My Valentine’s Day WISHLIST

I swear sometimes it feels as if we literally jump from one festivity to another, and what follows on the list of parties, celebrations and fab outfits is none other than Valentine’s Day. Can I get a love song here? No? It’s fine. I’ve had so much alcohol and sleepless nights poured into me lately I’m doing just fine entertaining on my own. So many love songs playing in my head, so many candies waiting to be served, that the only thing missing at this point is… a fantastic dress. You know, something to slip my not-so-fab body into, before I go out and let the vices take over me. That’s the plan.

We celebrate loooove, and for that we need some amazing looks to shop. To bedazzle our partners you know. No. It’s for us actually, the beautiful ladies who love fashion a little too much to sit this one out.

Hey! If there’s a party, if there’s love, if there’s a hot man next to me, a constant flow of liquor, and sweets I’m in. And we can’t really show up in whatever outfit, can we? So I truly proclaim this Valentine’s Day a day in RED. I know, how groundbreaking. But seriously, why fix it if it ain’t broken. Red is the colour of sin. Oh, I mean passion and love. Tomato tomato.

So what I did today was to wake up with a case of red and love overdose, and I decided to go online to my new shop crush – Sammydress and put together a wishlist of looks I’d totally do for Valentine’s Day.

Key words in this situations are: lots of red, beautiful jewellery for accessorising, and stiletto heels. Think simplicity, with a dose of hotness, never too much or over-the-top dresses, but simple, chic, form fitted of A-lined.

red-outfits-valentines-day valentines-day-sexy-looks

So, here are my picks, click on links to browse or shop:

 discount for you guys. Just use the code –

VLTSD for 15% until February 20, OR Rebaja (permanent) – when shopping at Sammydress. :)

A red dress with a pair of fab earrings, a choker, or a ring, high classic stiletto heels on, and a dash of makeup will have you looking smoking hot for the evening. In a very simple way mind you.

sammy-dresses valentines-day

If red is not your cup of tee, mark my words – you can never go wrong with black. A LBD is a classic forever. Paired with classic pumps, and a pair of gorgeous earrings, and you’ll be owning that date night.

sammydresses sexy-dresses-valentines-day

For a more feminine light casual approach opt for those mid-length flirty silky dresses a la Monica Bellucci. Think 50s mixed with a bit of todays edge. I love love love the 2 dresses from Sammydress I picked for you for this look.


There’s also a 10% discount for you guys. Just use the code – VLTSD for 15% until February 20, OR Rebaja (permanent)  – when shopping. :)

Now… if I’m waaaay off on this Valentine’s Day fashions, which I might be (who the fuck am I to draw the rules here, and who says a bra and a pair of knickers won’t do, or a pj. More than half of us will probably end up in birthday suits anyway. Well hopefully.), rest assured my beloved little cats, as Sammydress has a bunch of clothes and outfits you can pick from to spice it up or down for you on the big day. I mean night.

Not to sound old or anything… clothes are great, a sexy dress is dayumn hot, a red look is beyond, but we’d better make sure we back that shit up with more than a glass, or two, or three, ok, make that a bottle. We gotta bring some of our funny witty smart and irresistible personality to the table.

Have a fab weekend my gorgeous little ones.