Under My Umbrella. Ella. Ella.

umbrella-street-style… no. no. I’m not going all Rihanna on you right now, I just thought with autumn’s crappy moods raining on our everyday parades, we’d just embrace the lemons life gives us for the next months, and make fashion statements rather than bitch about getting all wet on our way to work, or wherever. Yes, we’re having the UMBRELLA talk today. Why? Because apart from our phones, the umbrella is basically that one (more) item we cannot part from, come autumn. So we might as well make it fun. Cool. Funky. Right? Best part about it? With just a few quids and a ton of courage that drives you to pick the loudest rain shield ever, you’ll end up looking like those pretty little fashionistats spotted on God knows what blogs.

Though let’s face it, when it rains in autumn, it actually pours and I couldn’t give a crap about my umbrella’s style, having just one thing on my mind: being warm & comfy and getting from A to B on time. But all this is about to change. I think purchasing a red massive umbrella will change not just a dull dark borderline monotonous outfit, but will actually lift my spirit up. Although most of us go for the simple black little showers shields, having looked at some of these street style pics has definitely made me wonder: why don’t we have more fun with the fashion side of an umbrella? It is an accessory after all. The choices are limitless and style wise, the craziest umbrella will probably go with any look and outfit. It can clash with a style or complement it all the way. street-style-umbrellasLet’s take a wild printed umbrella, for example: with a head to toe mismatched printed outfit it will look fantastic. Talk about a fashion statement. With an all black outfit or your simple jeans & black coat, it will add just the right amount of razzmatazz. My favorite umbrellas are those in strong colors (RED please!) & the see-through ones.

Let’s get inspired… accessories-umbrella-styleblack-umbrella-stylefun-umbrella-styleoffice-wear-umbrellastatement-umbrella-stylestreet-style-autumn-trend-umbrellastreet-style-see-through-umbrellaumbrella-fashionha! check these 2 out. Hilarious!  statement-umbrella-streetstylecheeky-umbrellaMore… umbrella-looksumbrella-look-streetstyleumbrella-look-street-stylewild-printed-umbrellaThese umbrella looks are so amazing it gets me wondering why they don’t make them for sunny days. Let’s not get carried away though, cause it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. The worst part about having to wear an umbrella (be it even just out of a sartorial choice. well… it’s never gonna be just because of that) is having to carry it around at all times. Sure there are those that fold and wrap into our little posh bags, but it’s the other ones that usually look better. What am I saying here? I hate them, but for lack of other options I say let’s embrace this must-have item with a fashion statement.