4 Velvet Items To Wear This Season

Can we all take a looooong pause and think about this, the Velvet situation? Now… ya’ll might be fooled into thinking it’s a new fashion gimmick, but it’s not, in fact it’s quite ancient and had a slight comeback last year, but didn’t really stick.

Then something happened (celebs endorsements, designers collections, retail chains, velvet affairs) and VELVET outfits suddenlty became the IT thing of 2017, on the back of every posh or just sartorially conscious and hungry girl in town.

The choice of words is not by accident.

I have a very love-and-hate relationship with trends and those people (including moi) who do them. Like I’ll love the desperation of nailing a trend one day, but then on other occasions I’m rolling my eyes with the speed of light at the lack of imagination we display when choosing to wear a certain trend.

I adore trends and quirky styles in others. But I love them to be genuine, not just visually pleasing for the sake of fashion, you know? And I do feel like at times the velvet trend tends to take us to more un-imaginative or just void of meaning places. For the sake of the fad.

At the end of the day what the fuck do I know. I’m a lot like John Snow.

The Velvet in 2017 is very glamorous and sophisticated. It has a bit of its old and refined sort of decadent vibe to it, but then it’s so modern with a mix of 80s and 90s, that it can look so so so incredibly sophisticated. Think of it as vampire luxe done with a dash of rocknroll and glam.

velvet 2017 trend velvet 2017 trend velvet 2017 trend

1. The VELVET Dress.

It’s gotta be the star of 2017, and I could bet the billions I don’t have that it’ll be the most did done did look ever at every party for NYE this year. Whether it’s a slip dress in velvet or a wrap dress with spaghetti straps or long sleeves, whether it’s short or maxi, or midi, I think it’ll be the IT look at every party this holiday season.

Which leaves half of us in eyerolls cause we don’t do overly-done looks, and half of us excited and happy to join the velvet wagon. Pick your team, and don’t look back.

My fave velvet dresses to shop here.



2. Velvet tops.

Easy to rock and adapt to most styles – they are the perfect answer for casual to more sophisticated outfits. From T-shirts, to blouses, to jackets, blazers – the velvet tops and outwear are a perfect way to spice up an otherwise boring work outfit or going out style. It’s casual with just a bit of something else for fun.

My fave velvet tops and outwear to shop here:



3. Velvet pants.

You don’t get more rocknroll than this trust me. From skinnies with high waist to wide legged expensive looking and overly long styles they are the rock star’s uniform when paired with boots and a plain tee. Perfection.

My fave velvet pants to shop here:



4. Velvet accessories.

The easy way to wear a trend without too many implications. In case you have trend-commitment-issues you know. A massive velvet trend piece this season is the velvet boots! Then there are the tiny velvet bags and clutches and of course the velvet chokers. Vampire luxe alert.

My fave velvet accessories to shop here:



And now some street style for inspo.


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Have a great week everyone.