If you’d have told me that day would be one of the best, I’d have said you’d gone completely mad, with no respect whatsoever for my splitting hangover, and my ultimate level of laziness. I mean you can’t beat a Saturday lazy as fuck situation. Oh man, but you wooed me with that 60s music I was so into, and with those green eyes, and that smile. Goddamn. Also there was no food left in the fridge, and I was having my healthy moment crisis of no more pizza, so I decided to get my shit together, put my face on, and hit the farmer’s market with you,on our way to pick up your guitar from last night’s gig. It was windy, and warm, and cloudy, and I was wearing pastel (which I never am), and you felt inspired by the setting and my messy hair, and in what I call a perfect moment you took some pics. Sometimes you plan things you know, and sometimes they just happen. I always feel the latter is the best scenario. Whatever we can’t control is where the best bits of us and of life lie. #deepshit

I think I should party more often and pray for a next day #WhenItJustHappens moment.


No, I’m serious. Like my best moments happened either when slightly intoxicated or heavily hungover.

Anyway, I will not tell anymore stories, but leave the pics below + links to what I wore in case you know, my messy look (yes I am aware that trench is wrinkled, but there’s only so much ironing one can master given the above situation. I tried though.) triggers a me-too-kinda-thing.


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Have a fab week. xoxo