over which they’re strutting luxurious coats, scarves and leather gloves. Not to mention their bags, shoes & shades. An obsession towards waistcoats was there as was the layering (must’ve been the cold as well). Layers of sweaters or cardigans under or over jackets & blazers. Coats over thinner jackets, or sports jackets over coats. And then a whole new trend was invading the streets: huge scarves. And when I say huge, I mean blankets. Yes they made the blankets look fabulous. Everyone was doing it and looked super fun & polished in them. men-street-styles-sporty-looks men-styles-smart-looks fashion-week-2013-men-bohemian-looks man-street-style-layering-coats men-street-style-scarves business-man-look No look will ever be complete without accessories. Even men know it! And since the trending look was that of the rich successful man, the attention to details was crucial. Shoes (apart form the fun sneakers & kicks, that will forever remain in style) were picked as if to make a statement of social & professional status: classic, man heeled, polished, leather, with your so-fashion-like socks into place, easily spotted from underneath the trousers’s hem, which in itself was rather short, or rolled up. Lots of lads were wearing gloves as if trying to channel some super luxurious land owner or equestrian master. Scarves were there, either as blankets or as smart classic gentlemen shawls you see in old Italian movies or on wall street moguls. The super expensive label watches were resting on spoiled wrists and nonchalantly showcased when smoking or chatting on the phone. And the bags were fabulous: either big bags that seemed to carry a lifetime of things or super tiny ones that looked more like clutches. Loved them all! And of course hats! A sea of hats, actually, from the most sporty styles to the more traditional ones. So, my lovely gents… what to look for (fashion wise) when shopping this season? A casual suit in brown’ish or dark tones that you can mix with cardigans, shirts or jeans. Waistcoats – a definite must. Classic shoes that show your socks. Huge scarves & attention to details. Oh… and layer layer layer layer! You’ll pull that effortless rich or bohemian look! So gentlemen what’s your style? And which will be your next fashion must-have? man-bags-street-style business-styl-men-tie-street-style coats-scarves-men-styles fashion-week-2013-fall-menswear-street-style-layers eclectic-men-street-styles edgy-men-street-style fashion-week-2013-fall-menswear-street-style-suit man-brown-coat man-coat-stykle man-hat-street-style man-sports-jacket man-street-style-black-coat men-coats men-dark-suits-hats-street-styles men-hats-street-fashion men-scarves men-street-style men-street-styles-coats men-street-styles-coloured-jackets men-street-styles-fur-collars men-street-styles-layering men-street-style-suit men-style-prints men-street-styles-plaid-blazers-gloves men-styles-kicks men-suit-2013 men-suits-street-styles men-winter-blazers rich-men-looks-styles smart-look-menswear photos by Tommy Ton via style.com