While the wedding dress is indisputably the focal point of a bride’s look, she should match her hairstyle, makeup, and accessories to achieve the perfect wedding day look. However, finding a good hairstyle that complements the wedding dress can be challenging.

The best course of action is not to treat your wedding dress and bridal hairstyle like they are mutually exclusive. Have the two in sync, and you will find the best wedding day look.

If you aren’t familiar with many hairstyles, it might be challenging to know where to start. There are endless unique wedding hairstyles. Figure out what works the best with your particular wedding dress.


The gown is arguably the most crucial element of a bride’s wedding day look. Hence, it only makes sense to choose a dress first so you can find a suitable hairstyle. Your dress’s neckline will act as a guide to choosing your wedding day hairstyle. 


Wedding trends come and go, but the bridal updo is a wedding hairstyle that always looks flawless. From classic chignons to twisted, knotted, and braided, the great thing about a bridal updo is its versatility—there’s one version that will fit your hair’s natural texture and wedding gown.

To add an edge to your updo, or to create a more relaxed look, consider adding flowers to a messy bun with some wispy, face-framing pieces. Some small white blooms will be fantastic to give your wedding updo an extra touch of romance.

If you are looking to add visual interest, opt for the twisted style. You can also pull your hair into a sleek ponytail and add curls for extra volume and elegance. It looks super elegant, and you get to show off your long, luxurious locks while not having to worry about fussing with your hair.

Half Up, Half Down

A half-up, half-down hairstyle is perfect for keeping your hair out of the face and showing off your gown’s neckline. You can play around with this style by dressing it up with a braid crown and sprigs of baby’s breath.

For a chic yet ethereal look, consider adding a half topknot. Or, if it is an ultra-glam look you are aiming for, have your hairstylist smooth the front part of your hair and tease the back section so that it looks sleek in front and has some serious volume in the back.

Entirely Down

If your tresses are long, it is only right that you get to show off your hair by rocking some gorgeous smooth curls. Do the classic middle part, and have your stylist work some frizz-fighting products into your waves before the photoshoot, so they stay shiny and sleek all day long.

To add a fun twist to your wedding look, use a temporary dye to color the ends of your curls. But be sure to think about photos when opting for more bold choices.

For an ultra-glam look, get a good blowout—extra volume and curls. Then pin your hair up on one side down with a sparkly barrette. Your hair will shine all day.


While there are no rules about wearing hair accessories on your wedding day, it goes without saying that the right piece for your hair can genuinely elevate and tie together all the aspects of your bridal look. From tiaras to hair combs, the options are nearly endless when it comes to finding a bridal hair accessory.

Depending on your personal style, you can choose a crown, a flower crown, or perhaps add a ribbon to your hairstyle. Fun hairpins and sparkly hair accessories, like hair vines and headbands, also make great options.

Finding a Hairstylist

It is never too early to book your hairstylist, especially if you are getting married during the busy bridal season. But before you hire a stylist, put together a budget. Go over details with your stylist—discuss travel costs, handling gratuities, and the suitable form of payment—so everything goes smooth on the wedding day.

When on the hunt for a hairstylist, consider reaching out to your family and friends for referrals. You can also search Instagram hashtags to find the right stylist in your area. Ensure you have inspiration photos to show the stylist when you show up for the initial meeting.


You want everything to go smoothly on your wedding day. For this reason, a trial run (possibly multiple trials) is important. Schedule an appointment for a trial with your hairstylist before you hire them. Often, the first trial might not be that great. So, make sure you communicate your likes and dislikes and be open to trying at least a handful of looks.

Experts recommend scheduling a trial after choosing your wedding dress so you get the complete picture of how you will look on your big day. Furthermore, practice wearing the accessories as many times as possible to be sure they will stay in place.

Make Your Big Day Perfect

From pretty braids to classic updos, these unique hairstyles are something every bride-to-be can rock for their “I dos.” While some brides prefer wearing their lush locks down in soft curls spilling over their shoulders, others love sweeping their hair up in clean and chic chignons for a timeless vibe. It is totally up to you to decide which hairstyle works the best for you. Regardless of which style you choose, ensure you enjoy your big day to the fullest.


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