7 Fresh Wedding Gift Ideas for a Fashionable Bride

The struggle to get unique wedding gifts for about-to-wed couples is real. Getting thoughtful wedding gifts is one of the hardest jobs of a guest. This is especially true if the couple has a target wedding gift registry you can’t use. Don’t worry though, few got your back.

  1. Fashionable insulated tote bag.

This is one of the most stylish wedding gifts for the bride and groom. For the outdoor couple, this is a quick grab for when stepping out. It keeps your foods and drinks at optimum temperature. It has a BPA and PVC installation. One of the most fashionable cool wedding gifts. 

  1. Monthly subscription 

One of the best unusual wedding gifts for the bride is a monthly subscription. It is a subscription that helps the bride prepare for the wedding. This is a quirky wedding gift that sends the bride choice items every month, and the one from  MisstoMrsbox.com is one of my favourites.

  1. His and hers custom made robe. 

Linen waffle weave robe is a pair of a personal wedding gift to the couple. These are great for when the couple wants to cozy in or lazy around. They are fashionable and cool wedding gifts that the couple will value. Customize them with the Mr. and Mrs. Titles. 

  1. Built-in charger suitcase. 

Gift the new couple a travel suitcase with a charger for the honeymoon. This is one of the best unusual wedding presents with many pockets and inbuilt charger. While the pockets are safety holes to keep their things safe. The charger will save extra hours for long destinations. This is the perfect honeymoon gifts for a bride and groom. 

  1. Garden roses. 

Garden roses are one of the most thoughtful wedding gifts for a bride. If she loves gardening, she’d nurture them with love and care. You will give her home some life and brightness. And for every time she looks at it with her beloved, she’d remember you. Their love will blossom forever. 

  1. Vintage flower vase. 

This is one of the most outstanding unique wedding presents for two reasons. It is a decorative ornament and a cute vase for your precious flowers. As far as vintage wedding gifts go, this is the best. It is a very precious heirloom. 

  1. Canvas painting of wedding vows

Are you checking out for unique groom to bride gift ideas? Engrave your wedding vows, names and wedding date on a canvas. Gift it to her and see her smile as she looks at it all day. This is one of the best alternative wedding gifts you can give her. 

Unique wedding gifts are unusual wedding gift ideas that thrill the couple. Gifts that people would never think to gift a couple. So if you want to deviate from the registry, check here for something unique. Get your wedding gift inspiration here! 

xoxo D.