What To Wear To A Wedding?

Now THAT is your billion dollar question right there. If you’re not the bride, the way I see it you’re either the luckiest bitch in the room, or the most unfortunate. Sartorially speaking of course.


On a very personal note here: I don’t know what the hell happened this year, but every single friend I have is not only hitched, but getting married. Hip-hip-hurray. So basically my summer is packed with wedding events. You know me though, I’m not one to turn down a great opportunity to eat, drink, glam up, go with my beautiful man, drink again, dance, drink. Yes, you got the idea. But that still leaves a huge problem unsolved. What the hell does one wear to weddings? I mean one wedding… we can come up with a dress, but 8 weddings?! Same entourage. Good luck with that one smart ass. Aka moi.

Yes I talk to myself quite often. Next question please.

Back to our life-and-death-fashion-situation here: what to wear to weddings? 

When you hear wedding bells, just start running. Just kidding. Uhm… just know there are only 4 situations you can be in: the bride, the bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, or the guest.


So, let’s break this shit down and solve the problem of the daunting Q on what to wear.

1.Wedding dresses: how to pick the right one + shopping tips. 

The right wedding dress is a lot of things: pretty, comfortable, suits you and your style, and makes you feel like you run the world. Some girls love mermaid, some A-line, some go for ball-gowns, strapless, lace, frills. It’s all really a matter of personal choice and what you find pretty.

I would however venture on a crucial tip here, being the old hag of been there done that. Go for classic. Period. Think about being 80 and looking over your wedding pics. Would’t you wanna still be in love with 1) your dress, and 2) your partner?


Simple classic choices are the best.

Below are some of my fave wedding dresses from Okdress – the brand you guys know for a long time. Yes, they’re amazing, and their wedding season collection is a must see/must shop. Dayum I almost wanna get married again cause of these BEAUTIFUL wedding dresses.

Wedding Dresses



2. Bridesmaids Dresses: how to nail this situation?

If you’re a queen & a fashion lover your girlfriends have to look the part. Period. No 80s inspired dresses that look like giant chicken costumes, packed with ruffles and frills. And since we’re having the honest style talk here imma just gonna say it: if I see one more beige, pink, dusted bridesmaids dress in an A-line inspired cut I’m done. Like that’s it.

What the hell girls, are we so creatively jaded? That’s a bloody uniform right there. And we don’t do that.

My tips (at this point I’m pretty sure y’all couldn’t give a damn) are: 1. talk to your bridesmaids and find out what they want, chances are there will be one common ground to all their choices. Go with that one. You’d rather have pretty happy girls rather than a bunch of bridesmaidezillaz wearing the same shit. 2. I would only go for 2 colours to be honest: white or black. I find them most elegant, and luxurious. And I couldn’t care less about the bloody no-white rule. Not when it’s the bridesmaids.

My fave bridesmaids dresses picks for you below.

Bridesmaids dresses



3. Mother-of-the-bride dress: now that’s the queen mom, so she’s gotta look the part. 

Definitely go with classic cut dresses, choose a colour that absolutely compliments her skin tone, hair, eyes, and all, and make sure she also goes for something comfortable.

Or just let her do her thing. But browse Okdress for some fab pieces.

Mother-of-the-bride Dress | Okdress



4. Wedding guest: well nobody gives a shit about you, yet you gotta look like they do, and you do, and this day too is the happiest of your life as well. 

Whatever you chose make sure it looks nice on you, it’s pretty and you look like you put some effort in it. You know, social courtesy and all. And have fun, it’s only a party and an occasion to glam up, doll up, drink, and dance with your entourage. You’ve been through worse.

As a guest you gotta keep in mind the venue and the theme, but usually weddings require long beautiful gowns, red carpet inspired, unless it’s a summer casual midi length kinda situation, in which case it’s fine. But my wedding mantra is go all in: glam up, pick a fab dress, and look stunning. Do not go for basic, for office dresses.

If the outfit is prefect for office, for after work drinks, or dancing club – forget about it.

My tip is to pick classic evening dresses that suit your style and compliment your body, your face, your complexion. Usually mermaid inspired, or some version of it is the key. And so is black, in case you’re at a loss of ideas.

Saving the best for last, below are my fave evening dresses for a wedding.

Wedding guest dresses



What can I say? You gotta love it: the whole wedding hustle, the party, the fun, and of course the fashion.

Have a great one my absolutely gorgeous ones! xoxo


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