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Veiled Beanies: HOT Or NOT?

strettstyle-veiled-beanies-3 Having to wait until you put a ring on it, or hoping (without result) to travel in the past to wear a veiled hat is no longer required as of recently. Since 2012 to be more precise. That’s when VEILS donned in plain day started making a slight comeback courtesy of Jil Sander‘s collection at Fashion Week and some quirky hot women who decided that covering up your face in sheer fine black fabric is so much more mysterious than going bare faced.

Today – in 2013 -2014 Fall/Winter – the veiled beanies are quite the fad in town, as everyone is rocking them in the hope to elude the past and the so-very-dated-social-and-style-donts. jil-sander-veiled-beanies (2) retro-veiled-hat-style veiled-beanies Today’s fashion is all about being yourself through style, experimenting with clothes and looks, so nothing is dated, all is IN. Therefore it actually comes as no surprise that accessories such as veils, hats or beanies are in the spotlight. More so, they’re mixed and matched into this new trend everyone’s kinda loving: VEILED BEANIES! Forget the classic 1940’s hat, or the bride’s white veil. Today it’s all about this eclectic mix, that may have us looking like demented fashionstas in the eyes of sartorial non-connoisseurs. But who gives a fuck?

Veils in the past: retro-face-veils veiled-hat-women-style Veils today… anna-dello-russo-veiled-bea face-veiles how-to-wear-veiled-beanies street-style-veiled-beanies (2) trend-veiled-beanies veiled street style veil Truth is the sporty/comfy style of a beanie is in perfect marriage with the posh, mysterious elegant way of a black sheer veil. What? It’s from the same fashion-page as the heels and sweatpants. Well… maybe just a little bit. Okay, it may not be such a fortunate ensemble at first sight thought, but there’s something about the marriage of opposites that makes this weird little thang quite a cool trend.

Why wear a plain ol’beanie when you can jazz it up with a vintage or not-so-vintage veil? It keeps us warm, looks good and it’s different. You can buy it as it is – veiled beanie – or, you can DIY, by adding any type of veil to any hat or beanie and keep switching the sheer fabric from one to another. Ta-daaa! veiled-beanies-looks How to wear veiled beanies? I love how they look with a sporty outfit & heels (think ankle boots). It’s a bit edgy and quite effortless.

Bold lips looks amazing, and perfectly made up lashes with tons of mascara add that sophisticated drama we so love. Statement earrings complete this chic look. So I guess a veiled beanie makes you splurge on accessories and pay more attention to details, rather than give great thought to what you wear it with. Cause, at the end of the day a beanie is a beanie and that ladies, goes with anything. Veiled or not. veils (2) veiled-beanies-1 veiled-beanies-street-style veiled-beanies-styles veiled-beanies-styles veiled-beanies-styles veiled-beanie-trend veiled-faces-beanies wearing-veiled-beanies veils-and-beanies-trend Still… can’t help but wonder why this look was so successful? Are we so nostalgic for the past, or is there pure truth in the-less-you-reveal-the more-you-appeal thing? A veil, be it white, pink, or black spiderweb style translates mystery, an enticing barrier you set between the world and yourself, thus making everyone else linger more on the thought of what hides behind a sheer fabric, that’s barely even there. Not knowing will always have more power than knowing it all. It’s pure seduction. Raw mystery. Or even if that’s not what you’re going for, the subtle coverage implies something forbidden, which implies the impulse of wanting to see it, to have it. Everything leads to sex. Or the idea of sexuality. veiled-faces (2) veiled-faces veiled-face-style veils veiled-faces-looks Actually, from a distance it looks as if you’ve got a dirty face rubbed in the dirt, or a wasp of bees around your head. It’s your wasp. Your bees. True that, but still… You might just come across as if you lost it there for a second.Whoever questions fashion may be crazier than those doing fashion. Depends where you’re standing.

I’m standing with a veiled beanie, but I’m curious about you…

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