TROPICAL PRINTS Are Taking Over This Summer

summer-2014-trend-tropical-Not a far stretch from the bermudas trend, the TROPICAL PRINTS trend spreads its wings, trees, leaves, peaks, flowers and colors all throughout 2014 spring and summer. And we are loving every minute of it!

In what seems like a sea of ugliness really (but quite refreshing nonetheless), this explosion of color and chaotic mix of all the flora and fauna of beaches, forests, gardens, islands and whatnot is exactly what we’ve been waiting for to balance everything out, if not to make us enjoy the hot season properly. Fashion wise. summer-trend-2014-tropical-printsA few seasons ago Dolce & Gabbana showed us it was okay to have fun with the silliest prints ever. Remember the vegetables and fruits we used to wear on our clothes? So, branching out to more exotic surroundings and being inspired by the summer holidays was only a matter of time. What the heck took us so long, in the first place?

Perhaps it has to do with the (non) style of Hawaiian shirts.Dad fashion alert all over again.

But hold up, cause the tropical prints are not very far from this 80s nostalgia of ‘Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama’ song slash mood. It’s the exact same thing actually, only done 2014 style. Sans le sily hats, but with the Birkens nonetheless. Ha!

Or perhaps women wanna look and feel uber feminine and sexy all over again, like Lolitas on holiday, Sophia Lorens in Saint Tropez, Brazilian beauties out on a casual Sunday, Italian girls having fun in the sun looking colorful and pretty, in the most effortless and feminine way possible. This is what the tropical prints are all about. summer-style-tropical-prints-trendtropical-prints-stylestropical-prints-trend (8)tropical-prints-trend (12)How To Wear them? You’ve basically got 3 options.

1. Wear the same tropical print from head to toe: a dress (which can be for office, beach, going out, casual, evening style – the sky’s the limit), trouser and blazer suit, tops and shorts. You can even pile on tons on accessories and have fun with funky shoes and bags as well if it floats your boat. If not, keep these to a minimum by choosing basic pieces in nudes or plain pastels. rihanna-tropical-prints-trendmaxi-dress-tropical-printtropical-print-look (2)2. Wear ONE tropical print piece and pair it with a basic one if it’s too much for you, yet you wanna give this wild trend a try. White pieces mixed with colored tropical ones look best. Summer’ish, rich, sophisticated. Pair a tropical print skirt with a simple white tee and a great necklace. Or don a tropical print top with a denim bottom: cutoffs, bermudas, skirts, jeans. For the really shy ones, there’s still hope: bags, shoes, scarves around your neck or wrapped around your head in the wildest prints and colors ever. tropical-prints-trend (11)tropical-prints-trend3. If you’re feeling bold and daring mix tropical prints with any other prints. Fruits, vegetables, florals, animal print – all these look fabulous against a tropical pattern. It’s too much. It’s chaotic. It’s literally an explosion of all your senses, you’re eyes get so busy not knowing which prints and colors are which – and this – is beyond fantastic. It oozes sophistication, chicness and a very, very, very holiday vibe that’s appropriate for the city as well. You’re like a Bahamas vacation walking billboard and that’s fine. Hell it’s great! tropical-prints-trend (3)tropical-prints-spring-2014You know how I always say anything goes with anything? I do stand by my fashion mantra, with one slight amendment – it has to look great. How do you do that? Personal style I guess, cause it’s really up to the wearer. It all starts with giving the mixing a try, and experimenting, while forgetting all fashion faux-pas. They’re not cool anymore. Before you dismiss animal print with florals, give it a try. Different geometric prints? Yes it’s possible. I too was once a non believer, until I gave it all a try.


It’s addictive.

Let’s get more street style inspo: skirt-tropical-printstreet-style-tropical-prints-trend (2)streetstyle-tropical-prints-trendstreet-style-tropical-prints-trendtropical-print-pantsTROPICAL-printstropical-prints-street-styletropical-prints-trend (2)tropical-prints-trend (4)tropical-prints-trend (6)tropical-prints-trend (9)tropical-prints-trend (10)tropical-prints-trend (13)tropical-prints-trend (14)tropical-prints-trend (15)tropical-prints-trend-dresstropical-prints-trend-floralstropical-prints-trend-fpr-summer-2014tropical-street-style-chanelTropical-Print-Trend-Spring-2012tropical-print-toptropical-prints-trend-swimsuittropical-prints-trend-summer-2014tropical-prints-trend-inspirationtropical-prints-trend-looktropical-prints-trend-maxi-dresstropical-prints-trend-rosie-huntington-whitelytropical-prints-trend-scarftropical-prints-trend-selena-gomeztropical-prints-trend-skirttropical-prints-trend-spring-summertropical-prints-trend-street-style (2)tropical-prints-trend-streetstyletropical-prints-trend-street-styletropical-prints-trend-style (3)tropical-prints-trend-style (2)tropical-prints-trend-styletropical-prints-trend-summerSo instead of only wearing spring’s ”groundbreaking” trend – florals – take a risk with tropicals. And then mix them all up. Make up a total chaos of colors and shapes, and have fun. :) xoxo

Now let’s all sing The Beach Boys – Kokomo song.