Let’s Talk About The 2016 Victoria Secret Show!

For instance, what did you do last night as the most beautiful women on earth, aka the Victoria Secret Angles rocked the runway? Moi, par example (not that y’all care, which I don’t blame you for) I sat on the couch, pigged out on all the food in the world, and was a potato. Naaah. Actually for the first time in a long time, surprisingly I did good. I was at the gym, heavy workout and shit. But the part about the potato is true.

Hey, you can’t have it all, can you. I’ve learned to accept that with time.

I’ve also learned, with time, to indulge in the little and not so little pleasures of life (more guilty and fabulous than not, mostly involving food and liquor and what comes with the territory of the latter especially). Believe it or not one of these pleasures, that don’t involve food or booze, for me is The Victoria Secret Show. I know, I know. I’m so beyond boring I make a cactus look excited, but I love the VS show. I love the models, their bodies, how beautiful and incredibly confident they look, I love the vibe, the wings, the lingerie, the hair, EVERYTHING.

victoria-secret-show-2016-5 victoria-secret-show-2016-13 victoria-secret-show-2016-14 victoria-secret-show-2016-66

My fave angel of them all was missing this year, Candice Swanepoel, but Adriana Lima,Irina Shayk, and Alessandra Ambrosio made up for it all. I also loved the diversity of models this year, in ethnicity and style, in body shapes and looks, I loved that Lady Gaga performed and looked fantastic. I loved the wings and the dark and colourful two themes. I loved the energy and I really thought the show this year belonged to Adriana Lima. SLAY. And I LOVED LOVED LOVED that Irina Shayik walked this year, with her little baby bump.

victoria-secret-show-2016-26 victoria-secret-show-2016-72

What I wasn’t too crazy about was the hype around Bella Hadid and her ex singing. I think I rolled my eyes and the sight of this girl’s name for the past few hours more than I’ve rolled them in my life at some IRL bitch who thought she was better than me.

Another thing… I love beautiful women, and I’m that women who thinks every women is beautiful, and I do think so of the Bella and the Gigi Hadids, BUT I just don’t see the hype man. Bella Hadid was out of place in the show. There, I said it. She looked sad all the time, she looks annoyed, bored. She’s probably going for the high fashion blasé look, but she just looks like a person with a head that holds the IQ of a bloody flower. She’s a great model. However I don’t see her as a Victoria Secret model.

Her sister fits better somehow, but I’m not feeling her either. And the third bird of the nest -Kendall Jenner – I thought looked best, fit best, yadi, yadi, yada.

victoria-secret-show-2016-38 victoria-secret-show-2016-60

Anyway… I think there’s always been a certain exclusivity and incredible energy to this show, and we’ve been used to certain girls being THE angles of Victoria Secret, certain looks, and body types, and energies… but things change and I guess we can’t blame the brand for giving in to 2016 Instagram’s famous kids and rich socialites who trigger exposure and notoriety for whatever event they attend?

Or should we expect more from brands such as Victoria Secret, or Vogue, or God knows who else? Are they all giving in, or just joining and going along with the times, which btw they should and do reflect?

There’s a little food for thought right there. And while you chew on that one, scroll down for some of my fave pics from 2016 Victoria Secret Show.


victoria-secret-show-2016-4 victoria-secret-show-2016-5 victoria-secret-show-2016-6 victoria-secret-show-2016-7 victoria-secret-show-2016-8 victoria-secret-show-2016-10 victoria-secret-show-2016-12 victoria-secret-show-2016-15 victoria-secret-show-2016-16 victoria-secret-show-2016-17 victoria-secret-show-2016-18 victoria-secret-show-2016-19 victoria-secret-show-2016-20 victoria-secret-show-2016-21 victoria-secret-show-2016-23 victoria-secret-show-2016-24 victoria-secret-show-2016-25 victoria-secret-show-2016-27 victoria-secret-show-2016-29 victoria-secret-show-2016-30 victoria-secret-show-2016-31 victoria-secret-show-2016-33 victoria-secret-show-2016-34 victoria-secret-show-2016-35 victoria-secret-show-2016-37 victoria-secret-show-2016-39 victoria-secret-show-2016-40 victoria-secret-show-2016-42 victoria-secret-show-2016-44 victoria-secret-show-2016-45 victoria-secret-show-2016-46 victoria-secret-show-2016-47 victoria-secret-show-2016-58 victoria-secret-show-2016-59 victoria-secret-show-2016-60 victoria-secret-show-2016-61 victoria-secret-show-2016-63 victoria-secret-show-2016-65 victoria-secret-show-2016-70 victoria-secret-show-2016-71 victoria-secret-show-2016-73 victoria-secret-show-2016-74 victoria-secret-show-2016-75 victoria-secret-show-2016-76 victoria-secret-show-2016-77 victoria-secret-show-2016-78 victoria-secret-show-2016-79 victoria-secret-show-2016-80 victoria-secret-show-2016-81 victoria-secret-show-2016-82 victoria-secret-show-2016-83 victoria-secret-show-2016-84 victoria-secret-show-2016-85

{Photos from Elle,Vogue& GQ.}

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