Maybe I’ve watched too much SATC lately, or maybe it’s those Woody Allen films I keep going back to that keep me stuck in the 70s, but I literally became obsessed with ONE particular coat style for 2015 winter: the VINTAGE FUR COAT.

And according to Vouge IT IS the latest fad in town right now. Well, well, well… I wasn’t that far off then. Comes to show you, in fashion you gotta stick to your gut and do yourself and your own moods.

It’s that brown, nude, beige, hip-length or even over-the-knee fur coat your mom maybe used to wear back in the day or your grandma had for those elegant refined evenings back when she was younger.

nude-fur-coats-winter-trend-2015 (2)vintage-fur-coats-trend (2)

It still is super luxurious, yet so versatile that you don’t only wear it today with posh outfits (as you did back in the day) but clash its opulence with more muted and understated or basic looks. What you get is a very Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss or Rihanna sophisticated style.

It’s brown/beige/nude color is perfect for that vintage yet fashion forward look, and although it may seem hard to pair with anything other than black or white, it LOOKS fab with just about any colors, prints, patterns and clothes. Just don’t over think it. Throw it over jeans and sweatshirts, or a party dress and you will look fantastic.

vintage-fur-coats-trend (9)street-style-vintage-fur-coats (12)

Why VINTAGE? They did make them better back in the day, from cuts to colors. Besides, the vintage feel is perfect for this 70s-in-today look. I feel like the best vintage brown coat is definitely the one slightly over your bum, hips-length, perfect for day and night, for casual or elegant looks, with side pockets and a classic collar.

Usually the retro styles are real fur, BUT if that’s not your cup of tea, lots of stores today do the vintage style coat with faux fur. And that’s a great alternative. :)

nude-fur-coats-winter-trend-2015street-style-vintage-fur-coats (2)nude-fur-coats-winter-trend-2015 (4)

My FAVORITE vintage coat look!

While jeans, dresses, skirts or shorts make a great outfit paired with a vintage fur coat, these days I’m obsessed with this coat over a slip dress. *sigh*

Think Carrie Bradshaw in her ‘sex’ nude mini dress and vintage fur coat over. With stiletto hot sandals on. Oh. My. God.


OR, a more winter appropriate look, could be a silky/slip dress, knee length, with a side slit, paired with thigh-high-boots. Seriously?!

I keep dreaming of this look for quite some time, only problem is I can’t find a great pair of thigh high boots. But, hope dies last…



Anyway here are more looks to show you how versatile and great the vintage fur coat look is. <3

street-style-vintage-fur-coats (9)nude-fur-coats-winter-trend-2015 (3)nude-fur-coats-winter-trend-2015 (5)street-style-vintage-fur-coats (3)street-style-vintage-fur-coats (5)street-style-vintage-fur-coats (6)street-style-vintage-fur-coats (7)street-style-vintage-fur-coats (8)street-style-vintage-fur-coats (10)street-style-vintage-fur-coats (11)street-style-vintage-fur-coats (13)street-style-vintage-fur-coats (14)street-style-vintage-fur-coatsvintage-fur-coatsvintage-fur-coats-trend (3)vintage-fur-coats-trend (4)vintage-fur-coats-trend (5)vintage-fur-coats-trend (6)vintage-fur-coats-trendvintage-fur-coats-trend (7)vintage-fur-coats-trend (8)

So, what do you think? Or how would you wear it?


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  1. Susan Hirst says:

    I really dig all of these fur coats. I’ve always thought that they looked so elegant and classy. My grandma had one years ago that I would try on when she wasn’t looking. It looked a lot like the one in this last picture.

  2. Eric Blaise says:

    This made for a great read. Unfortunately, I was unable to see all the pictures due to the fact the page took a while to load (and is still loading as I type this). I have always liked the warmness that fur coats gives you when you where them during the winter season. Unfortunately, we cannot always have them since they come at a high cost to animal life. They went away for a period, but are starting to make a comeback with the invention of the synthetic fur coat.

  3. She says:

    OMG I love it! I’m still the happiest girl in the world with my darkbrown vintage furcoat that I found at Rastro, Madrids fleemarket for only €60… :-)

    • FashionTag says:

      Wow!!!!!!! So jealous of you right now. ;) Omg, I bet it looks fantastic!!! And it was so affordable. I so have to go shop for one as well. Thanks xoxo


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