Style Tips: Can We Wear Our Fave Watch All The Time?

For many people, watches are no more than tools to tell the time. I get that. But for me, and other fashion lovers it’s probably a little bit more than that. I mean… it has been known that wearing my fave watch, I checked my phone for the time. (#facepalm) These days a lot of us go for the classic watch weather in gold, silver or leather strap, with a round design. Personally I love the metallic strap watches just because I do love my bling and I think they look amazing with most outfits. However… not all outfits are watch compatible. My grandma never really taught me too much about fashion but she did say 2 things: 1) always match your bag to your shoes. (okay that no longer applies) and 2) never wear a watch with an evening dress. And I never do.

So my question is: Are there any style faux-pas to not wearing a watch? While I couldn’t care less about rules, I still think we ought to know these 4 classic watch style tips.

1.You don’t know your watch’s functions.

Please imagine the following scenario: you’re wearing the most exquisite watch there ever was, and someone walks by you and asks you the time. But you don’t know how to read it. #awkward

Of course telling the time is the primary function of all watches, and I assume we all know that one, but truth is today’s watches are so smart and have like a billion functions that excuse me if I don’t know how to make my watch take me home or something. Moral of story is if you’re wearing some sc-fi watch get to know its functions beforehand. To avoid social awkwardness if anything.

2. Don’t wear a watch with evening wear.

YAS grandma. As much as you love your daily watch, truth is 90% of the time it will not go so pretty with an evening dress. However there are some watches that can be worn at as cocktail party for example, with your beautiful dress or your amazing suit gents. For formal occasions, you can’t go wrong with simple styles. Parmigiani’s Kalpa Chronor is an excellent example of what you could use to complete your evening wear look. This luxury timepiece comes in a tonneau-shape movement enclosed in a rose gold case. The black leather strap never goes out of style for men, so you’ll look as sharp as you can be in the evening.

3. They say don’t do leather in the heat.

This may come as a surprise, but watches are seasonal just like clothes. You wouldn’t wear an oversized sports watch in a black-tie ball, right? Once the summer season arrives, make sure you have something else to wear other than your favorite leather-strapped dress watch. They say a leather strap watch in summer heat is like wearing boots or jeans… It’s best to use a nato, rubber, or silicone strap to improve comfort. What’s great is that you can simply buy a new strap and switch things up without buying a new watch. This is an easy way to give your watch—and yourself—a quick and affordable makeover.

4. Take proper care of the watch.

This sounds like a no brainer but it actually isn’t. Except for taking care of it aka not breaking it I truly had no idea you can take your watch to regular cleaning services to keep your watches looking brand new. Most brands will also service your watch if you have a receipt or any form of authenticating your watch. Watches in tip-top condition hold their value extremely well, which opens the possibility of getting an excellent return should you decide to sell yours in the future.

xoxo D.