A wedding ring is a special piece of jewelry – as it is something that carries a significant meaning. Similar to clothing or anything else, over the years, there have been a wide range of wedding ring trends, which were specific of those times. If we’ve managed to spark your curiosity, keep on reading to find out about the most representative trends from the last couple of years. 

Wide Solitaires (2008)

The reason why wide solitaires were oh-so-popular in 2008 is due to their mere elegance. The clean, modern lines have a timeless appeal. In addition to that, we find that the sculptural beauty is definitely something else. Everything about this type of wedding ring makes it timeless and classic. As years pass by, it will remain just as beautiful and impressive. 

Tapered Solitaires (2009)

Tapered solitaires are distinguished through their delicacy and daintiness. This style places the focus on the main gemstone, for a classic yet refined look that never goes out of style. 

Sculptural Shapes (2010)

The year of 2010 was dominated by sculptural shapes, which feature clean, modern lines in diverse shapes. The main feature that characterizes this style is that of an underestimated glamour. The combination of magnificent gemstones and unexpected shapes of wedding bands was really appealing around that time. 

Classic, Timeless Halo (2011)

Halo designs featuring cushion-shaped diamonds were specifically popular in 2011. That’s due to their timeless, romantic look, not to mention the fact that the halo accent of diamonds makes the central piece look larger. Additionally, the central gemstone was usually surrounded by radiant sparkle. 

The Vintage Trend (2012)

Vintage-inspired wedding rings were really sought in 2012. These pieces of jewelry were definitely something else, as they were characterized by unique details that made them stand out – ornate embellishments, hand engraving, filigree, and many others. We could say that, in comparison with former years when the focus was placed on modern, clean lines, the vintage trend was an unexpected change. In fact, many people would rather invest in antique rings, as the craftsmanship of these jewelry pieces is outstanding. 

Inspired by Nature (2013)

The following year came with flower motifs, dainty leaves, and unexpected lines – which were representative of earth’s beauty. These pieces of jewelry really made you think of moving leaves, flowers, and everything nature’s beauty stands for. Those details really made the precious metal more special and spectacular, creating an unexpected, yet beautiful assemble. 

Spinning Silhouettes (2014)

The nature-inspired trend that was popular in 2013 gave way for the trend that would follow in 2014 – namely that of spinning, twisting silhouettes. They were just as sophisticated, preserving the symbols of intertwined lives. By definition, these rings were a mix of chicness, elegance and sophistication. 

Distinguished Halos (2015)

While the classic halo trend is a timeless design that will carry on for many years to come, the trend of distinguished halos comes with a different approach. To be more specific, the halo is beautified by enchanting, dainty details that emphasize its beauty and magnificence. Floral patterns and scalloping made these rings oh-so-beautiful, which is why they’re just as popular till this day. 

Colored Gemstones and Unusual Shapes (2016)

The year of 2016 was utterly different in terms of wedding ring trends, as it brought the attention towards colored gemstones. A preference for vibrant colors was noted, which made these rings stand out, in comparison with traditional, more conventional jewelry pieces. 

On the other hand, people that still wanted a diamond would choose fancy shapes, such as oval, marquise, emerald, pear, or the Asscher-cut diamonds. Evidently, these distinctive shapes were really appealing, making these pieces of jewelry mere works of art. 

The Rose Gold Trend (2017)

2017 was the year in which the rose gold trend reached popularity. Many brides displayed their preference for this trend, as it mirrored elegance, sophistication and refinement. On a different note, it would be safe to say that the charming shade of rose gold is flattering for most skin tones, due to its specific warmth. Brides with a preference for vintage-inspired rings, who are more romantic, are more likely to choose the rose gold trend. Even in the year of 2018, rose gold wedding rings are a go to for many couples for these specific reasons. 

The Oval and Pear Shaped (2018)

Supposedly, the interest for oval and pear shaped wedding rings is due to the fact that most celebrity rings come with these characteristics. In essence, pear-shaped diamonds are a blend of marquise-shaped diamonds and traditional round brilliant. This is, without a doubt, an unexpected blend, resulting in a stunning mix. The shape resembles that of a teardrop. Kate Middleton, Sophie Turner, Paris Hilton and many others wear pear-shaped or oval-shaped engagement rings. Make sure you check them out for inspiration, if this trend appeals to your taste. 

To conclude, it would be safe to say that picking out a single trend out of the ones we’ve enumerated is utterly difficult, if not impossible – we love them all. Each trend comes with its unique characteristics and mood, meaning that, regardless of your style and preferences, you can always find something that will suit you. 

The rich history of wedding rings trend indicates one thing: wedding rings are in a continuous transformation – so, what are we to expect from the future? Did you know of the existence of memorial diamonds – which are made from the bride and groom’s hair? This wedding ring idea is definitely something else, but if you like one-of-a-kind things that represent you, you might consider it. This concept is really romantic, allowing you to have a tangible symbol of your connection. 

The best part is that you can customize the diamond as you wish – you can even get inspired by the trends from the last couple of years and create the diamond that would symbolize your bond forever. 

To conclude, which of the trends featured in our article appeals to you the most and why? Also, how do you feel about the concept of having a diamond made from hair? The world is definitely changing with every moment, and we’re more than curious regarding what the future will bring in terms of wedding ring trends. 


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