Valentine’s Day is the one day out of the year where love is publicly celebrated. Now I didn’t say that Valentine’s Day is the ONLY day love is celebrated! Fellas, you should love on your lady every day, but on Valentine’s Day, the love factor should go into overdrive!

Now, let’s get a grip on reality. If you’re like most men, then you’re not buying her flowers, or wining and dining her on a daily basis, so when Valentine’s Day comes, you have to pull out the bells and whistles to really “wow” her and make this day of love memorable to her.

In order to pull off a successful Valentine’s Day surprise for her, it needs to be properly planned for in advance. You can’t just wake up on Valentine’s Day morning and think that you can pick up a few things and that be okay… no loverboy, you have to be better than that.

This Valentine’s Day, your surprise to her needs to be an all-day event. says that Valentine’s Day to women is the equivalent to the Super Bowl for men, because of the emotional energy invested in these two holidays… and both events are all-day events, so great comparison!

So, from the time she opens her eyes, to the time she closes them that night, you need to be doing everything you can to keep a smile on her face all day long. To be sure your Valentine’s Day surprise goes without a hitch, follow this step-by-step guide to giving her a Valentine’s Day she’ll never forget!


As mentioned previously, you can’t decide to plan her Valentine’s Day the day of… not if you want to celebrate the stereotypical way. Take a look at the planning process to a successful day of love:

  • Find out what day Valentine’s Day falls on. If Valentine’s Day falls on a day that you have to work, then you’ll need to plan around it or take the day off. Keep in mind, you’re really wanting to make it a memorable day, so go ahead and take the day off!
  • Make a list of the surprises you want to do. Remember these surprises will be ALL day, and you can pick the order in which you do them.  They don’t have to be extreme, but enough for her to know that she’s been on your mind all day. These surprises can include, but are not limited to:
    • Breakfast in bed- this will obviously happen in the morning, so wake up early enough to prepare her a breakfast fit for a queen.
    • Having lunch with her- If she still has to work, bring her lunch from her favorite restaurant and enjoy lunch with her during her lunch break.
    • Leave a love note on her windshield.
    • Have dinner at the restaurant where you first met.
  • Start contacting locations and placing orders. If you want flowers delivered to her job, go on and place the order early because the flower shops will be very busy. Go ahead and make dinner reservations at the location of your choice because they will be booked the day of Valentine’s Day.

“Outside the Box” Gifts

With you wanting to make a huge impression on her this year, try stepping away from the typical Valentine’s Day gifts like the teddy bears and chocolates… those gifts are okay as filler gifts, but her main gifts you want her to remember for Valentine’s Day needs to be “out of the box.”

  • Your presence. Sometimes your presence is much better than presents, especially if you all are a busy couple. Something as simple as a romantic night in (with no distractions) to enjoy each other’s company will make her Valentine’s Day all she ever wanted.
  • Jewelry specific to her. What woman doesn’t love jewelry? Yes, she already has jewelry that she can buy on her own, but there’s nothing like receiving a piece of jewelry from the man she loves. It will show her that you pay attention. A beautiful pair of earrings that match her style will put a smile on her face, just make sure you pay attention to if her ears are pierced or not, and if she has any allergies to any types of metals.
  • “Honey-do” coupons. These are coupons specifically made for her to use on you. This is actually a gift that you can create all by yourself, and it will really show that you put time and effort into this gift. These coupons are tasks that she can use on you all throughout the year, and you have to do them. They can say anything from a date night, foot rub, or cleaning the bathroom. 

The Romance

At this point, your lady should have experienced a lot of the surprises you had in store for her all throughout the day. Now it’s time for the real romance to begin. Your home should be nice and clean for her, and the bedroom should be a romantic oasis. You definitely want to have candles lit making the room smell inviting, and your bed should be draped in luxurious, soft bedding. 

From here, the rest is up to you my friend. Just remember, nobody knows your lady better than you. I hope this step-by-step guide was helpful to you and gave you some good ideas. Happy lover’s day!

xoxo D.

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