Let’s Talk Watches: Why You Should Rock A Watch In 2019?

What used to be a wardrobe staple both in high-fashion and everyday apparel is now being viewed as obsolete by up and coming generations. The wristwatch is a classic, functional accessory that has largely been replaced by mobile phones, which can provide not only the time but access to the world at large.

That being said, watches still have a lot to offer. With many fashion trends of the upcoming year alluding to days gone by, it’s time to bring back this classic accessory. Here’s why you should rock a watch in 2019.

Work Within Your Budget

You don’t have to feel pressured to spend tens of thousands of dollars to obtain a beautiful timepiece. With the power of the internet and some smart research, you can own a luxury timepiece that works with your budget limitations. You just need to be sure that your supplier is legitimate; while a discount is ideal, know when it sounds too good to be true.

To look for luxury on a budget, look outside the Swiss Made craze and opt for another designer. A Grand Seiko watch is a striking luxury timepiece that fits a moderate budget. For a watch to be labeled as Swiss Made, it must have parts sourced from Switzerland, as well as being assembled and inspected within Swiss borders. Seiko is a Japanese company that took the time to learn from Swiss watchmaking masters, thus offering the same quality without the Swiss Made stamp. 


More people are trying to unplug from their phones and experience the world around them, whether that means giving their full attention in meetings or venturing off to the woods for some self-care. As mobile phones have largely replaced the need for watches, getting in the habit of wearing a watch will keep you on track all day long.

Let’s not forget the added functionality of modern watches. Even designer brands are offering their take on smartwatches to fill the growing desire for integrated mobile features. For those engaged in sports, watches can offer a simple chronograph for timekeeping or track your movement while on the field or in the pool.


With funds and function out of the way, it’s time to get to the fun stuff: fashion. Watches are a versatile, fashionable accessory that can act as the cherry on top of your outfit. The watch you choose can help piece together the look you want to convey. It’s simple to swap one watch for another or invest in a luxury timepiece that has interchangeable bands.

One of the significant fashion trends with watches in recent years is women wearing men’s watches. These pieces take on an oversized look that adds power and strength to an outfit. Whereas women’s watches tend to be designed to be dainty and delicate, men’s watches convey dominance and authority. What more could a modern woman want?

Fly Your Flag

Watches are a great, subtle way to showcase your personality. Whereas you might opt for a more vintage look as offered by Cartier, your best friend might lean toward a more eye-catching, shiny Rolex adorned with bling. Regardless of the direction you take, it’s an opportunity to add some personality to your look, whether you’re at a formal event or the office.

As stated before, there are a lot of luxury watch offerings that have interchangeable bands. That means you don’t have to be committed to one look at all times; you can change your watch to suit the event you’re attending or the mood you’re trying to convey. 

Appreciation for Craftsmanship

If you have an appreciation for craftsmanship and skills, it’s time to let that shine in a largely automated world. Whereas many of our consumer goods are made by computers, watchmaking is an old-world skill that is still largely done by hand. Wearing a watch in 2019 shows the world that it doesn’t matter to you that we’re almost a quarter of the way through this century; you have an appreciation for finer things from the past.

Purchasing and wearing a watch is much like buying a piece of original art and hanging it on your wall. It’s an investment, a conversation piece, and an heirloom that you can hand down through generations. Watchmakers have managed to capture and record something that is intangible and still not fully understood. That sets watches apart from other fashion accessories.

They Look So Good

If you don’t need a deeper reason to wear a watch, then consider the simple fact that they look really good with any outfit. They add an air of luxury and togetherness to a person. That glint of light reflecting off the crystal of a well-made watch is eye-catching and alluring. 

Someone who wears a watch has things to do and places to be, which is what 2019 is going to be all about. So go get a nice watch and prepare to make next year your best year yet.

xoxo D.