VESTS: The Key To Summer Layering

2014-tren-vestsThere’s no denying that summer is really the best season ever, yet it’s got a major downside that only fashion lovers understand: it’s affecting our style-game! We cannot layer properly. And that, my friend… sucks. But courtesy of our fabulousness (and designers collections too) VESTS are making quite the style splash this summer, and today’s post is just about that.

Are they a trend arrived at our sartorial aid?

Layering is one of fashion’s biggest blessings and the most coveted gimmick ever to make a look more eclectic, versatile, to cover up without looking all bundled up, to make use of personal style, to get creative, to stay warm, but strip off when needed as well… Do I need to go on? long-vest-street-styleIn summer though, less is best, for heat survival reasons rather than up-ing our sexy game, and all outfits tend to turn into a uniform made up of 1 common trend: short sleeves or no sleeves. Bottoms, we can manage in longer versions, but seriously how many demented fashionistas have you seen in long sleeves at boiling degrees? Exactly. With this predicament on our hands, how can we layer? With VESTS – the jackets with no sleeves. 

2014 Vests come in so many styles, staying true to the ALL is IN thing in fashion right now: long, short, oversized, fitted, denim, leather, silk, lace, smart, grungy, trendy, printed, patterned, with or without pockets, collars… and so on, and on, and on. What’s great about them is that depending on their cut and style of course, they’re actually appropriate for ANY occasion, especially office-wear. casual-look-vestschic-vest-streetstylecutoffs-vest-lookVESTS FOR OFFICE. It’s a sleeveless blazer people. A blessing on hot sweaty days, when you’d rather just go to work in a teeny tiny thin strapped cropped top and high waisted pencil skirt. Well, now you can! With a long blazer on top, buttoned up when common sense requires and taken off when office hours end. Not to mention the fact that an office style vest goes a long way, not just for office, not just for summer, not just for properness reasons. It’s stylish, professional & very chic. office-wear-vestsoffice-style-vestprinted-vest-street-stylesummer-trend-office-wear-vestsCASUAL TRENDY VESTS for everyday, for weekends, for festivals, for sophistication-needed-asap-moments, or for cover up reasons. We all have those days when as fab as we all look, we think we look like crap, and need a save-me-cape to hide under. This is what a VEST can actually do. For me at least. It covers exposed skin that I just don’t feel like showing the world one day maybe  (stomach, back, shoulders). chic-vests-for-summerThe casual & more sophisticated styles come in leather (LOVE!), denim, lace (think Coachella style), prints, embroidery, with the mention that they too can go to your office, if you layer it all properly. Think white shirts and button-down blouses underneath a leather vest par example. ;) denim-vests-street-styledenim-vest-tulle-skirt-styleembroidered-vest-lookfitted-vest-lookfur-vest-lookMore VEST for summer inspiration… leather-vests-street-styleoversized-denim-vest-lookoversized-leather-vest-street-stylesummer-look-denim-vestsummer-look-summer-trend-vestssummer-look-vetssummer-trend-leather-vestsummer-trend-leather-vestssummer-trend-style-vestsummer-trend-vestssummer-trend-vests-street-stylesummer-trend-vests-whitevests-trend-2014vests-for-summerummer-style-vestvest-and-dress-looksummer-trend-white-vestsBottom line is, vests are the perfect style trick to make an outfit less boring, and the go-to style secret when you just can’t be bothered to dress cool, but would still like to own your shit fashion wise. Now it’s your turn. What do you think about vests?