Five Best Tween Girl Outfits In 2022

Between the ever-changing slang and mores, tween girls are a genuinely unique cohort. A “tween” refers to an “in-betweener” – or a person who isn’t a child but isn’t a teenager yet. This is a hard time in life. You are transitioning from elementary to middle school, your body is changing, and everything is becoming less simple – including your wardrobe.

Naturally, they often want to dress more maturely around this age. It can make this age a challenge to dress fashionably while still age-appropriate. However, dressing tween girls in 2022 is a task made all the more accessible thanks to the inspiration the internet can provide.

But — when it comes to what middle school girls are wearing — the internet can be an overwhelming source of contradictory information. So, what are the best outfits for tween girls? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite looks below. Feel free to use them as inspiration when putting together tween girls’ outfits yourself.

  1. T-Shirt and Jeans

No. With this tried-and-true outfit combo, you won’t be breaking any fashion barriers, but that’s okay. Sometimes a look is a classic for a reason. And when it comes to the classic jeans and a t-shirt pairing, it can be easy to see why, as it is a look that almost anyone can pull off while still looking good.

Some tweens may prefer tight-fit jeans, while looser fits can be more versatile and allow for more than one season’s worth of use. The key is to invest more money in a quality pair of jeans that can be worn regularly without falling apart. The t-shirt can be solid-colored, patterned, or a graphic print and can be a great way to inject personality into an otherwise pedestrian outfit. 

2. A Layered Fit

One style that is all the rage is the layered outfit, combining multiple essentials into one comfy fit. Are you struggling to place this style? It might help thinking of one of its most famous boosters, the singer Billie Eilish, who often rocks the look and performs in a multi-layered sweatsuit. 

When looking for unique modest girls’ clothing, layering can be an easy alternative to classic items such as sundresses and cardigans. And when done right, layering can incorporate a variety of essentials that your tween already has in their closet.

3. Basic Sneakers

Middle school girls have forsaken most brand-name footwear for more generic alternatives. One hot item is a generic pair of white tennis shoes. These sneakers are popular for the versatility they offer, going with a variety of casual and comfy looks.

This look is more about comfort than style, so don’t go with too chunky of a heel, as these shoes aren’t meant to be platforms. Don’t hesitate to go generic, as there is no need for a large Nike logo or overly intricate designs to pull off this style. Simplicity is the key.  

4. Mesh Socks

One tween fashion trend that is sure to catch attention is mesh socks. If you’ve never seen a pair before, think of something between a dancer’s unitard and a classic pair of fishnet stockings, except these socks will be cut off around the ankle and wove a little tighter. Socks might seem like a silly detail to build an outfit around, but nobody said fashion had to make sense. Tweens are allowed to pick their preferred sock style just as any woman can.

These socks can come in classic white or black, but the style that seems to be preferable among many groups of middle school girls is mesh socks featuring neon colors such as bright pink or yellow. Are you searching for a comfortable footwear pair? Consider pairing them with slides for both comfort and ease of getting on and off.

5. Unique Bag Pairings

Don’t worry; what you wear on your first day of school won’t decide your entire future (unless you believe this Buzzfeed quiz is clairvoyant). But that doesn’t mean you won’t want to look your best. One way to be sure to stand out, in the best way, is to have a unique bag.

For example, ditch the boring black backpack or clutch for a fun pink faux-fur version. Bags with cheetah prints or other graphical flourishes are just the beginning. Don’t hesitate to make an everyday bag a statement piece, as it will be used regularly and should reflect a tween’s personality so that they are filled with pride and confidence when they use it.

Pick Clothes True to Your Tween

The best outfit for your middle schooler is whatever they will be most comfortable in, filling them with confidence. And there are plenty of options to choose from, including everything from the classic jeans and t-shirt ensemble to a more contemporary layered look. So take the time to study what your tween likes, and you’re sure to arrive at a fashionable outfit that everyone loves in no time.