turtlenecks-style-boys-girl Every year I say the same thing once autumn settles in: ‘never before have sweaters been so IN.’ Difference is, this year it’s actually true (Ha!). How so? Imagine all the sweaters styles in history, imagine all the hip designs that were once cool, imagine those granny chic cuts, those 90s crop ones, last year’s chunky and oversized styles. Now imagine you can wear any and look fab. Well, that’s what today’s sweater fashion is all about.

With an extra adage to the whole lot. The TURTLENECKS. The rise of this look in both fitted as well as loose chunky styles comes as no surprise. Not with the 70s on the rise, hence the extension of this trend to menswear as well. autumn-look-turtlenecks Micah Gianneli_Top fashion style beauty blogger_Rihanna Riri sty YES women rule the world of fashion, or so they say, but lately whatever we wear, buys can wear too. Whatever’s hot for us is hot for them, whatever’s trendy for us  trendy for them as well. Of course the turtleneck sweater trend for both men and women is no groundbreaking fashion discovery or statement. It’s been done since ever probably. street-style-turtlenecks (5) men-style-turtlenecks Only difference is, turtlenecks started off as being super fashionable in the 70s (see all those fashion/style/music icons wearing them), but with their peak came their fall as well: they went on in the 90s I guess through more fitted styles and cropped designs, the 2000’s had them pretty much exiled (with only very few styles surviving). men-turtlenecks-style tumblr_n8rzl6Pr7X1snb6qwo1_500 turtlenecks-trend (4) 2014 – 2015 Autumn/Winter gives us a major green light to wearing all the possible turtlenecks we can think of from retro chic, to grungy glam, to hobo chic, granny styles, last year’s oversized messy chunky cuts and anything else that comes with a neck, you know. street-style-turtlenecks (3) turtleneck-sweater-look (4) street-style-turtlenecks

GIRLS: HOT Turtlenecks Sweaters & How To Wear Them This Season? 

Oversized big collar turtlenecks are the stars of the season. Wear them as a sweater dress or over skinny jeans or pants, over mini skirts, flirty dresses, and pair them with heels (thigh high boots or pumps) for a more sexy style, or flats for a chic casual approach. street-style-turtlenecks (10) street-style-turtlenecks (2) Style tip: leave your hair tucked in, wear big chunky sweaters as jackets if you can (no layers on top), leave the collar of the sweater messy. turtleneck-sweater-look (6) street-style-turtlenecks (8) Pair them with more delicate fabrics: chiffon, silk, light textures, lace. turtlenecks-style (3) If you feel you look too sloppy in a big chunky sweater the trick is to don heels, they will make you look taller, more polished and give a certain coolness and effortlessness to your look. turtlenecks-trend Fitted turtlenecks sweaters. These are more classic, more literally 70s style, reminding me of how my mom and dad used to wear them in stretchy fabrics underneath a cardigan or a blazer. That’s the look today. Wear them as a pop of color underneath an outfit, as a nude base to a look, or as a basic sleek outfit (all nude, all white, all black. Monochromatic!) cause you know at the end of the day they’re also the best way to stay warm in winter. And they’re perfect for office. :) Accessorize them with a great necklace.turtlenecks-trend-fall-2014-2015 (2) The-turtleneck turtlenecks-looks (6) turtlenecks-sweaters (2)

BOYS: Chunky Cable Turtleneck Sweaters. How To Wear Them?

Oh. My. God. I happen to think there’s nothing hotter in winter (in that cool effortless sort of way) than a man in a chunky oversized sweater with a messy collar all the way up to his beard or stubble. Sigh. Choose loose cuts, yet not too overzied to avoid looking frumpy. men-looks-turtlenecks men-style-turtlenecks (2) Men can wear casual knitted turtleneck sweaters just about anywhere paired with anything: office, weekends, with boots, sneakers, with jeans, black pants, blazers, jackets, coats, vests. men-autumn-looks-turtleneck men-in-turtlenecks men-in-turtlenecks-trend men-street-style-turtlenecks men-turtlenecks-looks Fitted sleek turtlenecks. Not all men can pull off this look, but a black simple fitted turtleneck paired with a pair of black pants or black jeans and Chelsea boots, a blazer on top can look so hot in a very 70s classy sort of way. Office appropriate and very very sophisticated. turtleneck-sweater-look-men (2) turtleneck-sweater-look-men Let’s have a look at more turtlenecks street style pics… turtleneck tone in tone turtleneck-sweater-look (7) turtleneck-sweater-look (5) turtleneck-sweater-look (3) Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset men-style-turtlenecks (3) men-style-turtlenecks (4) men-wearing-turtlenecks street-style-turtlenecks (7) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA tumblr_mfuv73DXPM1qajhjjo1_500 tumblr_n6ra3kVZvs1qh9lbeo1_500 tumblr_nejdb4XbAO1rve87to1_500 turtlenecks-looks (2) turtlenecks turtlenecks-looks (3) turtlenecks-looks (4) turtlenecks-looks-men turtlenecks-style (5) turtlenecks-style (6) turtlenecks-style (8) turtlenecks-style turtlenecks-sweaters turtlenecks-trend (2) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (2) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (3) turtlenecks-trend-fall-2014-2015 turtlenecks-trend-fall-2014-2015 (4) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (4) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (5) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (6) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (7) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (8) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (9) turtlenecks-trend-autumn turtlenecks-trend-autumn (11) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (12) turtlenecks-trend-autumn (10) P.S. This post reminds me of the film ‘Something’s gotta give’ when Jack Nicholson was asking Diane Keaton (who was always wearing turtlenecks even in summer) ”So what’s up with all the turtlenecks?” to which she replied ”Nothing, I just like them very much.” ;)

There you have it.

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