No. This is not a pledge to go commando, although if you haven’t done it at least once, you haven’t lived. Moving on from this not-at-all-awkward-Monday-morning-confession, I have come before you today un-commando, with my knickers bands showing actually, to tell you why I am not crazy, but fashionable. 90s fashionable.

There is a saying though that goes something like: if you’ve lived enough to do a trend the 2nd time around, sit it out. It’s basically calling my name, cause in the 90s I pretty much did all there was to be done sartorially, EXCEPT this underwear bands showing. I was too young. That’s just plain truth there.

BUT I am not anymore, thank God for that. Of course that does not mean I can’t act immature, or look fabulous. My age just doesn’t start with a ‘2’ anymore. Big deal.

So for suckers like me, and fresh meat like some of you, a new trend (more like fad I’d say) has hit us hard: UNDERWEAR BANDS EXPOSED and showing from underneath loose jeans or low rinse skirts.


It’s ghetto meets rebel meets 90s Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg and all are hanging out with a a bit of grunge and badass swag. Fantastic. Where do I sign?

With the rise of this street inspired look another trend rises: the return of Calvin Klein underwear. Forget lace and sheer and sexy lingerie, it’s time for cotton and granny panties these days. If they’re Calvin Klein and their bands are showing from underneath effortlessly slung hip-hop baggy inspired jeans you’re good to go.

I swear this is the best Monday ever, I mean we’re good to go in cool underwear, CKs are back, comfy knickers are on, and baggy jeans are a great skinnies alternative. So many trends seem to be born today I think we deserve a drink to celebrate tonight. The overall result I dare say is the celebration of a very very cool and effortless style, a bit cheeky sans being vulgar, a bit street smart, ghetto, hip-hop, a bit glam, girly, comfy, swag’ish, unpretentious, casual (I mean you can’t do it on office days), and fun. AND a major 90s revival. Obviously they’re still not going anywhere.


All is great and I’m already dancing and swinging from chandeliers celebrating this underwear bands showing return, but before I spill my drink with excitement cause I can brag about my undies CK bands showing, one question: Is it OK that we’re all ready to just show our underwear? How far is going to far for the sake of fashion? How old is too old? How un-trendy can trendy become?

Last summer we were showing bras, which is still on, and we’re still showing them from underneath sheer tops (did. done. did.), we’re still wearing such cropped tops we might as well just wear bras alone. Obviously it was knickers time this season. Can I get a high five? No? Okay.

Whatever you have to say about this trend, please say it. Myself…  imma just gonna stick with it, because frankly 1) I don’t believe in sitting trends out cause of age, especially this one, where we’re all urged to show our knickers. If this is ok for anyone, it’s the fab and elderly who’ve got the upper hand on it. And, 2) In fashion like in art there is no such thing as too far. As long as you’re expressing yourself I’m all for it.

calvin-klein-underwear-showing underwear-bands-showing-trend-10

What I hate though in fashion as in life (especially in life, with examples just being thrown my way pretty constantly these days in a very funny true sort of way) is imitation. Lack of realness and staying true to who you are. Copying somebody or something comes from lack of self-confidence, from fear of not being cool-enough. Copying somebody in any form (from the way you talk {like them} to the way you walk {like them}) is the highest form of dumbness to me. Be ridiculous, have an opinion, or don’t, talk simple, or shut up, at least you’re gonna be yourself doing so.

Let others and let fashion, art, films, music inspire you, but don’t copy how a certain somebody talks, or what films they watch, or what style they have, what tastes they have in anything. That is just plain dumb.

I just had to leave this here, cause you know… I see too much of it  these days.

Back to knickers and how to show them off in style. Do your own thing and if you need any sartorial aid, keep an eye on those 90s girls and boys doing this trend first time around. And then… do your own thing with it.

A few faux pas: don’t show your knickers to work, don’t wear underwear bands exposed when meeting his/her parents, or say when holding a conference. Keep this trend for more funky casual fashion occasions.

How to wear exposed underwear bands? Always cotton. Never lace. Keep the underwear style cool and minimal, granny-CK inspired, not Victoria Secret. That’s for bedroom only.

Wear them with jeans that slung low: baggies, boyfriend styles, loose slouchy designs. These look great with cropped tees, or sweaters, and also with button-down shirts that are left undone around your waist to expose the undies’ bands.

Tennis shoes, or just comfy unpretentious shoes’s styles blend in fantastic with this street-inspired look. Heels will always look fab with anything, so if you’re up for it, do it.

BUT the major KEY here is the underwear. So to give us all a hand in picking the right ones, I’ve picked my faves below. Cool bands and all.



I’m not an idiot, I do realise this fad is not for everyone, but it’s either I’m too young at heart and a few years back way too immature, or I just think this trend is amazing for what it looks like and for what it stands for.

Street style inspo and all right here.


underwear-bands-showing-trend-1 underwear-trend underwear-bands-showing-trend-14 underwear-bands-showing-trend-13 underwear-bands-showing-trend-12 underwear-bands-showing-trend-11 underwear-bands-showing-trend-9 underwear-bands-showing-trend-8 underwear-bands-showing-trend-7 underwear-bands-showing-trend-5 underwear-bands-showing-trend-3 underwear-bands-showing-trend-2

What do you think: has fashion become too redundant and gone too far? Or having a little sartorial fun every now and then isn’t so bad. Even when the fun in question means showing a bit of your undies to total strangers?




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  2. Wilfred says:

    This design is incredible! You certainly know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

  3. Beth Walker says:

    I love this look! I bought a pair of men’s Calvin Klein boxers and wear them with my boyfriend jeans for a great grunge look. I know they do women’s CK briefs, but I actually like the boxers a tad more.


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