It’s no secret that one of the biggest fashion staples in the world is the white sneakers and I’m just about the biggest fan when it comes to these versatile gorgeous comfy shoes.

For me sneakers in general are my go-to shoes for almost the entire day, from morning errands to evening dinners and a walk.

Thanks to a lot of famous fashion people and front row fashion week creme de la creme, these  80s-90s-staples have become more than trendy sporty shoes over the past 10 years or so. There’s been the trend of wearing them with skirts, dresses, office wear – any fashion juxtaposition was the IT thing a while ago. Then athleisure hit us hard when they were the epitome of gym wear done all day long, regardless of actually going to the gym or not. And of course there was always the lazy lovers of fashion/always in a hurry/80’s-kids (like me) who always end up choosing comfort and somehow always decide last minute to wear white sneakers over any other shoe style. All. The. Time.

Whatever I am wearing one day: jeans, smart pants, a dress maybe, blazer, coat, leggings, jumpsuit. You know it… I’ll be wearing white sneakers with it, 99% of the time. I think at this point I’m just embracing this side of me and loving it.

So yes – I’m always on the lookout for best sporty shoes to take me from 9-5 so to speak. Personally I love sneakers that I can wear everywhere and which look good with almost anything, all year round. I don’t wanna have 12345 pairs lining up (although that wouldn’t be too bad either) but I love to be committed to my one pair of white sneakers for a looong time. That’s just me.

My favourite pair of white sneakers at the moment is the Loom Footwear waterproof white sneakers  (they come in black as well for both men and women), and what can I say: like I said in my insta stories time and again I adore them. Loom footwear is famous for delivering comfortable shoes AND very practical. They’re waterproof and 100% eco friendly so that’s a major plus. Another reason why I’m hooked on these shoes is cause they feel so light on my feet, which makes them great for workout (when that’s gonna happen… pray to god soon!) and full day wear, and very flexible, and I LOVE that in sneakers. And they’re white which for me is a winner. I admit I do wear them non stop and I have no complaints so far.

I’ve literally worn them with anything and all the time, even in wet weather and I really like them. Another plus for the these white sneakers is the colour and design. It’s so white, clean, and polished in a very minimal way, which makes it easier to style. And they are light and a pleasure to be in them all day long.

In these pics I’m wearing them with a tracksuit. I know shocker. #lol. There’s really not much outfit wise here, but I do think white sneakers in general thrive style wise with an all black casual outfit and sunglasses.

You can check out their shop for both style sneakers and use may TFT10 code for a 10% DISCOUNT.


Now it’s your turn to confess your go-to shoes style.


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