Wearing Crop Sweaters In Winter: YES Or NO?

I was about to scream NO right now and point to the obvious: hello! freezing degrees don’t go well with bare midriffs and backs. But then I stopped. You see… lately I’ve been getting quite a few appalled looks on how thin I dress compared to the blizzard out there. Thing is… there is no blizzard out there, so in my book I’m normal like that (layering less than other people).

But when 4 out of 5 people say you’re drunk, contrary to your own beliefs (example, so humor me for one second), you might consider taking a nap.

The analogy applies.

But only to my advantage: being able to go bare midriff in the middle of fucking December means errr, no, not a guaranteed cold, but a cropped sweater opportunity! DING-DING!


Of course I’m not completely demented (some would say that is debatable), as I’d wear a jacket, coat, cardigan on top, and not strut my six-pack love handles for hours in the cold. Which only takes me to my next point. Cropped sweaters in winter are great for an evening out, for maybe slightly more fancy but still laid back occasions, or even times when you know you’ll not be spending hours outside, so a 10 minute walk is bearable even if you’re freezing your ass off. I mean stomach.

Besides, when wearing cropped sweaters in winter, I’d consider those that go close to your waistline, just above the bellybutton in the front and slightly longer in the back. Super long sleeves, chunky, loose, fitted, fuzzy, turtlenecked, scoop-neck, cardigan style, even those shorter versions (just a bit over your breasts) ALL look best with high waisted bottoms, be it skirts, shorts, jeans or pants.

cropped-sweaters-styles (3) crop-sweaters-winter-style (4) tumblr_ng5ozm2OUR1rdtyo6o1_500

If you get cold very easily, like normal people usually do this time of year, but still wanna do the cropped sweater trend, YOU CAN.

Here’s how to:

  • wear them over dresses, that way no inch of skin will be subjected to windy blizzard cold temperatures.
  • wear a bodysuit underneath, and have fun with creating the illusion of not having anything underneath or, au contraire having fun with a fitted printed wild colored bodysuit peaking from underneath a cropped sweater.
  • wear a T-shirt, or shirt underneath it and have fun with colors and layers. This looks great with loose cut cropped sweaters and crispy shirts paired with mom jeans or suit pants.

crop-sweaters-winter-style (3) crop-sweaters-winter-style (5) how-to-wear-cropped-sweaters-in-winter (4) how-to-wear-cropped-sweaters-in-winter

And ALWAYS don a jacket or coat over. Doh. Unless of course you’re too hot for one. Literally speaking. Don’t flatter yourself.

how-to-wear-cropped-sweaters-in-winter (5)

So, yeah if you’re still wondering what the hell I am doing here speaking of this cropped obsession the answer is: IT IS still IN. Cropped sweaters are a thing, and if done right they can look really really great in so many styles.

With 90s trends still going strong no wonder we’re still exposing our midriffs and bellybuttons, and that’s one look to do (grungy-cool), or you have the preppy-Clueless style, or those models off duty looks… Infinite and brilliant. Add a bit of your own, a bit of today’s vibe and razzmatazz and there you have it: CROPPED TOPS the 2015 style even in winter. 

90s-trend-cropped-sweaters (5) 90s-trend-cropped-sweaters (4) 90s-trend-cropped-sweaters (6) 90s-trend-cropped-sweaters

And now more inspo pics.

97da6046ea10426cf05dae4d47d5b433 cropped-sweaters-2015 cropped-sweaters-styles (2) 90s-trend-cropped-sweaters (2) 90s-trend-cropped-sweaters (3) cropped-sweaters-styles crop-sweaters-trend crop-sweaters-winter-style (2) crop-sweaters-winter-style e7881a8b63c03a086779c59545251efb how-to-wear-cropped-sweaters-in-winter (2) how-to-wear-cropped-sweaters-in-winter (3) how-to-wear-cropped-sweaters-in-winter (7) main.original.585x0 shop-lunab-white-cropped-knit-sweater-nude-high-waist-pants-shoemint-heels-mnologie-miniaudiere-clutch-ted-rossi-snakeprint-cuff-la-streetstyle-fashion-blogger-233 spring-fashion-crop-top-pink x3dp96-l-c680x680--bustier-shirt-shorts-streetstyle-sweater-t+shirt-bralette-crochet-tank-classy-crop+tops-knitwear-style-lace-fashion-bra-denim-long-summer+outfits-lace-cut+offs-streetwear-high+wai tumblr_n3gp4elBxw1rsa5bgo1_500 tumblr_ng9zcxJMe51tf69j8o1_500 how-to-wear-cropped-sweaters-in-winter (6)

If the blizzard cold doesn’t scare your fashionable ass, and you love cropped sweaters a little bit too much, well go for it. Crop it like it’s hot! ;)